The debating skills of the politically correct perfectly illustrated.

Galileo~ “Um you know guys, most of these migrants aren’t genuine cases. Here’s my evidence”
Politically Correct Inquisition~ “HERETIC… I mean… RACIST!!!”

So I came across a Facebook event calling on the Irish people to demand that our government take in more “refugees” in light of that horrific picture doing the rounds of that poor drowned Syrian child. Naturally, because most people are good, they found the image disturbing and wanted to help. I myself take no pleasure in seeing innocent children die. However, as I have tried to illustrate time and time again, the vast majority of these “refugees” aren’t fleeing from warzones like Syria, nor are they children. They are in most cases young, fit, black, African, men of working age, who leave for economic reasons, rather than to escape persecution or danger. Seeing the number of people joining the page (over 10,000 at this point) I was naturally alarmed, and decided to go and share some information, not because I have some irrational hatred of other races, or because I wanted to upset people, but because I recognise the very real trouble it could cause for Ireland in the future, just from looking at what has happened to other European countries. I decided to use a fake profile (picking the generic name John Smith) because I also know how nutty some of these do-gooders can be, tracking down people they disagree with and going out of their way to ruin their lives (all while claiming to be tolerant themselves). Below are screenshots of my interactions with others. I’ve hid their surnames and profile pictures. I don’t advocate harassment or victimisation of others, so I believe it’s only right to protect their identities. My aim was simply to inform, not to harass or annoy. Here’s how the discussion went.

My first post was to provide links to video footage of the migrants, to illustrate who they are, and how they are behaving in their host nations. I also linked to various news articles such as one about illegals buying fake Syrian passports in order to claim asylum, how some migrants are spending their food vouchers on prostitutes, information about Sweden’s rape statistics (which coincide with opening their borders to outsiders, etc.).


This post was completely ignored, as other users continued to argue amongst themselves. I then provided this post.

If they had checked my links from the first post, they would know that I was saying here was true.
If they had checked my links from the first post, they would know that what I was saying here was true.

So what response did I get to this question?


Instead of arguing the point that I made, Laura decided to attack me personally, and I responded as such.


A third party, Paul joined the discussion.


And Laura responded.


So I decided to respond to both of these people with this post.

I think I've been fairly reasonable so far. No insults. No personal attacks. No putting emotions ahead of objective facts.
I think I’ve been fairly reasonable so far. No insults. No personal attacks. No putting emotions ahead of objective facts.
“I don’t have a response to your points, so I’ll just keep attacking you, block you so I don’t have to deal with you, and be a winner in my head”

Now, she raises a fair point about me using a false identity. She’s right, I do genuinely fear using my real identity, but it’s not because what I’m saying isn’t true or that I don’t stand by it, but rather because it doesn’t fucking matter that it is true. People are so politically correct these days, that people who don’t blindly follow their line of thought are liable to have their reputations ruined, lose their jobs, or even be physically attacked for expressing their opinions. I’m not trying to become a martyr by saying the things that I do. I say it because we need to start moving the overton window away from the politically correct points of view, and back to the truth. I’m not going to destroy my own life to do that, but I am going to help in whatever way I can.

Anyway, lets continue.


Another user then leaves a very reasonable and fair comment.

High five Carol. You have my genuine respect.
High five Carol. You have my genuine respect.

Paul then rejoins the discussion.

I can assure you Paul, I wasn't lying.
I can assure you Paul, I wasn’t lying.

Laura tells Paul to block me, much like she herself has decided to do. Again, not once has she actually addressed my arguments. She just insults me.


Paul in fairness to him doesn’t. He admits that he hasn’t actually seen my links, but acknowledges that there may be some basis to my points afterall. He does finish off with a somewhat snide comment, but that doesn’t bother me, because I assume it was just to save face after attacking me so confidently before.


I of course have no interest in attacking him for this. I’m simply hoping that he’ll see the information I provided, and realise that I’m telling the truth, unlike Laura who refuses to acknowledge reality. I then post this reply.


And now, over an hour later, nobody has responded to me and apart from a few posts that aren’t directed towards anyone in particular, the thread has virtually died. So what were the links I posted? Well, here they are.

Fake Syrian passports

Most Syrians refugees are fake

Refugees spending food vouchers on prostitutes

Statistics on who refugees are (Most are young men under the age of 35)

Sweden’s rape statistics

But no, clearly I’m just a hate filled racist out to see those poor Syrian children drown. No wonder Laura wouldn’t argue with me. It’s so completely obvious that I’m just a stupid racist, what possible argument is needed to beat me?


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