Denmark redeems themselves.

A little over a week ago, I posted a video of a bunch of Danish cucks begging so called “refugees” (ie., economic migrants) to come into their country and give them the gift of cultural enrichment. I had thought very highly of Denmark before seeing that video and needless to say, i was very disappointed to see such stupidity. Thankfully enough, the Danes have made a decision, which redeems them in my eyes. I guess those pathetic cucks in the video really were just nothing more than a vocal minority afterall.

From Breitbart

The Danish government is to take out adverts in newspapers in targeted countries to tell would-be illegals to stay at home.

The move is going ahead despite rubbishing a similar plan only weeks ago by a rival political party.

Denmark’s ruling Venestre party called plans by the Danish People’s Party (Dansk Folkpartei, DF), the largest party in Danish politics, to create a video campaign targeted at potential illegal migrants abroad ‘un-Danish’. In the intervening days the case for taking more radical steps to limit migration to the nation has grown, and now the integration minister has announced the newspaper campaign.

Remarking that “There is something strange about the fact that a refugee would travel through several countries before ending up in Denmark”, fiery Inger Støjberg now seems to be making her job just as much about discouraging migration to Denmark as it is about integrating people after they have arrived.

It is not clear which nations would have their newspapers filled with Danish government anti-adverts, but Støjberg has already mentioned Turkey as a potential target. Almost 30,000 illegals crossed from Turkey to Europe via Greece with help from human traffickers in just 20 days between June and July.

Denmark’s conservative Venestre led, Dansk Folkpartei backed government has already cut benefits for migrants by 45-per-cent, replacing unemployment benefit for newcomers with ‘integration benefit’. The new benefit is only paid in full if a migrant learns Danish, as reported by Breitbart London last month.

The move would feature heavily in the proposed adverts to put off migrants. Støjberg said: “The ads will contain factual information on the halving of benefits as well as other restrictions that we will be enacting. That kind of information spreads very quickly”, reports

Good job Denmark. Thank you for reminding me once again that you really are, a far superior country to Sweden. Long may you continue to preserve yourselves.


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