Calais ~ Migrant camp bulldozed by police.

All these poor Syrian children are just trying to escape from the war in France. Their lives are in danger there.
All these poor Syrian children are just trying to escape from the war in France. Their lives are in danger there.

In what will almost certainly go down in the history books as “The Second Holocaust”, the French Gestapo, have committed a horrible atrocity… they have broken up a bunch of illegal migrant camps, most likely because they are simply filled with an irrational hatred for the their skin colour, and their unusual accents.

From Breitbart

Police in Calais have broken up a number of illegal camps, firing tear gas into the crowds. French authorities are unwilling to allow any illicit camps other than the ‘New Jungle’, which is currently home to around 3,000, but many migrants are unwilling to stay there fearing violence.

They say tear gas, but I can guarantee you at some point, that do-gooders will be so outraged by what happened, that they’ll be acting as if these people had actually been sprayed with Zyklon B.

Ok, lets just take this old image and make a few edits...
Ok, lets just take this old image and make a few edits…
Yep, here it is. What actually happened... or may as well have with how offended people get on their behalf.
Yep, here it is. What actually happened… or may as well have with how offended people will get on their behalf.

Around 400 people were moved on from makeshift encampments on Monday night as police broke up the dwellings using bulldozers. With nowhere to go, approximately 50 of those staged a sit-in at the port of Calais, accompanied by the ‘No Borders’ movement.

Borders exist for a reason, to protect the ordinary citizens of a country from invaders like you.

A local government source has told AFP that “any illegal settlement cannot remain and will result in evacuation,” but a spokeman for Medicins du Monde (Doctors of the World), “The Syrians refuse to go there because of the insecurity there.”

Hmm, I wonder what they could be so insecure about? It couldn’t possibly be their fellow refugees, who are just a bunch of docile, helpless, malnourished, traumatised, and exhausted women and children like themselves… could it?

The original Jungle was set up following the closure of a Red Cross Reception Centre named Sangatte, which had been in operation between 1999 and 2002. The centre had quickly become overcrowded with migrants and prone to violent riots.

What? I refuse to believe that is happening. That must be just some racist propaganda. These vibrant geniuses are all gentle, helpless souls, who wouldn’t possibly consider rioting.

No, clearly this couldn’t possibly be happening.

Since then, the Jungle, which has shifted site a number of times has been repeatedly raided and bulldozed by police and authorities desperate to see an end to the migrants using waste lands around Calais as a slum. Nonetheless, the migrants numbers keep growing, from 300 at the beginning of this year to over 3000 at the moment.

300 to 3000 in less than a year? Wow, that’s 10 times the cultural enrichment. If only those French people weren’t so blinded by their hatred of their skin colour, they might realise how lucky they are to experience the joys of diversity first hand.

Earlier this month the European Union awarded France €5 million (£3.65 million) to upgrade the camp into a humanitarian refugee centre.

Most of the migrants use the encampment as a base while waiting to make it across the Channel to England. Despite a small local economy growing up featuring shops, a hairdressers and even restaurants, the camps are characterised by violent clashes. Women, who represent only 10 per cent of the camp’s population, stay out of sight for fear of being raped.

So the small amount of women who are there, fear that they might experience rape at the hands of the many men who are there? Remind me, why exactly are so many women (not all women of course, but definitely a very loud minority) in various European countries demanding that our governments let these people in? Do they really hate themselves that much? Or is it just what I’ve always suspected… that their entire knowledge of this situation is limited to seeing that drowned Syrian child, and the biased, one-sided reporting of it, and they’re too stupid/lazy to bother researching the issue any further than that one piece of information? I’m definitely thinking it’s the latter.

Consequently, there are a large number of other smaller camps situated around the Calais area.

Last night police fired tear gas and took three “No Border” militants into custody while driving the residents of one camp out of their makeshift homes.

A further two other camps, playing host to Syrians and African were also dismantled, while a third, mostly home to Eritreans, was bulldozed.

The displaced migrants initially tried to smuggle themselves onto lorries bound for England, but changed tactics when security was stepped up.

This is all so horrible. Don’t these people realise, that they’re fleeing for their lives? The war in France is absolutely horrific. It’s just as bad as the ones in Turkey, Italy, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, and Hungary. The only safe countries in the entire world, with absolutely no war going on are Britain, Germany, and Sweden. These poor “refugees” need to flee these warzones and get to safety in one of those three safe countries. If they don’t they’ll surely be killed. How can anyone stand by and watch them suffer?

These poor Syrian children. Not only, did they nearly drown on their way to Europe, but their iphone nearly ran out of charge, and they almost couldn't take this selfie. Haven't they suffered enough?
These poor Syrian children. Not only, did they nearly drown on their way to Europe, but their iphone nearly ran out of charge, and they almost couldn’t take this selfie. Haven’t they suffered enough?

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