Another example of the narrative collapsing

Despite the desperate attempts by the media, and the political elites in Europe, to guilt trip us all into accepting infinity migrants from the third world, who will soon outbreed and violently replace us in our own homelands, the obvious reality of the situation keeps shining through. These people are not compatible with us. They are dangerous, they are violent, and they bring absolutely no benefits to us by being here. The only arguments in favour of bringing them here, are usually appeals to emotion, with no basis in objective reality. These appeals to emotion get harder and harder to sell, every single time that something like this happens.

From Irish Times

German police have called for refugees to be housed along religious and ethnic lines after a series of mass brawls in emergency accommodation.

Whoa…whoa…whoa…are they suggesting that putting people from different ethnic and religious groups together, can result in acts of violence? Wow, better not tell all those far right protesters who have a problem with letting these migrants in. They only protests against them, due to an irrational hatred they have towards their skin colour, but they might use this seemingly logical reason to justify their biased preconceptions. That is the real great danger facing Europe right now, not the migrants.

Last week, a fight between up to 200 Syrians and Afghans in a Leipzig shelter turned into a running battle with residents using table legs as clubs. In Lower Saxony, police reported about 100 Syrians and Albanians fighting each other with bits of bicycles and other objects. Last month, meanwhile, police arrested 14 people after a melee at a shelter in the eastern city of Suhl, with other incidents recorded in Bonn, Dresden and Trier.

LOL, they really are a creative and vibrant bunch, this lot. Using table legs, and parts of bikes as weapons. Countless hours of entertainment for us all. Who needs to live in safe countries, when we can instead have the constant entertainment of seeing a bunch of brown and black men, attacking people with table legs and bicycle parts?

How did Europe ever survive without these vibrant and colourful geniuses to enrich our lives by finding new and exciting uses for such boring, everyday items like these?
How did Europe ever survive without these vibrant and colourful geniuses to enrich our lives by finding new and exciting uses for such boring, everyday items like these?
And these?
And these?

With Germany’s forecast of 800,000 refugees this year likely to be rounded up to one million, police have warned politicians in Berlin to intervene before a tragedy takes place.

I agree. I suggest intervening by closing your borders and deporting those already inside your borders back to the first safe country they reached (ie. Turkey).

Oh right, I forgot. Apparently Turkey isn’t safe. They can’t even get free dental work done there. It would be a human rights violation to send them back there.

“I think housing separated according to religion makes perfect sense,” said Jörg Radek, deputy head of the German police union, to Die Welt daily. “Our members have reached breaking point.”

Although of course this will only apply while they’re in the camps. Once they’re allowed out, they’ll be imposed on the native Germans, whether they like it or not, and will be free to terrorise them, in the same way that they are currently terrorising each other in the camps.

Among the many reasons for the violence, police representatives and refugee groups see overcrowding, exhaustion, post-traumatic stress as well as cultural and religious misunderstandings. “When more than 1,000 people from 18 nations live together it has potential for a certain level of escalation, that’s clear to me,” said Maik Mackewitz, mayor of Calden in Kassel.

Nobody seems to be suggesting the possibility that maybe they’re violent, because they’re a bunch of primitive savages, and its just their nature to be violent. Oh no of course not, that would be racist. They’re exactly the same as the native Germans in every way, and it’s guaranteed that they’ll fit in just fine, once they’re released.

On Sunday, two separate incidents took place at a shelter there, leaving 14 injured. The first fight, a lunchtime canteen dispute, involved about 60, police said, while a second spat in the evening saw more than 350 involved.


Heinrich Hörnschemeyer, head of one temporary shelter set up for 700 people and currently housing 3,000, said the problem was overcrowding. “People have no place of retreat, no privacy,” he told Spiegel online. “In queues it comes to scuffles over nothing.”

They keep desperately searching for excuses to justify their behaviour. We’re not buying it. We’ve seen the videos. We’ve read the articles. We know what these people are really like, and what they’re going to do when they get the chance to do so.

islam ISLAM_-_GB Islamic-Law

16/10/09 TODAY Picture by Tal Cohen - Muslims protest outside Geert Wilders press conference in central London 16 October 2009, Wilders who faces prosecution in the Netherlands for anti-Islam remarks pays visit to the capital. The Freedom Party leader said 'Lord Malcolm Pearson has invited me to come to the House of Lords to discuss our future plans to show Fitna the movie.' Wilders won an appeal on October 13 against a ban, enforced in February, from entering Britain. Ministers felt his presence would threaten public safety and lead to interfaith violence. (Photo by Tal Cohen) All Rights Reserved ñ Tal Cohen - T: +44 (0) 7852 485 415 Email: Local copyright law applies to all print & online usage. Fees charged will comply with standard space rates and usage for that country, region or state.
That’s right… they’ll culturally enrich us

A month after chancellor Angela Merkel insisted Germany could “master” the refugee crisis, signs are increasing that Europe’s largest country is struggling to register record numbers of asylum seekers.

Uh oh, better double down then. What could possibly go wrong?

Germany’s interior ministry said on Tuesday that September would be a record-breaking month for refugees – well over the 105,000 accepted in August.

“September will be a record month for this year and for the last decades,” said Thomas de Maizière, federal interior ministry. “In the last four days alone, we had numbers on the scale of 8,000, 9,000, 10,000 – every day.”

And they still don’t see how insane this is. How are they going to take care of this many people? Better yet, how are they going to control them? They’ve outright admitted that they need to keep different groups separated because of their violence. What are they going to do when their numbers reach critical mass, and they’re able to take their violent behaviour to the streets, against the native Germans? The German people will (quite rightfully) feel as if they’re under attack, will get desperate, and will look for a change.

And what happened last time, the German people got desperate for change?

History might repeat itself Germany, if you keep pushing like this. Is this what you really want?
History might repeat itself Germany, if you keep pushing like this. Is this what you really want?

Calais ~ Migrant camp bulldozed by police.

All these poor Syrian children are just trying to escape from the war in France. Their lives are in danger there.
All these poor Syrian children are just trying to escape from the war in France. Their lives are in danger there.

In what will almost certainly go down in the history books as “The Second Holocaust”, the French Gestapo, have committed a horrible atrocity… they have broken up a bunch of illegal migrant camps, most likely because they are simply filled with an irrational hatred for the their skin colour, and their unusual accents.

From Breitbart

Police in Calais have broken up a number of illegal camps, firing tear gas into the crowds. French authorities are unwilling to allow any illicit camps other than the ‘New Jungle’, which is currently home to around 3,000, but many migrants are unwilling to stay there fearing violence.

They say tear gas, but I can guarantee you at some point, that do-gooders will be so outraged by what happened, that they’ll be acting as if these people had actually been sprayed with Zyklon B.

Ok, lets just take this old image and make a few edits...
Ok, lets just take this old image and make a few edits…
Yep, here it is. What actually happened... or may as well have with how offended people get on their behalf.
Yep, here it is. What actually happened… or may as well have with how offended people will get on their behalf.

Around 400 people were moved on from makeshift encampments on Monday night as police broke up the dwellings using bulldozers. With nowhere to go, approximately 50 of those staged a sit-in at the port of Calais, accompanied by the ‘No Borders’ movement.

Borders exist for a reason, to protect the ordinary citizens of a country from invaders like you.

A local government source has told AFP that “any illegal settlement cannot remain and will result in evacuation,” but a spokeman for Medicins du Monde (Doctors of the World), “The Syrians refuse to go there because of the insecurity there.”

Hmm, I wonder what they could be so insecure about? It couldn’t possibly be their fellow refugees, who are just a bunch of docile, helpless, malnourished, traumatised, and exhausted women and children like themselves… could it?

The original Jungle was set up following the closure of a Red Cross Reception Centre named Sangatte, which had been in operation between 1999 and 2002. The centre had quickly become overcrowded with migrants and prone to violent riots.

What? I refuse to believe that is happening. That must be just some racist propaganda. These vibrant geniuses are all gentle, helpless souls, who wouldn’t possibly consider rioting.

No, clearly this couldn’t possibly be happening.

Since then, the Jungle, which has shifted site a number of times has been repeatedly raided and bulldozed by police and authorities desperate to see an end to the migrants using waste lands around Calais as a slum. Nonetheless, the migrants numbers keep growing, from 300 at the beginning of this year to over 3000 at the moment.

300 to 3000 in less than a year? Wow, that’s 10 times the cultural enrichment. If only those French people weren’t so blinded by their hatred of their skin colour, they might realise how lucky they are to experience the joys of diversity first hand.

Earlier this month the European Union awarded France €5 million (£3.65 million) to upgrade the camp into a humanitarian refugee centre.

Most of the migrants use the encampment as a base while waiting to make it across the Channel to England. Despite a small local economy growing up featuring shops, a hairdressers and even restaurants, the camps are characterised by violent clashes. Women, who represent only 10 per cent of the camp’s population, stay out of sight for fear of being raped.

So the small amount of women who are there, fear that they might experience rape at the hands of the many men who are there? Remind me, why exactly are so many women (not all women of course, but definitely a very loud minority) in various European countries demanding that our governments let these people in? Do they really hate themselves that much? Or is it just what I’ve always suspected… that their entire knowledge of this situation is limited to seeing that drowned Syrian child, and the biased, one-sided reporting of it, and they’re too stupid/lazy to bother researching the issue any further than that one piece of information? I’m definitely thinking it’s the latter.

Consequently, there are a large number of other smaller camps situated around the Calais area.

Last night police fired tear gas and took three “No Border” militants into custody while driving the residents of one camp out of their makeshift homes.

A further two other camps, playing host to Syrians and African were also dismantled, while a third, mostly home to Eritreans, was bulldozed.

The displaced migrants initially tried to smuggle themselves onto lorries bound for England, but changed tactics when security was stepped up.

This is all so horrible. Don’t these people realise, that they’re fleeing for their lives? The war in France is absolutely horrific. It’s just as bad as the ones in Turkey, Italy, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, and Hungary. The only safe countries in the entire world, with absolutely no war going on are Britain, Germany, and Sweden. These poor “refugees” need to flee these warzones and get to safety in one of those three safe countries. If they don’t they’ll surely be killed. How can anyone stand by and watch them suffer?

These poor Syrian children. Not only, did they nearly drown on their way to Europe, but their iphone nearly ran out of charge, and they almost couldn't take this selfie. Haven't they suffered enough?
These poor Syrian children. Not only, did they nearly drown on their way to Europe, but their iphone nearly ran out of charge, and they almost couldn’t take this selfie. Haven’t they suffered enough?

Proof that white children don’t matter to the establishment.

This is actually the headline.
This is actually the headline.

This is absolutely unbelievable to read. I’m actually stunned.

“Look sorry lads, we tried our best to cover up what you did to those little white English girls. We’ll try and give you a lenient sentence at least”
“WHAT?!?!? You say this man raped Pakistani children. THROW THE BOOK AT HIM!!!!”

From Daily Mail

A senior judge has ruled a child molester was rightly given a tougher than normal sentence because his victims were Asian and so suffered more from his crimes.

So an “Asian” (read Pakistani Muslim) man in England raping “Asian” children is apparently a more serious crime than if he had raped native born white English children. This is literally what they’re saying.

Jamal Muhammed Raheem-ul-Nasir was jailed for seven years at Leeds Crown Court last year for sex attacks on two girls, aged nine and 14.

But the paedophile took the case to appeal, with his lawyers complaining that his sentence was unfairly inflated and ‘excessive’.

He’s literally claiming that getting a seven year sentence for raping a 9 year old and a 14 year old is excessive. This is what we’re actually supposed to believe. As far as I’m concerned, if we lived in a sane society, he would have been fucking executed for it.

And we'd make sure it was painful as well.
And we’d make sure it was painful as well.

Senior judge Mr Justice Walker has now thrown out those arguments after hearing that the victims’ families feared they would struggle to find future husbands because of the abuse.

So because of their primitive and barbaric culture, which has logic like that, they should get special treatment, over little white girls who come from a more understanding culture? Here’s a thought, why the fuck is that different culture even in Britain. What is the benefit of having them there? And no, saying diversity doesn’t count, unless someone explains why diversity is a good thing (which never ever happens).

The move has been criticised by children’s charity the NSPCC, who insist justice should be blind to the race of victims.

Makes sense to me.

Nasir, 32, was convicted of two counts of sexual assault on a child under 13 and four counts of sexual activity with a child and handed the prison term in December last year.

The judge who jailed him, Sally Cahill QC, specifically said that the fact the victims were Asian had been factored in as an ‘aggravating feature’ when passing sentence.

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

She stated that the victims and their families had suffered particular ‘shame’ in their communities because of what had happened to them.

Additionally there were cultural concerns that the girls’ future prospects of being regarded as a good catch for arranged marriages might be damaged.

Lawyers for Nasir, of Liversedge, West Yorkshire, argued at London’s Criminal Appeal Court that his sentence had been unfairly inflated.

I actually think that’s incredible. So 7 years is an “inflated sentence” for raping children. If that’s the case, what is the standard sentence length? I’m actually finding this story hard to comprehend. This is complete insanity.

But their complaints were rejected by Mr Justice Walker, who said: ‘The victims’ fathers were concerned about the future marriage prospects for their daughters.

‘Judge Cahill was having particular regard to the harm caused to the victims by this offending.

‘That harm was aggravated by the impact on the victims and their families within this particular community.’

So because their families and their community aren’t as loving and as understanding as the native white English, they deserve special treatment?

The argument that Ul Nasir was given a longer sentence due to his own ‘ethnic and religious origin’ was based on ‘a misconception’, he added.

Literally trying to claim that his sentence was based on his race, even though his victim was a member of the same race, and when other members of his race, rape children from the indigenous white English race, they get a more lenient sentence. What a shameless chancer this prick is.

‘The judge who tried the case was in the best position to determine the correct sentence.’

Mr Justice Walker, sitting with Lord Justice Laws and Mr Justice Mitting, at London’s Royal Courts of Justice,, concluded: ‘There is no basis for saying that Judge Cahill adopted an incorrect starting point. This application for leave to appeal against sentence must be refused.’

I think she fucked up royally, not because she gave him a harsh (well in comparison to the incredibly lenient standard) sentence, but because her motivation for doing so was based on the race of the victims.

Why is this woman a judge?
Why is this woman a judge?

But an NSPCC spokesman said: ‘British justice should operate on a level playing field and children need to be protected irrespective of cultural differences.

‘Regardless of race, religion, or gender, every child deserves the right to be safe and protected from sexual abuse, and the courts must reflect this. It is vital that those who commit these hideous crimes are punished to the full limit of the law.’ 

This summarises the problem quite well. The problem isn’t that he got a more severe sentence because for having non-white victims. The problem is that people just like him are getting lesser sentences for having white ones. What should be done is to give harsh and draconian sentences across the board for these types of crimes, regardless of the race of the victims.

Why isn’t that obvious to people?

UN’s own statistics: 72% of “refugees” are men. Media: Lets only focus on the children.

So I came across some very interesting statistics today, straight from the UN themselves.

Oh look at all those poor Syrian families suffering. Oh hang on a second...
Oh look at all those poor Syrian families suffering. Oh hang on a second…
What's all this then?
What’s all this then?

So literally, according to the UN’s own statistics, 72% of people coming into Europe are men. Only 13% are women, and 15% are children of both sexes. How could it not be completely obvious to anyone what’s going on here? In most cases were refugees are fleeing from wars, the vast majority would be women, children, and elderly. Young men of fighting age (the ones who make up the majority of what we see coming in) would almost always be the ones who would stay back because they would be involved in fighting the war. This would almost certainly be even more prevalent in a society with traditional, historic gender roles like the societies these people are coming from. Are we really expected to believe that these young men are the majority of people fleeing in fear for their lives from the war, while mostly women and children are staying behind? Of course not, that’s completely insane. These men aren’t fleeing from any war. They’re coming to Europe to start one.

Isn’t he adorable? I bet he learned that from his father. He’ll be a fine jihadist someday.

So despite the obvious reality of what’s happening, what does the media do? Why, they ignore it altogether and focus on the children and the babies. All those children and babies who would still be alive, if Europeans had just sent their navies straight out to Turkey to escort them into Europe, instead of forcing their parents to put them on rickety non-seaworthy boats, for no good reason.

From Ekathimerini

Thirty-four refugees, almost half of them babies and children, drowned when their boat sank off a Greek island on Sunday, almost certainly the largest death toll in those waters since the migrant crisis began, the coastguard said.

Four babies, six boys and five girls died when the wooden vessel carrying them overturned on Sunday morning, about three miles (5 km) east of the small island of Farmakonisi, close to Turkey’s coast, the service added.

“All those children would still be alive now if not for your hate filled racism white European people. It’s all your fault. You should be ashamed of yourselves. The only way to make amends is to throw open your borders, and allow the remaining infinity migrants from the third world into Europe, and give them lots of free stuff, and allow them to roam free to rape as many women as they want, and commit acts of terrorism in your countries. It’s the only way I’m afraid”

You did this whitey. It’s all your fault his selfish father put him on that boat. His father has a human right to claim asylum in Europe because of his need for dental work.

Tens of thousands of mainly Syrian refugees have braved rough seas this year to make the short but precarious journey from Turkey to Greece’s eastern islands, mainly in flimsy and overcrowded inflatable dinghies.

“Just think about how brave these people are. Do you not realise how horrific the war in Turkey is?”

Turkey, a country so devastated by war, that they can't even provide basic human rights like free dental care. How have these
Turkey, a country so devastated by war, that they can’t even provide basic human rights like free dental care. How have these “refugees” managed to cope?

Thousands have died, many of them taking the much longer crossing from Libya, in Europe’s worst migrant crisis in decades.

Details of the nationalities and ages of the victims of Sunday’s sinking off Farmakonisi were not immediately available.

The coastguard said 68 people were rescued from the water and another 30 survivors from the same boat were found on Farmakonisi.

On Lesbos, an island which has borne the brunt of Greece’s migrant intake, a Reuters photographer saw 10 dinghies arriving within 90 minutes on Sunday.

One inflatable carrying about 70 refugees, including many children, burst about 100 meters (90 yards) from the shore.

Locals pulled infants and toddlers – including a two-month old baby cradled by his father – ashore on rubber rings.

“All those poor children. They could have died back in the warzone in Turkey, and then they nearly died on their way to Greece (another country which must clearly be a warzone, along with Macedonia, Serbia, and Hungary, seeing as they seem to avoid staying in those countries too, in favour of safe Western and Northern European countries) . Thank God, their parents willingly put them on those non-seaworthy boats, risking death in the process, in order to save them from certain death in Turkey (which would have been all your fault if it had happened).”

Greece has regularly called for more help from authorities in dealing with the influx, and caretaker Prime Minister Vasiliki Thanou urged the bloc on Sunday to agree a more comprehensive policy.

Obviously, a comprehensive European policy that would prevent more children from drowning would be to have the navies join forces and send back any boats that try to come in. But of course, we can’t do that because of the war in Turkey. That would be evil apparently. How would they get their dental work done if we did that?

Other countries were wrong to criticize Greece’s response to the flow of migrants, Thanou said during a trip to Lesbos.

“We would urge them to consider the responsibility of guarding a 16,000 km long coastline of European borders … and whether a future Europe of principles can be constructed by building walls,” she said.

The vast majority of refugees reaching Greece quickly head north to other countries, with Germany the most favored destination.

“But they have to flee from the war in Greece and every country along the way to Germany. Do you want those children getting killed in one of those European warzones? Do you want them to go without dental care? What kind of a monster are you?”

EU states have so far failed to reach agreement over proposals by Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker to accept a mandatory quota system for accepting refugees.

“But you must Europe. All those poor children. They make up 15% of those coming in. 15%!!! Yes I know the potential jihadists and rapists make up 72%, but it’s just the risk you’ll have to take in order to make amends for the holocaust, colonialism, slavery, white privilege, and various other crimes throughout history that you are all personally responsible for, because people who share your skin colour committed them”

“Look at all these Syrian children who need saving. Do you want that on your conscience? Because it will be”

Thanks for letting me in Whitey. Now change your culture to accommodate my beliefs.

This is how it started last time. First they had Oktoberfest... next came the gas chambers. The correlation is obvious to anyone who isn't a hate filled racist, so obviously these Germans can't see it.
Every bit as evil as the holocaust, more even, in fact. The comparison is obvious to anyone who isn’t a hate filled racist, so obviously these Germans can’t see it.

Good news Germany. If you keep taking in infinity migrants, you’ll soon have your boring, safe, first world country enriched with the infinite joys of diversity, the most wonderful and amazing thing in the whole world, with benefits so vast and enormous, that the average human is simply too simple minded to ever comprehend them. The bad news however, is that you’re going to have to ban one of your evil traditions, in order to fully enjoy those vast and obvious benefits. However, that really isn’t bad news at all, seeing as this particular tradition, is so monstrous, that nobody sane will miss it. You’ll be thankful when its gone.

Oktoberfest was originally started by the Nazis as a plan for a Muslim holocaust. Once the Jews were all gone, they would have gone after Muslims, and drowned them in giant beer barrels, while force feeding them German sausages. Source: A secret version of history that the moon Nazis cover up.
Oktoberfest was originally started by the Nazis as a plan for a Muslim holocaust. Once the Jews were all gone, they would have gone after Muslims, and drowned them in giant beer barrels, while force feeding them German sausages. Source: The true version of history that the moon Nazis cover up.


Dear City council of Munich,

I am writing this letter to bring to your attention something that I
and many Muslims believe is unfair and requires attention. I would like to inform you that the Oktoberfest is an Intolerant and Anti-Islamic event. We tried to ignore the event, but there too many Un-Islamic acts done at the Oktoberfest. Such as alcohol consumption, public nudity etc.

And yet for some reason, he chooses to go live in a Non-Islamic country, when there are plenty of Islamic countries that he could go to instead. It’s just yet another case of…

Every. Single. Time.
Every. Single. Time.

Why would anyone choose to go live in a country with a culture they disagree with. Imagine if a German person went to live in whatever country this guy came from and demanded they change their culture to make him more comfortable. Why are so many people incapable of actually thinking that way and coming to that same conclusion as me? Is it really that complex to think that way?

We understand that the Oktoberfest is a yearly German tradition, but we, Muslims, can not tolerate this Un-Islamic event, because it offends us and all Muslims on the earth. We are requesting the immediate cancellation of the upcoming Oktoberfest event.

And plenty of your Muslim traditions offend us, but we don’t demand that you change them in the countries that you control, so don’t think you have a right to demand that others change their traditions in the countries they control.

We also believe that the Oktoberfest might also offend all the Muslim refugees coming from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan. The cancellation of the Oktoberfest event will help refugees not to forget their Islamic history. Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Morad Almuradi

As a non-German (but a fellow white, indigenous European) let me just say this. I don’t give a single fuck if those so called refugees are offended by Oktoberfest. If they’re really such poor, pathetic, vulnerable, desperate, helpless, delicate, little flowers, like we’re led to believe, then these people should just be fucking grateful that the traitor Merkel is already essentially willing to commit genocide against the people she supposedly represents, just to help these people.

Angela Merkel… Hater of German people.

If they aren’t willing to accept that, then tough. What other options do they have? Staying in Hungary under Viktor Orban, who has made it quite clear that they aren’t welcome in Europe at all, as far as he’s concerned?

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who would probably murder every single migrant, if not for the mainstream media exposing his wicked ways.
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who would probably love nothing more than to murder every single migrant, if not for the mainstream media exposing his wicked ways.

Seriously, as far as I’m concerned, these people shouldn’t be in Europe at all, but if Germany is willing to take them in, the least they can do is show their gratitude and respect German culture, like good guests. Of course, these people didn’t come to Germany as desperate refugees, or as guests. They came here as a Trojan horse, to weaken Europe for inevitable Islamic conquest. They have no respect. They never will have respect. All they understand is strength. Therefore, Germany needs to speak back to them in the very way they understand best.

Media calls out ISIS for doing something they themselves are guilty of.

Wow, what kind of sick bastards would exploit a dead child for propaganda purposes?
Wow, what kind of sick bastards would exploit a dead child for propaganda purposes?

The mainstream media continues to show what a joke it is with this blatant example of hypocrisy.

From Time

The Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) is using the shocking viral image of a drowned 3-year-old boy as propaganda to threaten Syrians seeking refuge outside the country.

And the mainstream media in the western world “is using the shocking viral image of a drowned 3-year-old boy as propaganda” to make Europeans feel guilty for something they had nothing to do with, and demand that we throw open our borders to every single migrant that wants to come in, regardless of the effect it will have on us.

“But what about that poor beach boy. The beach boy. Don’t you care about the beach boy? We should let everyone in because of the beach boy. It’s all your fault that beach boy died. The beach boy” ~ The media

The photo of Alan Kurdi, whose name was initially misreported as Aylan Kurdi, lying lifeless on a Turkish beach has been printed in ISIS’s English magazine Dabiq, theGuardian reports, in an article titled, “The Danger of AbandoningDarul-Islam” — or, the Islamic homeland.

And it has been printed in plenty of other magazines and papers in the west. Different reason, but same intent… as propaganda.

“Sadly, some Syrians and Libyans are willing to risk the lives and souls of those whom they are responsible to raise upon the Sharī’ah – their children – sacrificing many of them during the dangerous trip to the lands of the war-waging crusaders ruled by laws of atheism and indecency,” the article says.

And some are even willing to leave the safety and employment of Turkey and risk the death of their child because they want to get dental work done in Europe… which is exactly what happened in this case.

The photo of Kurdi, who drowned fleeing war-torn Syria with his family, was widely shared on both social and traditional media during the first week of September, putting pressure on European countries to respond to the growing migrant crisis. There have been more than 3,600 migrant deaths so far this year.

And so they outright admit that their side has done the exact same thing…just for different reasons.

How much more obvious can it get?

“It’s all your fault Europe. If you had just fixed his father’s teeth for him, he wouldn’t have lost his life on a non-seaworthy boat that his father willingly put him on”

Germany. Only about a week into the invasion, and look at what happens.

Wow, who could have possibly seen something like this happening? I for one am shocked, shocked I tell you, that importing primitive third world people, from parts of the world where females are treated as second class citizens (at best) could result in a little girl getting raped in a playground by one of them. No, this couldn’t possibly be true. This is probably just a false accusation. I bet that 7 year old child was probably raped by a white German man, but she is so filled with hate filled racism, that framing an innocent migrant for the crime is more important to her, than seeing her actual rapist face justice. It’s just pure coincidence that it happened now, after Germany started opening their borders to them. I bet that white German man was raping little girls in the bushes for months now, but the pro-white, anti-migrant media and authorities just covered it up, until there were migrants to blame for it, kind of like what happened in Britain.

“I’m sorry little girl, but you must have been mistaken. Your attacker couldn’t have been African, because only people of European descent commit crimes. Please rethink your statement and pick one of the men from this line up instead.”

I think it’s important to remember that when something like this happens, that the real victim isn’t the child who was raped, but rather all those poor defencess 30 year old African men, who just want to come to Europe for lots of free stuff at the expense of European taxpayers. How could anyone be so hate filled to deny them that? Even if it is true, and the man who did it was of African origin, we can’t let an incident like this put us off taking in these people. We need them because if we don’t, Europe will not survive for some vague, unspecified reasons which never need to be stated.

Yes Barbara, we know. Diversity is our greates strength for some vague unspecified reason. Of course, only us Goyim need it. You and your fellow chosen ones can be free to have your own society and it certainly isn't hypocritical or suspicious in any way.
Yes Barbara, we know. Diversity is our greatest strength for some vague unspecified reason. Of course, only us Goyim need it. You and your fellow chosen ones can be free to have your own society and it certainly isn’t hypocritical or suspicious in any way.

White women are waking up.

This is fantastic news, and I really hope this awakening continues. Instead of working with the hordes against white men, they should be working with us for our common goal… our survival. As I’ve pointed out before, it doesn’t matter how sorry we claim to be for the “crimes” our people supposedly committed against other races. It doesn’t matter how much good our race has done in terms of scientific and medical advances which have been shared with the rest of the world. It doesn’t matter that we’ve turned our own white countries into multicultural ones, while those other races get to maintain their own exclusive countries. It doesn’t matter that white doctors and aid workers have risked their lives to treat ebola, or to give aid in foreign warzones.

They’re always going to hate us, they’re always going to find excuses to feel angry at us, and when given the opportunity, they’re always going to want to kill us. So why should we keep saying sorry? Why should our women be fighting with our men, while trying to get in the good graces with those who will never treat them right? Frankly, these women have the right idea to speak out like this, and I think they’re awesome for doing so.

I’ve covered a lot of the issues mentioned before, such as the Barbary pirates enslaving white women, or the Swedish rape statistics (in fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about that more than anything else). However, there are plenty of issues that I haven’t talked about before, which the video addresses (such as the Jewish role in white slavery).

Overall, a very informative and refreshing video to see. Hopefully more women will see the light, and understand what is at stake.

The debating skills of the politically correct perfectly illustrated.

Galileo~ “Um you know guys, most of these migrants aren’t genuine cases. Here’s my evidence”
Politically Correct Inquisition~ “HERETIC… I mean… RACIST!!!”

So I came across a Facebook event calling on the Irish people to demand that our government take in more “refugees” in light of that horrific picture doing the rounds of that poor drowned Syrian child. Naturally, because most people are good, they found the image disturbing and wanted to help. I myself take no pleasure in seeing innocent children die. However, as I have tried to illustrate time and time again, the vast majority of these “refugees” aren’t fleeing from warzones like Syria, nor are they children. They are in most cases young, fit, black, African, men of working age, who leave for economic reasons, rather than to escape persecution or danger. Seeing the number of people joining the page (over 10,000 at this point) I was naturally alarmed, and decided to go and share some information, not because I have some irrational hatred of other races, or because I wanted to upset people, but because I recognise the very real trouble it could cause for Ireland in the future, just from looking at what has happened to other European countries. I decided to use a fake profile (picking the generic name John Smith) because I also know how nutty some of these do-gooders can be, tracking down people they disagree with and going out of their way to ruin their lives (all while claiming to be tolerant themselves). Below are screenshots of my interactions with others. I’ve hid their surnames and profile pictures. I don’t advocate harassment or victimisation of others, so I believe it’s only right to protect their identities. My aim was simply to inform, not to harass or annoy. Here’s how the discussion went.

My first post was to provide links to video footage of the migrants, to illustrate who they are, and how they are behaving in their host nations. I also linked to various news articles such as one about illegals buying fake Syrian passports in order to claim asylum, how some migrants are spending their food vouchers on prostitutes, information about Sweden’s rape statistics (which coincide with opening their borders to outsiders, etc.).


This post was completely ignored, as other users continued to argue amongst themselves. I then provided this post.

If they had checked my links from the first post, they would know that I was saying here was true.
If they had checked my links from the first post, they would know that what I was saying here was true.

So what response did I get to this question?


Instead of arguing the point that I made, Laura decided to attack me personally, and I responded as such.


A third party, Paul joined the discussion.


And Laura responded.


So I decided to respond to both of these people with this post.

I think I've been fairly reasonable so far. No insults. No personal attacks. No putting emotions ahead of objective facts.
I think I’ve been fairly reasonable so far. No insults. No personal attacks. No putting emotions ahead of objective facts.
“I don’t have a response to your points, so I’ll just keep attacking you, block you so I don’t have to deal with you, and be a winner in my head”

Now, she raises a fair point about me using a false identity. She’s right, I do genuinely fear using my real identity, but it’s not because what I’m saying isn’t true or that I don’t stand by it, but rather because it doesn’t fucking matter that it is true. People are so politically correct these days, that people who don’t blindly follow their line of thought are liable to have their reputations ruined, lose their jobs, or even be physically attacked for expressing their opinions. I’m not trying to become a martyr by saying the things that I do. I say it because we need to start moving the overton window away from the politically correct points of view, and back to the truth. I’m not going to destroy my own life to do that, but I am going to help in whatever way I can.

Anyway, lets continue.


Another user then leaves a very reasonable and fair comment.

High five Carol. You have my genuine respect.
High five Carol. You have my genuine respect.

Paul then rejoins the discussion.

I can assure you Paul, I wasn't lying.
I can assure you Paul, I wasn’t lying.

Laura tells Paul to block me, much like she herself has decided to do. Again, not once has she actually addressed my arguments. She just insults me.


Paul in fairness to him doesn’t. He admits that he hasn’t actually seen my links, but acknowledges that there may be some basis to my points afterall. He does finish off with a somewhat snide comment, but that doesn’t bother me, because I assume it was just to save face after attacking me so confidently before.


I of course have no interest in attacking him for this. I’m simply hoping that he’ll see the information I provided, and realise that I’m telling the truth, unlike Laura who refuses to acknowledge reality. I then post this reply.


And now, over an hour later, nobody has responded to me and apart from a few posts that aren’t directed towards anyone in particular, the thread has virtually died. So what were the links I posted? Well, here they are.

Fake Syrian passports

Most Syrians refugees are fake

Refugees spending food vouchers on prostitutes

Statistics on who refugees are (Most are young men under the age of 35)

Sweden’s rape statistics

But no, clearly I’m just a hate filled racist out to see those poor Syrian children drown. No wonder Laura wouldn’t argue with me. It’s so completely obvious that I’m just a stupid racist, what possible argument is needed to beat me?

Uh oh Paris.

It really is a shame to see a minor setback such as this occur in the multicultural paradise that is France. I bet those Muslims were only lashing out at their white European oppressors, and probably shouldn’t face any penalties for their actions. We need to show them love and compassion, and give them lots of free stuff including our pre-teen daughters to have sex with. Then, they’ll see that we are serious about accepting them into our societies, and stop feeling the need to lash out at us.

I’m very worried that white racists might use an incident like this as an excuse to lash out at multiculturalism. As we all know, those white racists are purely motivated by their irrational and unexplainable hatred of the sight of non-white skin pigmentations, but they’ll often invent seemingly logical sounding arguments, such as terrorism, violence, grooming of children etc. to justify their irrational hatred. A freak incident like this (which would never normally happen because Islam is the religion of peace) might be used to forward their racist agenda.

We must not fall for that. The multicultural society is essential for Europe’s survival. Nobody will ever explain why it’s so essential, because the reasons are so vast and so obvious, that it doesn’t need to ever be explained. All that matters is that everyone should make sure to remember, is that all those vast, unexplained benefits outweigh any potential risks that are involved.

EDIT: It turns out this footage is almost a year old (but was only just re-uploaded recently). We can breath a sigh of relief. Those evil white racists didn’t win. The large Muslim population is still there, free to riot again if they ever want to. Thank Allah, this is such a relief to know.