Alex Jones gets utterly destroyed by Dr. David Duke.

One of the biggest problems about trying to discuss the truth about what is going on in the world, is the negative image that those who claim to speak the truth have. The average person looks at “conspiracy theorists” as a bunch of whacky, tinfoil-hat wearing, lunatics, shouting from the rooftops about how the world is secretly controlled by reptilian creatures in human form. One of the most well known and influential examples of these nutty conspiracy theorist types is Alex Jones.

Alex Jones, intercepting messages from the secret moon Nazis who have controlled the world since the end of WW2.
Alex Jones, seen here intercepting messages from the secret moon Nazis who have controlled the world since the end of WW2.

Over the years, Alex Jones has exposed the “truth” about how Hollywood is secretly controlled by Arabs (ignoring the fact that Hollywood is very openly run by Jews), how vaccinations contain cancer viruses, how Nazis secretly run the world (again, ignoring the very obvious amount of powerful Jews in the world), among other things. Essentially, Alex Jones comes off as a complete lunatic, who sane people can point at and say “That’s the truth movement? Why should I take someone like that seriously?”

And really, why should they take someone like him seriously? Just look at this clip for example, to get an insight into how he operates.

Jones going on one of his many insane rants.

The problem however is for many people who are beginning to awaken to the fact that the world isn’t right, Alex Jones serves as their “gateway drug” to the truth movement. Therefore, a lot of well intentioned people, who genuinely do want to learn the truth are often drawn to him, and are misled to believe that his insane (and most likely drug and alcohol fueled) ravings, are in fact the real deal. Others regrettably, find his rants off-putting and so, end up dismissing the truth movement as a whole, as bullshit. However, a small amount of people start seeing through him, and realise that he is in fact controlled opposition, set up by the true elites to discredit the truth movement as a whole.

“I most certainly am NOT controlled opposition. I am fully opposed to those mysterious globalists, who I’ll never actually name. Now buy my penis enlarging snake oil”

So who are these true elites? Well, I’ve touched upon it once or twice in the past, but I’ve never gone into too much detail because decades of propaganda have conditioned people to feel uncomfortable and dismissive whenever they are mentioned, and even I have felt a natural discomfort bringing it up because of my own conditioning. You see it’s very easy for me to discuss the Muslim problem, and people are smart enough to know that I don’t mean all Muslims, just the ones who are causing problems. It’s very easy to talk about the problems that African migrants cause, or the problems that black thugs in America cause, and people are smart enough to know that I’m not talking about all black people. However, whenever there is a mention of this particular group, people are inclined to think that the person mentioning them has a vendetta against all of them, and is a maniac who wants to wipe them all out. I am of course referring to…

The Jews
The Jews

I think it’s important to point out that I don’t believe in some grand international Jewish conspiracy to rule the world, nor do I believe that every single Jew is actively involved in what’s happening. Of course there are innocent Jews, just like there are innocent Muslims. However, just like there’s an obviously disproportionate amount of Muslim terrorists and rapists in Western societies, there is an obviously disproportionate amount of Jewish figures in leading positions in international banking, in control of the mainstream media, and fighting the war against “white privilege”  while pretending to be white, etc. Therefore, I don’t see any problem with pointing these facts out, anymore than anything else that I’ve spoken about on here. It’s just simply an indisputable reality, that there is a hostile Jewish elite in control of the world, who actively promote Jewish interests ahead of those of the white majorities in white countries.

This is what they tend to do when people start speaking out against them. They're the ones most vocal about pushing for so called
This is what they tend to do when people start speaking out against them. They’re the ones most vocal about pushing for so called “hate speech” laws.

Alex Jones however, despite supposedly being in the truth movement, bravely speaking out against the “globalists” never seems to mention the overwhelming number of Jews in positions of power, or heavily involved in the actions that he claims to speak out against. Instead, he treats them as if they’re some kind of faceless, unidentifiable entity, who nobody, even he with all his alleged research, is able to see. The fact that his wife is a Jew, and most of his sponsors are Jews has led many people to suggest that he does so deliberately, for fear of biting the hand that feeds him. This has led many people in the truth movement to harass him for years, referring to him as a shill for the Jews, telling him that he’s controlled opposition,  and constantly bringing up that his wife is a Jew.

“Hello, is this the Alex Jones show? JEW WIFE!!! JEW SPONSORS!!!”
The years of trying to hide the truth while claiming to speak it are taking their toll on what's left of the man's sanity.
The years of trying to hide the truth while claiming to speak it are taking their toll on what’s left of the man’s sanity.

Recently, the trolls managed to push Jones to make quite possibly the biggest mistake of his career. They convinced him to invite Dr. David Duke onto his show for a debate. David Duke, unlike Alex Jones is part of the actual truth movement. This is so very obvious, just from how the mainstream media treats them both. Jones is given free reign to promote his insane theories by the media. Sure, he’s treated as a laughing stock, but the fact that he’s allowed on at all proves that it serves a purpose. Because of how insane and outlandish he appears, he makes the truth movement as a whole look ridiculous…exactly what the hostile “globalist elites” that he claims to be against want.

No this isn't a photoshop. He actually did dress like this before. Why would anyone worry about the
No this isn’t a photoshop. He actually did dress like this before. Why would anyone worry about the “truths” someone like this exposes.

David Duke on the other hand is treated with nothing but disdain by the mainstream media both on the left and on the right. Just look at those two videos. In both cases, the left leaning CNN, and the right leaning Fox News, the interviewers speak over, insult and demean Duke, anytime he tries to make a point. Regardless of how you feel about his message, the fact that the media doesn’t even try to argue his points, instead choosing to attack him personally, while he behaves in a polite and civil manner, only serves to generate sympathy for him, because it suggests that they fear what he is saying for some reason.

So anyway, as I was saying, Alex Jones was pushed by trolls into inviting David Duke onto his show, where they had a two hour discussion. Although I don’t expect people to sit there for two hours watching the whole video, I will post it anyway just in case they do. I’d certainly recommend reading the comments at least, because some of them are absolute gold.

The whole thing is just amazing to see. The normally unhinged Jones, is actually surprisingly respectful and deferential to Duke, allowing him plenty of time to make his points. It’s as if he knew damn well that he was out of his league dealing with Duke, someone who actually has done his research on these topics, and actually knows what he’s talking about. There are a few points where he does interrupt, as well as making jokes about Duke’s past as a KKK leader (which is true, though Duke claims he left in 1980 because he didn’t condone their use of violence to promote their ideology). However, for the most part, Jones was actually a better host than any mainstream figure ever has been towards Duke.

The best part of the interview comes at 1:38:20, when Jones decides to bring in his behind the scenes Jewish boss (he admits the Jew is his boss at 1:45:25) to argue with Duke. Literally, in order to prove that Jews don’t control everything, he reveals the Jew who controls his own show. It’s just incredible, you can’t make this stuff up.

“Pay no attention to that Jew behind the curtain. The great Jones has spoken”

The whole interview was so devastating, that Jones only uploaded an edited and significantly shortened video of the debate (the one I linked to was a recording uploaded by someone else)… and even that edited one was later taken down because it still couldn’t make David Duke look bad. This is fantastic, and I’m excited to see what this will lead to. As I said, a lot of people looking to get into the truth movement start off with Alex Jones (he has a fanbase in the millions). This is the kind of fanbase that are already in the right mindset to be won over by the real truth movement. I wonder, did many of Jones’s loyal followers watch this debate all the way through, and realise that Duke was making a hell of a lot more sense than Jones ever has? I certainly hope so. We could see more people understanding what’s happening, and the more who understand, the closer we get to resolving it.

Maybe we’ll see something like this happen again, if all his followers leave for the real truth movement.

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