Cop killed with own gun by “unarmed” black criminal.

“Da po-lice is racist. He wuz a gud boy. He dindu nuffin. He wuz goin’ to church every week. He wuz gettin’ his life back on track. Black lives matter”~ The kind of reaction we would have seen if the cop had actually managed to defend himself.

The prevailing narrative in the media every single time an “unarmed” black criminal is killed by cops, is that the cop killed them needlessly, due to some kind of irrational hatred they feel towards the colour of their skin. It has gotten to the point were even in cases where black cops are involved, such as the Freddie Gray case, the media still plays up the idea that it was racially motivated, cold blooded murder.

All six of these cops were apparently motivated to murder career drug dealer, Freddie Gray out of hatred for his skin colour.
All six of these cops were apparently motivated to murder career drug dealer, Freddie Gray out of hatred for his skin colour.

This of course is completely ridiculous. We’re actually expected to believe the insane assertion that in the modern, overly politically correct and tolerant world that we now live in, that there are countless people out there, who are driven to a blind homicidal rage when they encounter people with a non-white skin pigmentation. The narrative has gotten so ridiculous, that they’re now trying to claim that even other people with that same skin pigmentation, are just as liable to feel this rage, and commit cold blooded murder, if given the opportunity to do so. It absolutely boggles my mind that they’re able to tell these stories with a straight face, and people actually seem to believe it.

The lives of black criminals, rightfully put down in self defence matter. The lives of blacks killed by other black criminals don't however.
The lives of black criminals, rightfully put down in self defence matter. The lives of blacks killed by other black criminals don’t however.
No, but this also doesn't take into consideration that blacks also commit far more murders per capita than whites do.
No, black on black murder isn’t significantly worse than the white on white murder rate, but this also doesn’t take into consideration that blacks also commit far more murders per capita than whites do, meaning that blacks are killing and being killed at a far higher rate.

The problem with all this outrage directed towards cops who defend themselves using lethal force against these black criminals, is that it’s making them reluctant to do their job properly. We saw a perfect example of this in Baltimore following the Freddie Gray protests. Cops were reluctant to go in and enforce the law, for fear that they too could end up being on the wrong side of the Black Lives Matter movement. The result? The number of homicides quickly skyrocketed.







This of course included plenty of black deaths, but did this matter to the Black Live Matter movement? It sure doesn’t seem that way. In all their eagerness to cry racism because a bunch of black criminals were killed in encounters with law enforcement, they achieved nothing, but to allow other black criminals an opportunity to take the lives of other black people… criminal and innocent alike.

This reluctance and fear felt by cops isn’t limited to simply not bothering to enforce the law. There are cases were cops still try to do their job, but don’t do everything necessary to do it properly. When that happens, we get cases such as this one.


According to St. Landry Parish Sheriff Bobby Guidroz, three women were allegedly stabbed by a man who later shot a Sunset police officer. The sheriff said the incident started off as a possible domestic issue and quickly turned into “hell in a hand basket.” 

Two sisters of Grand Coteau Interim Mayor Shaterral Johnson were stabbed while trying to stop 35-year-old Harrison Lee Riley Jr., of Arnaudville, from stabbing his wife, Courtney Jolivette. Despite earlier miscommunication, one of the sisters, 40-year-old Shameka Johnson, and Officer Henry Nelson both died on the scene. 

51-year-old Nelson was responding to the scene of a stabbing on Anna Street when he was shot by Riley with his own gun. According to the sheriff, Riley had taken the gun from Nelson during a confrontation. 

I think it’s a very real possibility that based on the media stirring shit up the past few years, regarding cops attacking black criminals, that this cop may have been hesitant to use the force necessary to protect himself, for fear of the reaction he would get. As a result, the criminal was given an opening he never should have gotten, and was able to wrestle the cop’s gun away from, and use it against him. You see despite the ridiculous lies being told by the media, that somehow an unarmed criminal couldn’t possibly be a danger to armed cops, meaning that there’s no excuse for a cop to ever use lethal force to defend themselves, this story proves it completely wrong. That “unarmed” criminal was able to arm himself quick enough and murder that cop, a murder that could very easily have been prevented, if the cop had used his gun first.

As already pointed out in reference to the Freddie Gray story, the fact that the cop himself was black is irrelevant. The media still would have portrayed him as some kind of hate filled racist, murdering an innocent black criminal, for absolutely no reason. He could have potentially lost his job, but instead he lost his life. The question is, will the Black Lives Matter crowd be out protesting over this death, seeing as the officer himself was black?


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