Texas, 10 most wanted are all “white” apparently.

So in a recent post, I briefly mentioned crime statistics in America, and pointed out that according to official statistics, blacks commit significantly more crimes per capita than whites. I also mentioned that even then, the official statistics were blatantly skewed against whites unfairly because Hispanics (a different racial group entirely than whites) are lumped in with whites in crime statistics, even though in all other situations, Hispanics are treated as a separate group than whites. I also mentioned that Hispanics commit far more violent crime than whites, so in reality, a significant proportion of the violent crime being attributed to the “evil white racist oppressors” wasn’t actually committed by whites at all.

Therefore, I contended that the constant portrayal of whites in the media as monsters, and of minorities as poor innocent victims of whitey’s hatred, was a blatant lie, being told for the purpose of discriminating against whites, and convincing minorities that it’s justified to hate them, as well as conditioning whites to take less pride in their own race. After all, if it ever was revealed that minorities committed far more violent crime in white countries than the white majority, it might get those whites questioning the alleged benefits of diversity. They might start thinking that it isn’t really so beneficial after all and they might start demanding that something be done to stop it. Instead, they try to keep up the illusion that all races and cultures are 100% equal in every way, so they deliberately skew statistics in a way that favours that lie.

However, it’s one thing for me to say something is happening, but saying something without providing evidence just isn’t good enough. Well as the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Check out the screenshot below, or follow the link here to see the 10 most wanted criminals in Texas currently.

LOL, how much more obvious can they be?
LOL, how much more obvious can they be with their anti-white bias?

Just take a good look at that picture. How many of those people look white to you? The only one who may be white as far as I can see is the 4th guy in the top row, and even then I’m not certain. Eight of them are definitely Hispanic, and one of them (Israel Aguirre) is definitely non-white, albeit, I’m not sure what race he is.

I’m so glad this image has come up. It so blatantly shows the anti-white double standard, that it’s actually hilarious how blatant it is. Have people become so brainwashed at this point, that they can’t see through something like this?


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