Merkel demands that Ireland takes in more migrants.

“You will take in more migrants, whether you like it or not. There will be no excuses” ~ Merkel to the Irish

The dog faced bull dyke, and self appointed dictator of the EU, Angela Merkel, has decided that Ireland is one of three countries (the other two being Denmark and Britain) who aren’t doing their fair share to help the economic parasites migrants, who have been flooding into Europe by the thousands in order to get free everything handed to them, and to have their way with all the “whyte wimminz” they can find. Because the German government have a deranged obsession with committing genocide against their own people (as evident by the comments made by that Jew politician a while back), she seems to think that every other country should follow suit.

“They’re absolutely not just coming for free stuff. They’re fleeing a war and heading to the first safe country they can find.” ~ The kind of stupid lies we’re supposed to believe.

Unfortunately for the Germans, it seems that with the exception of Sweden, most people in most EU countries, don’t want to contribute towards the genocide of their own race. Sure, I see a few comments on various news articles saying we should do more, but most of them are clearly from self-loathing, white guilt, inflicted morons who have no understanding of cause and effect, or an ability to think longterm. They seem to have this ridiculous idea that despite the unemployment in this country, despite the housing shortage, and despite the fact that we have plenty of our own people living rough on the streets, that somehow, we can take care of an infinite supply of illiterate, uneducated (and in many cases extremely violent) Africans and Middle Easterners, who think that they’re entitled to live off the labour of Europeans.

I wasn't exagerrating when I said it was an infinite supply. They just keep on breeding. It doesn't matter if we take in 100, 5000, 70000, 10000000 etc. They'll just keep coming until we're overrun and bred out of existence.
I wasn’t exagerrating when I said it was an infinite supply. They just keep on breeding. It doesn’t matter if we take in 100, 5000, 70000, 10000000 etc. They’ll just keep coming until we’re overrun and bred out of existence.

And here we have a fantastic video which really helps the user to visualise what the graph above means.

Anytime, you point out the obvious realities to these do-gooders, regarding the fact that these people aren’t trying to escape from a war, or that it simply isn’t feasible to look after them, they usually resort to making a tangential argument about how the Irish emigrated a lot, or just resort to playing the race card. The reason they do this is obvious. There is no logical reason as to why we should take these migrants in. The entire basis of their argument usually comes down to an estrogen fueled hissy fit (and that’s just the men I’m talking about).

“Grrr, bark, bark, take the, bark, migrants in, bark, bark.” ~ Merkel isn’t even trying to justify it anymore.

Logical arguments don’t matter to Madame Merkel of course. I’m sure someone in her position knows damn well that most Europeans don’t want these migrants. She knows damn well that they aren’t legit cases, and have no right to be here. Most importantly, she knows damn well the kind of problems they cause for the indigenous Europeans. The violent attacks, terrorism, rape epidemic, and strain on services funded by working European taxpayers, are no great secret. She doesn’t care, and she’s demanding that the rest of us accept it, whether we like it or not.

From Irish Examiner

Ms Merkel was last night in Austria attending a conference of European leaders on migration. It was in Austria where the grim discovery of up to 50 dead migrants on a truck was made earlier in the day.

They shouldn’t have been on the fucking truck. In fact they shouldn’t have been on the fucking continent.

According to Channel 4 News, Ms Merkel said EU countries should distribute the refugees among them according to the countries’ wealth and she singled out Ireland, Denmark and Britain for not participating in such a programme. The three countries have an opt-out from a quota scheme for housing migrants.

And I hope our cowardly government refuses to budge on that opt-out. I don’t have any faith in them of course, but I’ll try and stay optimistic.

While being praised internationally for the rescue efforts of the naval service, the Irish Government has been urged by aid agencies to increase its intake of Syrian and Eritrean migrants, which is set at 600 people over the next two years.

What’s the fucking point in taking in 600? That doesn’t solve the problem at all. Between Africa and the Middle East, there’s probably around 2 Billion (and counting at a fast rate) potential migrants looking to get into Europe. Saving 600, as evident by the gumball video above, will not make any bit of difference towards solving this migrant problem. The more we take, the more who will be left behind thinking they deserve to get in too. How do we choose 600 migrants arbitrarily from the countless amount looking to get in? It’s completely ridiculous. All we’re doing is destroying ourselves. If we don’t want anymore dead migrants, we need to deport the ones who are already here, and make the message quite clear that none will be taken. Once the message is received that they aren’t ever going to be welcomed, they’ll stop needlessly risking their lives (and it is needless seeing as they are economic migrants, not genuine refugees fleeing danger). Why is this not obvious?

To finish off, here’s a rather bleak video about the potential future of Ireland. Lets hope people wake up, and prevent this future by saying no to Merkel’s deranged demands.


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