UN’s own statistics: 72% of “refugees” are men. Media: Lets only focus on the children.

So I came across some very interesting statistics today, straight from the UN themselves.

Oh look at all those poor Syrian families suffering. Oh hang on a second...
Oh look at all those poor Syrian families suffering. Oh hang on a second…
What's all this then?
What’s all this then?

So literally, according to the UN’s own statistics, 72% of people coming into Europe are men. Only 13% are women, and 15% are children of both sexes. How could it not be completely obvious to anyone what’s going on here? In most cases were refugees are fleeing from wars, the vast majority would be women, children, and elderly. Young men of fighting age (the ones who make up the majority of what we see coming in) would almost always be the ones who would stay back because they would be involved in fighting the war. This would almost certainly be even more prevalent in a society with traditional, historic gender roles like the societies these people are coming from. Are we really expected to believe that these young men are the majority of people fleeing in fear for their lives from the war, while mostly women and children are staying behind? Of course not, that’s completely insane. These men aren’t fleeing from any war. They’re coming to Europe to start one.

Isn’t he adorable? I bet he learned that from his father. He’ll be a fine jihadist someday.

So despite the obvious reality of what’s happening, what does the media do? Why, they ignore it altogether and focus on the children and the babies. All those children and babies who would still be alive, if Europeans had just sent their navies straight out to Turkey to escort them into Europe, instead of forcing their parents to put them on rickety non-seaworthy boats, for no good reason.

From Ekathimerini

Thirty-four refugees, almost half of them babies and children, drowned when their boat sank off a Greek island on Sunday, almost certainly the largest death toll in those waters since the migrant crisis began, the coastguard said.

Four babies, six boys and five girls died when the wooden vessel carrying them overturned on Sunday morning, about three miles (5 km) east of the small island of Farmakonisi, close to Turkey’s coast, the service added.

“All those children would still be alive now if not for your hate filled racism white European people. It’s all your fault. You should be ashamed of yourselves. The only way to make amends is to throw open your borders, and allow the remaining infinity migrants from the third world into Europe, and give them lots of free stuff, and allow them to roam free to rape as many women as they want, and commit acts of terrorism in your countries. It’s the only way I’m afraid”

You did this whitey. It’s all your fault his selfish father put him on that boat. His father has a human right to claim asylum in Europe because of his need for dental work.

Tens of thousands of mainly Syrian refugees have braved rough seas this year to make the short but precarious journey from Turkey to Greece’s eastern islands, mainly in flimsy and overcrowded inflatable dinghies.

“Just think about how brave these people are. Do you not realise how horrific the war in Turkey is?”

Turkey, a country so devastated by war, that they can't even provide basic human rights like free dental care. How have these
Turkey, a country so devastated by war, that they can’t even provide basic human rights like free dental care. How have these “refugees” managed to cope?

Thousands have died, many of them taking the much longer crossing from Libya, in Europe’s worst migrant crisis in decades.

Details of the nationalities and ages of the victims of Sunday’s sinking off Farmakonisi were not immediately available.

The coastguard said 68 people were rescued from the water and another 30 survivors from the same boat were found on Farmakonisi.

On Lesbos, an island which has borne the brunt of Greece’s migrant intake, a Reuters photographer saw 10 dinghies arriving within 90 minutes on Sunday.

One inflatable carrying about 70 refugees, including many children, burst about 100 meters (90 yards) from the shore.

Locals pulled infants and toddlers – including a two-month old baby cradled by his father – ashore on rubber rings.

“All those poor children. They could have died back in the warzone in Turkey, and then they nearly died on their way to Greece (another country which must clearly be a warzone, along with Macedonia, Serbia, and Hungary, seeing as they seem to avoid staying in those countries too, in favour of safe Western and Northern European countries) . Thank God, their parents willingly put them on those non-seaworthy boats, risking death in the process, in order to save them from certain death in Turkey (which would have been all your fault if it had happened).”

Greece has regularly called for more help from authorities in dealing with the influx, and caretaker Prime Minister Vasiliki Thanou urged the bloc on Sunday to agree a more comprehensive policy.

Obviously, a comprehensive European policy that would prevent more children from drowning would be to have the navies join forces and send back any boats that try to come in. But of course, we can’t do that because of the war in Turkey. That would be evil apparently. How would they get their dental work done if we did that?

Other countries were wrong to criticize Greece’s response to the flow of migrants, Thanou said during a trip to Lesbos.

“We would urge them to consider the responsibility of guarding a 16,000 km long coastline of European borders … and whether a future Europe of principles can be constructed by building walls,” she said.

The vast majority of refugees reaching Greece quickly head north to other countries, with Germany the most favored destination.

“But they have to flee from the war in Greece and every country along the way to Germany. Do you want those children getting killed in one of those European warzones? Do you want them to go without dental care? What kind of a monster are you?”

EU states have so far failed to reach agreement over proposals by Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker to accept a mandatory quota system for accepting refugees.

“But you must Europe. All those poor children. They make up 15% of those coming in. 15%!!! Yes I know the potential jihadists and rapists make up 72%, but it’s just the risk you’ll have to take in order to make amends for the holocaust, colonialism, slavery, white privilege, and various other crimes throughout history that you are all personally responsible for, because people who share your skin colour committed them”

“Look at all these Syrian children who need saving. Do you want that on your conscience? Because it will be”

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