Uh oh Paris.

It really is a shame to see a minor setback such as this occur in the multicultural paradise that is France. I bet those Muslims were only lashing out at their white European oppressors, and probably shouldn’t face any penalties for their actions. We need to show them love and compassion, and give them lots of free stuff including our pre-teen daughters to have sex with. Then, they’ll see that we are serious about accepting them into our societies, and stop feeling the need to lash out at us.

I’m very worried that white racists might use an incident like this as an excuse to lash out at multiculturalism. As we all know, those white racists are purely motivated by their irrational and unexplainable hatred of the sight of non-white skin pigmentations, but they’ll often invent seemingly logical sounding arguments, such as terrorism, violence, grooming of children etc. to justify their irrational hatred. A freak incident like this (which would never normally happen because Islam is the religion of peace) might be used to forward their racist agenda.

We must not fall for that. The multicultural society is essential for Europe’s survival. Nobody will ever explain why it’s so essential, because the reasons are so vast and so obvious, that it doesn’t need to ever be explained. All that matters is that everyone should make sure to remember, is that all those vast, unexplained benefits outweigh any potential risks that are involved.

EDIT: It turns out this footage is almost a year old (but was only just re-uploaded recently). We can breath a sigh of relief. Those evil white racists didn’t win. The large Muslim population is still there, free to riot again if they ever want to. Thank Allah, this is such a relief to know.

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