Good news for Athens

If there's one thing that Europeans just can't get enough of, it's Mosques.
If there’s one thing that Europeans just can’t get enough of, it’s Mosques.

I swear this Alexis Tsipras guy is probably the best Prime minister in Greek history. Even our own greatest, Brian Cowen, has nothing on this guy. After that incredible deal he negotiated with the troika (even more brutal than the original one that the Greeks voted in a referendum to reject), he could have easily stepped down and retired, with a brilliant legacy that would be remembered by the Greek people forever. I didn’t think he could possibly outdo himself, but he’s managed to do so somehow, by giving the Greek people the thing they wanted most of all in the world.

From Greek Reporter

Construction of the first mosque in Athens will start as soon as final details of the much-delayed project are ironed out and the building permit is about to be issued.

It has been seventy years since it was decided to build a mosque in Athens. The delays have been a constant source of tension with the Muslim world. The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation has been highly critical of the delays, with the Minister of Culture, Education and Religious Affairs Aristides Baltas stressing that these delays are used to defame Greece.

In recent years the tender for the construction had been repeated five times and a successful bidder was selected in November 2013. The project has a budget of 964,000 euros and it will be constructed on a plot of land owned by the Greek Navy. It is located in the area of Eleonas in Athens where a former Navy workshop building will be converted into a mosque.

The last detail remaining is the settlement of a stream that should not cause any more delays.

The building of the Athens mosque is one of the priorities of the SYRIZA government and Alexis Tsipras has promised that he will complete it. The project, however, is met with many reactions from the Greek Orthodox Church. Metropolitan Bishop of Piraeus Seraphim has appealed to stop the construction.

Just incredible really. Alexis really is an incredible leader, who obviously understands the needs of his people. The Greek people have wanted a Mosque in their capital, more than anything else in the world for decades now. They have literally been on their hands and knees begging for it, and now Alexis is going to make sure they get it. Sure, Greek public spending and their debt to GDP ratio are out of control, but Alexis is not going to allow trivial matters like that get in the way of giving the people what they so clearly want. Clearly, he’s listening to the will of the people, just like he did when they had that recent referendum to reject the troika bailout (because its terms weren’t harsh enough and the masochistic Greeks wanted something more punishing).

Alexis looking on proudly at the site for the upcoming mosque.
Alexis looking on proudly at the site for the upcoming mosque.

I bet the Greeks are so excited about this wonderful news. It will probably bring back wonderful memories of being part of the Ottoman Empire. I bet every Greek who voted for Syriza realises that they made the right choice and I doubt we’ll ever see another party come close to toppling Syriza in any future elections.

Thank you Alexis, for demonstrating what the far left is really all about. You have provided perfect evidence of all the vast benefits that will be brought to the rest of Europe, if we ever choose to vote for parties with ideologies similar to yours. Punishing debt, and Mosques in our cities. How could anyone say no to that?


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