It’s OK if whites are the only ones being excluded from something.

The Guardian, an absolute garbage publication, which I’m convinced only employs people who despise white people, have come out praising the existence of the worlds first non-white only modelling agency. Apparently, this agency is a “true celebration of diversity”, and we all know that diversity is the best thing in the world for reasons so obvious and self-evident, that nobody ever actually says what those reasons are. We all just know and accept the vast benefits of diversity without question. Also, we all know that diversity doesn’t include white people. White people are boring and uninteresting. Why would anyone need white people for diversity, when every other demographic provides enough of it?
From The Guardian

Looking at the models on Lorde Inc’s website, the first thing that strikes you is that these people are, to put it in Zoolander’s words, really, really good looking.

They just make this statement as if it’s an objective, undisputed reality. We’re all just supposed to assume that because the writer of the article says they’re good looking, it must be true. I’ve had a look at the models on the home page, and in my opinion, they aren’t particularly good looking at all. I’m not saying that I think they’re outright ugly and repulsive to look at. They’re just plain and average. None of them look like model material from what I can see, and I can’t see them looking as if they belong on a catwalk or in a catalog.

No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No. No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No.



With the exception of the second girl in the second picture (tenth model overall) none of them look above average in my opinion.

Ornello has long plaits and a gap between her teeth. Mohammed is all chocolate eyes and wavy locks. And Urjii is cheekbones and expressive stare. The second thing? None of the models – about 60 in all – are white.

Just imagine if instead, the second thing was “None of the models are non-white”. Global headlines about how hate filled that agency is. Various civil rights groups going crazy. Social justice warriors would be having meltdowns on Tumblr. The point is, that it wouldn’t be allowed. More than likely, it would be illegal, because discriminating against people based on their race is illegal. So if it’s OK for an organisation to legally not hire white people based on their race, doesn’t that prove that discriminating against whites only, is allowed?

Lorde was set up in May 2014 as the first of its kind – an agency made up entirely of models of colour. It is the brainchild of Nafisa Kaptownwala, a 26-year-old Canadian art history graduate, who began to work on the fringes of fashion and noticed the lack of non-white models.

It’s quite obvious why there’s a lack of them from looking at the pictures. Besides the fact that there are less of them in the country to begin with, seeing as Britain is a white country, there’s also the sad reality that those who are there, simply aren’t as attractive as their white competitors. I mean just look at the pictures of the female models above and compare them to pictures of the following white models.

LOL at what shows up when Googling “White Supermodels”. Good job Google. You’re making the anti-white bias all the more obvious.
LOL at what shows up when Googling “White Supermodels”. Good job Google. You’re making the anti-white bias all the more obvious.

Ok lets try this again.

DT237_White_Model_Front_051112 district_DT237_white DT2610_white_model_front

As a heterosexual guy, I’m not going to bother posting any pictures of white male models because quite frankly, I’m not qualified to judge what is and isn’t attractive in that case. Hence to be fair, I won’t make any such comparison. However, I am qualified to say what i would regard attractive in women, and I will say that all the above women are far better looking than any of the women from this modelling agency. Hence, they aren’t able to compete on equal footing, and need to have this superior competition eliminated.

Despite no experience in the modelling industry, she set up Lorde in London with a friend and “the next thing, people were contacting us”. A year on, and Lorde has worked with magazines including Dazed & Confused and i-D, and collaborated with London streetwear brand Cassette Playa.

Despite these relative triumphs, Kaptownwala is pessimistic about diversity in modelling in 2015. “There’s still not a massive demand because this is still a radical idea and people in fashion are not really ready for it,” she says. “How does that make me feel? In general I think, as a person of colour, you internalise. Creating this agency is a way to channel those feelings.”

It’s not that people aren’t ready for it, it’s that people aren’t interested. This nonsense rests on the stupid idea that beauty standards where just set up arbitrarily, to oppress and upset people who don’t meet those arbitrary standards. This is ridiculous and completely baseless. There is actual scientific research that discusses objective standards of beauty.  Obviously, there are people whose tastes are exceptions, but these people are a minority. The modelling industry is extremely competitive, and less objectively attractive models aren’t going to be able to compete. Therefore, no business is going to want to use these less attractive models to advertise their products. It has nothing to do with people not being ready for it at all, because that implies that there will come a time when these objective beauty standards will change. Evolution doesn’t happen overnight.

If diversity – across age, race and size – is always a swirl of debate in fashion, there seems to be the signs of change, with Balmain’s Olivier Roustein (himself mixed race) championing a catwalk of all sorts of ethnicities, Rihanna becoming the first black woman in a Dior campaign and Lineisy Montero walking the Prada catwalkwith a visible afro. “Things are changing but in a minimal way,” acknowledges Kaptownwala. “But there were more models of colour on the catwalk in the 90s than there are now. It kind of goes in cycles.” She praises former model Bethan Hardison’s campaign to increase diversity on the catwalk at major brands but says “two models in a show of 30 models is not enough”.

If there’s no demand for more than the two, then tough. You can’t force people to pretend they care when they quite obviously don’t.

The dominance of white faces in fashion means her job, compared to that of a model booker at a larger agency, is a lot harder. “They work with everyone and we are fulfilling a niche,” she says. “The beauty standards are that the European is the epitome of what’s marketable, and not just to European consumers. I have spoken to magazines in Japan who only use Japanese and European models.”

You mean even those racist white supremacist Asians in Japan think Europeans are most attractive? Gee, you’d almost think that it’s actually because they are more attractive and even people from other races can see that. It’s quite possibly the same reason why white women are victimised more often than any non-white race in cases of interracial rapes. No, that can’t be it at all. Clearly, it’s just a racist conspiracy that was set up to hurt the feelings of non-white models. I mean just look at this model for example. She’s clearly gorgeous, and only a blind hate filled racist would disagree.

“She’s far better looking than any white model. If not for a racist conspiracy to hold her down by whites and Asians for absolutely no reason, she would easily be the greatest supermodel of all time.” ~ The logic we’re supposed to accept even though we’re not blind or insane.

In all seriousness, I could just look at my Facebook friends list, and I’d say a good 90% of my female friends are far better looking than that “model” is at all.

Kaptownwala believes the internet – and the culture of selfies – has a role to play in broadening what we think beautiful is, and has made an entire generation comfortable in front of the camera. “People are posing in their own ways, creating their own photo shoots,” she says. “It redefines beauty, opens things up and allows people to say ‘I want to be part of this.’”

Yeah, clearly the internet is going to undo countless millenia of human evolution, and we’re all going to suddenly believe that whatever is beautiful, is beautiful.

And if people don’t change their beliefs willingly…



2 thoughts on “It’s OK if whites are the only ones being excluded from something.

    • LOL, I bet you either live in a white majority country yourself, or wish that you could. Our kindness and patience for your hatred towards us has its limits.


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