White women are waking up.

This is fantastic news, and I really hope this awakening continues. Instead of working with the hordes against white men, they should be working with us for our common goal… our survival. As I’ve pointed out before, it doesn’t matter how sorry we claim to be for the “crimes” our people supposedly committed against other races. It doesn’t matter how much good our race has done in terms of scientific and medical advances which have been shared with the rest of the world. It doesn’t matter that we’ve turned our own white countries into multicultural ones, while those other races get to maintain their own exclusive countries. It doesn’t matter that white doctors and aid workers have risked their lives to treat ebola, or to give aid in foreign warzones.

They’re always going to hate us, they’re always going to find excuses to feel angry at us, and when given the opportunity, they’re always going to want to kill us. So why should we keep saying sorry? Why should our women be fighting with our men, while trying to get in the good graces with those who will never treat them right? Frankly, these women have the right idea to speak out like this, and I think they’re awesome for doing so.

I’ve covered a lot of the issues mentioned before, such as the Barbary pirates enslaving white women, or the Swedish rape statistics (in fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about that more than anything else). However, there are plenty of issues that I haven’t talked about before, which the video addresses (such as the Jewish role in white slavery).

Overall, a very informative and refreshing video to see. Hopefully more women will see the light, and understand what is at stake.


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