Jews lecture the Brits on their treatment of migrants. Remain silent on Israel’s treatment.

-_- need I say more?
-_- need I say more?

We can always count on the chosenites to remind us Goyim about how horrible we all are. It makes sense of course. Some white people in Germany did the holocaust 70 years, so every single white person in the world (even those who weren’t born, and those who fought to stop the Nazis) bares collective guilt for it. Therefore, in order to make amends for it, we have to accept an infinite number of people from the third world, and give them free everything, until eventually, they overrun us and breed us out of existence in our own countries. Anybody who has a problem with that is probably a Nazi themselves, secretly plotting to gas the rest of the Jews, so we probably shouldn’t listen to anything they say. In fact, we should probably accuse them of hate speech and throw them in prison, just to be on the safe side.

From Evening Standard

Leading British Jews today branded David Cameron’s handling of the Calais migrant crisis “appalling”.

In a strongly worded letter they compared the plight of the migrants to that of Jewish refugees who fled Hitler.

Yes, because a bunch of young fit men, leaving impoverished African countries to get lots of free stuff, off the backs of hard working European people, and to have their way with white women, is exactly the same thing as fleeing a potential genocide. The parallels are so obvious, how could anyone not see it?

Two hundred people, including 20 rabbis, signed the letter calling on the Prime Minister to be more sympathetic. The signatories criticised Mr Cameron for using the term “swarms” to describe those trying to cross the Channel.

Can you even begin to imagine the hurt feelings? How could Cameron be so insensitive as to use such hate filled words like swarms? Clearly when the latest edition of the Newspeak dictionary is published, we’ll have to remove that word, so nobody gets their feelings hurt by it.

No, this isn't a scene from an upcoming episode of the Walking Dead. This is the swarm he was talking about.
No, this isn’t a scene from an upcoming episode of the Walking Dead. This is the swarm he was talking about.

“Many of us in the Jewish community are appalled by the UK’s response to the ongoing situation in Calais,” said the letter, sent from the Jewish Council for Racial Equality (JCORE). “Our experience as refugees is not so distant that we’ve forgotten what it’s like to be demonised for seeking safety.”

And many of us Mr. Jew, are appalled by how the members of your tribe treat the Palestinian people. We’re also appalled at the hypocrisy of how Jews are allowed to have a Jew only state, while criticising any other peoples who advocate the same for their own people. In fact, Israel has a policy of deporting African migrants, and treating them like criminals. Israel also has a policy of forced sterilisation of Africans, because they want to racially purify their own state. Why not direct your outrage at Israel instead Mr. Jew?

Oy gevalt!! Shut it down.
Oy gevalt!! Shut it down.

This week Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond described migrants attempting to cross over to Britain as “marauding”. Last week about 200 tried to storm the Channel Tunnel, while hauliers say drivers have been threatened by stowaways. Britain has paid for a £7 million security fence.

Threatening innocent drivers. Why should Britain take in people like that? They’re obviously dangerous, and a threat to the safety of the British people (the only people that Cameron has a responsibility to look after).

The letter said: “People fleeing conflict and persecution are not to blame for the crisis in Calais; neither is our welfare system, nor the French government. Above all, we in the UK are not the victims here; we are not being invaded by a ‘swarm’.” The Jewish  leaders said refugees were usually seeking a safer society and were not attracted by benefits.

How fucking blatant a lie is this? If they’re looking for a safe society to live in, and not just one with more benefits, then why exactly can’t they just stay in France? Is France not considered a safe enough society? I’ve mentioned the concept of the big lie time and time again. Most people who are aware of it, believe that it was a Nazi propaganda technique, but in reality, when Hitler referred to it, he wasn’t saying that the Nazis themselves should use it to manipulate the masses. He was attributing it to the Jews, and saying that they themselves told massive lies blatantly and unashamedly. Here we see a perfect example of these rabbis essentially proving him right. Good job rabbis. You’re certainly doing wonders for your people’s reputation.

Britain accepted almost 10,000 predominantly Jewish children from Nazi Germany, Austria, Czechoslovakia and Poland in 1938 and 1939. Among those saved were artist Frank Auerbach, now 84, and Labour peer Lord Dubs, 83.

Dr Edie Friedman, executive director of JCORE, said: “The Jewish refugee experience is still a vivid memory for many in our community. 

“The Government’s failure to even consider helping those fleeing conflict and persecution today shames us as a nation. Rather than shut ourselves off from the world, it is vitally important that we work with the rest of Europe to create safe and legal routes for refugees to claim asylum.”

Since June, nine people have died in the Channel Tunnel while attempting to gain access to the UK. However, 2,000 have died in the Mediterranean trying to enter Europe by sea.

Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner said: “No country has a perfect record on immigration. No country could do, such is the complexity of the issue and the lives of those it affects. 

“We can, however, take lessons from the very country so many Jews fled from in the last century — Germany. One German MP has taken in two  Eritrean refugees, and is helping them find jobs.”

So because the Germans feel guilty about their past, and have a masochistic desire to punish themselves for it, the rest of us need to suffer as well? Look there’s one very simple graph that explains why I’m opposed to this.


Just compare the population growth of Europe and Africa and answer me this very simple question. How are we going to take care of that many people? The endless supply of boats coming to Europe, with people from all over the continent, proves that there’s no end in sight. They’re literally going to keep on coming and coming, until we say enough is enough. We cannot possibly feed, cloth, house, or employ that many people in Europe. All that’s going to happen, is that we’ll end up destroying ourselves trying. In the end, that doesn’t help those people. It only harms us. Therefore, there’s no logical reason to engage in this policy.

Instead, we need to find a way to encourage Africans to get their populations under control, and to actually improve the conditions of their own countries somehow. I’m sure that’s preferable to having other countries like Britain, or Israel for that matter, being forced to take care of them all and destroying themselves in the process. How could anyone disagree with that?


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