America’s “race problem” summarised in three short videos.

How can there be any doubt now? Clearly white people are the ones causing all the racial problems in America, what with their uncontrolled and unprovoked violent attacks towards poor, defenseless black people. Just look at how those cowardly whites either use sucker punches, or attack individuals as part of a group of 4 or 5. Note as well how all those white people keep stomping on the heads of their black victims, long after they’re already unconscious, without worrying about the possibility that they may kill them in the process.

Now lets compare what happens in a fair one on one fight between a black American and a white American. As we can clearly see here, in a fair fight, the black guy kicks the white guy’s ass, but rather than continuing to beat on him while he’s down (like a white guy would do to a black guy), he walks away, once he has proven his point.

And here we see another video of a fair fight, in which the black guy wins and walks away peacefully.

And another one.

Clearly those white liberals and Jews who live in 95+% white neighbourhoods, and who run the media (and therefore dictate how the rest of us should think), are completely right in their assessment that white people are the ones causing all the problems.

I also think that based on the precedent from the videos above, that it’s pretty obvious that the current narrative we’re fed by the media about innocent unarmed blacks being killed by racist cops for no reason, is definitely 100% accurate. Those cops couldn’t possibly have been defending themselves against violence. Clearly, seeing the non-white skin pigmentation of their victims, was like a red rag to a bull, and it filled them with a blind rage, that caused them to murder those innocent blacks in cold blood for absolutely no reason.

Even black cops seem to become racist towards blacks for some reason. Obviously this extreme homicidal racism which causes them to risk their careers, their reputations, and even their lives, makes far more sense than the idea that they were actually defending themselves. The videos above prove that. The mainstream media would never dream of lying to us when they write about how blacks are the victims, and whites are always the cause of all the racism in America. No, clearly they would never dream of lying at all.

*EDIT~ 24th October 2016*

All but one of the videos in this article have since been deleted. As it probably won’t be so obvious now without them, I’ll just come out and say it. I was being sarcastic.


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