Sweden ~ Where an ISIS supporter can work on the country’s migration board.

Thank you Sweden for providing me with my daily dose of tragic comedy. On the one hand, it’s painful watching a country commit collective suicide in real time like this, but on the other hand, the way they’re doing it is so completely insane and ridiculous, that there is a genuinely funny element to it at times. The last post I wrote for example, about leftist morons crying racism over the gay rights parade through Muslim areas, perfectly encapsulates this comedic element. This article has a similar effect.

From Speisa

A female Islamists who sympathize with Muslim terrorism and ISIS may remain with the Migration Board. The Board refers to the freedom of expression and opinion, that their administrators have the right to express support for terrorist groups that rape, maim and kill Christians and other non-Muslims.

– That’s our answer right now, it is as far that we will reach in this issue, said a spokesman for the Board to the online news outlet Fria Tider.

Of course, if it was someone critical of Islam and expressed it, he or she would be sacked within minutes, because then freedom of expression no longer apply, but support of ISIS is apparently fine.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Nothing Sweden does actually shocks me anymore. An open sympathiser of ISIS, working on the migration board. What could possibly go wrong?

Coming soon to Sweden.... Cultural enrichment.
Coming soon to Sweden…. Cultural enrichment.

The Migration Board officer, named Samiyah Warsame, was last week revealed by the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet’s journalist and editorial writer Ivar Arpi, that Warsame expresses support for Islamism and various terrorist groups on Facebook.

Among other things, Warsame on more than one occasion clicked “like” on images that represent the Islamic state or other Islamist groups flags, she has enjoyed a tribute text written to the terrorist Omar Abdel-Rahman who is serving a prison sentence for the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in 1993, and she has liked a tribute text written to the terrorist group Hamas’ founder sheik Ahmad Yassin.

Now imagine if she had instead “liked” images or pieces of text of an anti-Islamic nature. Can you imagine what would have happened? More than likely, she would have gotten a knock on the door in the middle of the night from the thought police, and been taken to the nearest reeducation center to have those “doubleplusungood” views eliminated.

“Don’t worry, we’re going to fix you now”

She has also herself spread quotes by notorious Islamists, including the Chechen Islamist Emir Khattab. Khattab has by the Russian secret service, been identified as the mastermind behind a number of terrorist attacks on residential buildings in Russia in September 1999, when 293 people were killed and over a thousand injured.

Good people, who the Swedish migration board should definitely consider handing out visas to. In fact, fuck the visas. Just give them full citizenship straight away.

Ivar Arpi has after exposing Warsame been accused of being “Islamophobic” by Samiyah Warsame. She did not want to reply to requests to why she liked tribute texts written to several notorious terrorists, but wrote instead on Facebook that what Arpi is trying to do, is to come up with “baseless accusations that is deliberate to increase Islam hatred and widespread Islamophobia” .

Here’s the thing with these lunatics. The actual facts don’t matter to them. It doesn’t matter that the people she is supporting have committed horrific acts of terrorism, acts they would repeat without hesitation. All that matters is “feelings”. she feels like he’s an Islamophobe for pointing these things out, therefore those feelings take precedence over the facts.

Just like when the word
Just like when the word “racist” was invented by the communist mass murderer Leon Trotsky, in reference to those Russians who wanted to preserve their way of life. Their slurs are just used to defend the indefensible.

The Migration Board is the agency responsible for receiving and placing asylum seekers in Sweden. ISIS has at least one on Board.

How tolerant. Sweden you should be proud. You’re so much more tolerant than every other country. Why don’t other countries allow terrorist supporters to have a say in their migration policies?

Oh yes…. SANITY!!!!

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