It could finally be happening: Golden Dawn to form Greek government.

After watching Alexis fail spectacularly as Greek Prime Minister, people were shocked when he had the integrity to do the decent thing, and resign his position, after just 8 months in power. This throws the already chaotic Greek state into further chaos. What options are left for the people to choose from after going from failure, to failure, to failure?

Well… there is one option left that hasn’t yet been tried, and it looks as if the desperate Greek people now have no other choice.



Golden Dawn party members


From Sputnik News

A Greek lawmaker told Sputnik that Golden Dawn party will be given a mandate to form the government.

 MOSCOW (Sputnik) — The third party to be granted a mandate to form a new Greek government will be the far-right Golden Dawn, MP from the New Democracy Party, Makis Voridis, told Sputnik on Friday.

“The third party to receive a proposal to create a government will be the Golden Dawn,” Voridis who is a former Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Networks, said. 

“I do not think that New Democracy will manage to create a new government, it will not manage to form a parliamentarian majority,” Voridis, who is a former Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Networks, said.

Main opposition New Democracy Party will refuse to form coalition with the left-wing SYRIZA party in case it wins the snap parliamentary elections.   

“SYRIZA, the party of the resigned Prime minister, will not participate in any kind of discussion around creating a coalition right now. Without their votes, with actually now are 118, it is practically impossible to form any kind of government,” Voridis stressed.

Earlier on Friday, Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos granted the leader of Greece’s official opposition and head of the center-right New Democracy party Vangelis Meimarakis a mandate to form a new government.

Under the Greek Constitution, Meimarakis has three days to determine if his party can create a viable government before a caretaker regime is put in place.

Golden Dawn is a radical right party, whose 69 members have been accused of creating and running a criminal organization.

This is just history repeating itself. In the early 1930s, Germany was in economic chaos, and was easily the most impoverished nation in Europe. There were constant battles for supremacy between the far left and the far right, all while the average German suffered greatly due to Germany’s crippling international debts. In early 1933, after having exhausted so many other options, it was decided that a coalition government should be set up under the leadership of some guy with a mustache, who held some very “extreme” ideologies, in the hopes of bringing stability to the chaos.

The guy who led that coalition.
The guy who led that coalition.

And you know what happened? In many ways, he did bring stability. Just Google “German economic recovery 1930s” to read up about it. I’m not posting any links here, because every link I do see, seems to be biased in some way. Some try to downplay the economic recovery, or make excuses for it. Others, talk it up as if Hitler was a saint, and the greatest economic genius who ever lived. Rather than posting a link to any of these views, I’d prefer to encourage others to read up on it themselves and form their own opinions on what happened.

Anyway, I’ll just leave it at that. I just thought it was very interesting to see what’s going on in Greece at the moment. I can guarantee that a lot of very powerful people in international politics, media, and banking are not happy about this development. I’m sure if this actually goes ahead, we’ll be reading a lot of stories about how evil the Greeks are, and how they need to be invaded, in order to restore “democracy” or “human rights” or something to that effect. The question is, what happens if they actually succeed in turning Greece around? What will that mean for the rest of Europe? Very interesting times ahead.


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