Leftist retard gets stabbed by people he’s trying to help.

I'm starting to suspect that the Swedes have infiltrated Germany.
I’m starting to suspect that the Swedes have infiltrated Germany.

I’m not a violent person, and I certainly don’t condemn what happened here, but I can’t help but just laugh. Talk about poetic justice.

From Breitbart

A pro-migrant, open borders activist is reported to be “very sad” after being stabbed twice in the back by a gang of “Arabs” as he stood outside a pizzeria in Dresden, east Germany.

“Oh those poor, helpless, little lambs. They probably just got confused and stabbed me, because they must have assumed that I was a racist, like the vast majority of white people are. I’m so sad that they have experienced such horrible racism, and were forced to lash out like that. Yes, it must be the fault of white racists somehow, because as we all know, only white people are bad. I’m so sad that people might hold them responsible for their own actions.”

Twenty-nine year old ‘Julius G.’ involved himself in political activism while reading his degree in industrial engineering Technical University of Dresden. Now he may have fallen victim to his own politics, as the refugee advocate was attacked while waiting for friends in Dresden’s Neustadt, known as the city’s ‘left wing’, or ‘alternative’ quarter.

Twenty-nine years old. Studying engineering. Yet is still naive and stupid enough to buy into this Marxist indoctrination. I have no faith in the future of our species.

Germany’s Bild-Zeitung reports police were called to Pizza 5 on Alaunstraße on Saturday after a group of six to eight men jumped the student in the early hours and stabbed him twice in the back, leaving him in a serious condition. A police spokesman said: “Several police vans searched the surrounding area, unfortunately without success. According to witnesses, the attackers were said to be North Africans”.

“They will pay your pensions Goyim, and will enrich your culture”
“You just need to treat them with more love, and give them lots of free stuff, including your daughters”

West-German ‘Julius G.’ who has been a student in Dresden for five years told Bild: “I don’t know why I was attacked.

The answer is quite obvious. It’s because these animals are stupid, violent, and have no self control. They want to commit genocide against indigenous, white Europeans, and they know damn well that they can get away with it, because our treacherous elites let them, and the average European man (like yourself), is a cuckolded faggot, who would rather die, than stand up for themselves, and be thought of as a racist.

“I waited opposite the pizzeria for two friends who were buying something to eat after we had left the pub and were on our way home”.

The student didn’t think the motivation was robbery, as nothing was taken after the stabbing. Explaining he campaigned for the rights of refugees, he explained: “it makes me very sad that I was attacked by precisely this group”.

They don’t care how much you’ve fought on their behalf. They hate us all, and want every single one of us dead. You’re not going to win them over by being nice. They’re just going to hate you even more, because they’ll (quite rightly) perceive it as weakness.

Despite the apparently random violent attack by the migrants, the activist was adamant the stabbing shouldn’t be used for political ends.

Why am I not surprised. It could have been ISIS fighters themselves who attacked you, and even in the last few seconds before they decapitated you, you would probably still think the real threat to Europe is “white racists”.

“He’s only killing me because of all those racist Nazis. I deserve this for being born white”

Speaking to Saxony’s Sächsische Zeitung newspaper, the unidentified student said he had also campaigned against the Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of Europe movement (PEGIDA), which was founded and maintains its power base in conservative Dresden.

“That damn PEGIDA. How dare they want to maintain Europe for Europeans. How dare they resist their enslavement at the hands of Islam. They’re such horrible racists for daring to think their people have a right to preserve themselves in the nations that their ancestors built”

His reticence to allow his own negative experience damage the cause is redolent of another unfortunate recent case, as reported by Breitbart London, in which a fellow open borders activist decided to hush up her own gang-rape by African migrants.

Volunteering on the French-Italian border in a migrant camp, the woman was cornered in a shower block by a gang of Sudanese men, but kept the event to herself for a month because she and her colleagues feared it would slow the progress of their ideal of a world without borders.

I actually meant to write about that case as well, but never got around to it. It just shows how insane these people really are. Even when they themselves are stabbed, or raped in that other case, they would rather keep quiet about it, than tell the truth, and admit that they’re wrong. They’re so brainwashed by their insane ideology, and their desire to get us all killed by primitive savages, that they’re willing to sacrifice themselves for their cause. This is the kind of behaviour you see from members of religious cults.

These open borders morons, are every bit as fanatical as the members of the Jonestown cult, who committed a mass suicide together, expect these open borders morons, want to take every single White European with them.
These open borders morons, are every bit as fanatical as the members of the Jonestown cult, who committed a mass suicide together, except these open borders morons, want to take every single White European with them.

So there we have it. To summarise, guy wants to open borders to anyone from the third world. He gets attacked and stabbed for absolutely no reason, by the very people he wants to import into his country. Instead of realising his stupidity, and changing his views, he worries more about the attack being used as a battering ram against his stupid ideology.

Honestly, what’s it going to take to wake these people up? Is there any hope at all?

Thanks Jews for giving us Europeans the glorious benefits of multiculturalism. Now why not do the same for Israel too?


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