Kansas mayor brags about white population decline.

I know that for most people, the word genocide naturally conjures up images of campaigns of violence and extermination towards the targeted group. However, that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. As long as the targeted group is deliberately eliminated, it matters not whether violence was used to do so. In the end, the same result occurs. The deliberate and intentional elimination and replacement of that demographic by another. Therefore, I was always led to believe that when a demographic was forcibly replaced by another demographic against their will, under any circumstances,  that it was regarded legally as genocide under international law. Strange, how someone can openly brag about such an act being committed, but apparently, it’s OK to do so when that demographic is white people.

From WND

The mayor of Kansas City, Kansas, in an address to the radical socialist organization National Council of La Raza, bragged that his city is no longer majority white and the city’s schools now have students who speak 62 different languages.

For those who don’t know, La Raza (which literally translates as “The Race”) is an organisation in America that looks out for the interests of Hispanic people. You see, in white countries it’s perfectly acceptable for non-whites to have exclusive organisations that look out for their race’s interests. The blacks have their own group, the NAACP. In colleges, they have their own student unions. Blacks even have their own exclusive beauty pageant, “Miss Black America”. White people however, have no such rights to have their own exclusive organisations. Even though they are they are the majority demographic in America, and their ancestors are the ones who made America what it is today, they have no rights to any organisations that look out for their interests.

Perfectly acceptable.
Perfectly acceptable.
Perfectly acceptable.
Perfectly acceptable.
Evil racist hate group. Learn the difference.
Evil racist hate group. Learn the difference.

According to the 2010 U.S. Census, Kansas City, Kansas, was 52 percent white.

But in a speech before the La Raza National Affiliates Luncheon earlier this week in Kansas City, Mayor Mark Holland boasted that only five years later his city’s white population has been reduced to 40 percent.

Literally boasting that the white population declined by such a significant amount in just 5 years. Imagine if someone were to brag that the Hispanic or Black population declined by that amount. It would be a global news story of outrage, the guy who did it would be getting death threats, and his reputation and career prospects would be destroyed.

He seemed to suggest that La Raza was at least partly responsible for the progress. But he also cited the refugee resettlement work of the United Nations and U.S. State Department for the city’s transformation into a gleaming example of multicultural diversity.

Kansas City, he said, “is very proud of the work of National Council of La Raza.”

He’s proud of them for driving away white people?

“Kansas City, Kansas, is a city with no ethnic majority. Kansas City, Kansas, is 40 percent white, 28 percent Latino, and 26 percent African-American,” Holland said. “Our school district speaks 62 different languages by the children every single day. And Kansas City, Kansas, has a proud heritage of welcoming all people into the community, people who are not welcome in other places.”

How wonderful, As we all know, diversity is the greatest strength in the world. We’ve never heard an explanation as to why diversity is a strength. We just keep saying it over and over and hope that everyone just accepts it as being self evident. Personally, I always thought that unity was a strength, because as the old saying goes…


In all seriousness, this “Diversity is a strength” meme is an Orwellian mindfuck on par with “War is Peace”, “Freedom is Slavery” “Ignorance is Strength”. We need only look at the results of diversity to see this.

She just got culturally enriched.
She just got culturally enriched.

Latinos started coming with the Santa Fe railroad more than 100 years ago, to build the railroad, he said. Another railroad, the Underground Railroad, brought African-Americans to Kansas. “If they could get across the river they were free and settled in a township of Quindero.”

“We continue to have a number of groups of refugees from around the world,” he added, mentioning the large Hmong community that came in the 1970s and 80s following the Vietnam War.

In recent years, the city has welcomed more refugees from other parts of the world, including Muslim Somalia, Afghanistan and Iraq, Hindus from Bhutan and Buddhists and Muslims from Burma.

I just can’t handle all that wonderful diversity. On a related note, check out this image.

It's probably so unsafe because there are still white people living there. Whenever racist white people see non-white skin tones, they fly into a rage and commit lots of crimes, that they wouldn't normally commit in majority white areas. The pro-white media covers this up.
It’s probably so unsafe because there are still a few white people living there. Whenever racist white people see non-white skin tones, they fly into a rage and commit lots of crimes, that they wouldn’t normally commit in majority white areas.  Once there are no whites, there’ll be no crime. The pro-white media covers this up.

The next part of the article talks about the recent gay marriage acceptance in America, and how proud the mayor is about that. He also talks about how gay people are welcome and accepted in Kansas. I’m not going to bother responding to that part because I really don’t have any reason to argue against that sort of thing. Obviously, if you want to read that part, the link to the article is, as usual, at the top of the post. Anyway, moving on, the article gets back to the previous topic…getting rid of whitey.

Police, fire departments lagging in diversity

In August 2014 Holland told city commissioners that the Kansas City police and fire departments were too white, reported KMBC-TV 9.

But nothing is ever “too black”, “too Hispanic”, or “too Jewish” etc. That would of course be racist.

Say that the American media is
Say that the American media is “too Jewish” for example. I dare you, because I’d love to see the shit storm that occurs.

Holland said he was working with the U.S. Department of Justice to fix that problem and bring more diversity to the fire and police forces. He said he did not like the fact that only 40 percent of the city’s population was white yet whites made up 72 percent of the police department and 82 percent of the fire department.

Gotta get some of that affirmative action going then.

Affirmative action.... because achieving diversity is more important than merit.
Affirmative action…. because achieving diversity is more important than merit.

The theme of the recent La Raza conference in Kansas City was “Empower, Lead, Connect.”

The U.S. State Department, working with the United Nations, has sent 2,371 international refugees to Kansas City, Kansas, since 2002. The State Department’s database does not include U.N. refugees dispersed throughout the U.S. before 2002 but the program has been ongoing in its current form since 1980. The U.N. picks about 95 percent of the refugees sent to the U.S. The State Department, working with nine major contractors such as the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society and Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, distributes about 70,000 refugees annually from mostly Third World nations into 190 U.S. cities and towns.

View the full list of approximately 190 U.S. cities and towns where the U.N. is secretly sending refugees, without the permission of elected city councils.

U.N. sends KC 2,371 refugees since 2002

The refugees, unlike most other classifications of immigrants, immediately qualify for a smorgasbord of state and federal welfare benefits and are placed on a fast-track toward full citizenship, which is obtainable within five years.

Since 2002 Kansas City has received 1,090 refugees from Burma, 577 from Bhutan, 190 from Somalia, 126 from Iraq, 47 from Liberia, 37 from Eritrea, 36 from Russia, 34 from Burundi, 33 from Afghanistan, 26 from Vietnam, 24 from Sudan, 18 from Uzbekistan, and 11 from Iran, according to State Department data.

So much diversity. Kansas is so enriched and has so much strength @_@

The city’s overall population has been in decline for four straight decades since reaching its peak of 168,000 in 1970, Census records show. By 2010 that population had fallen to 145,786. But, by using the refugee program and a general “welcoming” approach to all immigrants, the city has been able to recharge its population somewhat, with an estimated 149,636 residents as of 2014.

A population decline and a changing demographic from whites to non-whites. This sure sounds familiar.


Wow, Kansas clearly has a very bright future ahead of it.


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