Diversity… more important than democracy.

Oh diversity, why is that there are still some people out there, who don’t realise that you are the most important thing in the whole universe? There are some crazy people out there, who seem to think that freedom, choice, and a respect for democracy are more important. How could they all be so ignorant?


There’s a bit of controversy surrounding student elections at a San Francisco middle school after the results were immediately withheld by the principal because they weren’t diverse enough.

Fuck the idea of respecting the will of the people. They need to go back and vote again, because having diversity, is more important than actually giving them what they voted for.

The incident happened at Everett Middle School in San Francisco’s Mission District. The voting was held Oct. 10, but the principal sent an email to parents on Oct. 14 saying the results would not be released because the candidates that were elected as a whole do not represents the diversity that exists at the school.

So essentially, what she’s saying is that if the racial make up of the school is say, 50% white, 25% black, 15% Latino, and 10% Asian, that the elected representatives must also reflect the same percentages. It doesn’t matter if there are less black or Latino students running, nor does it matter, if the black and Latino students, willingly choose to vote for a white or Asian student. Exact proportions must be maintained, because “diversity”.

The email went on to say they were thinking of ways to value the students who won, while increasing the diversity of the group.

Sounds like an Orwellian mindfuck way of saying “We won’t respect your democratic choice”. Get the rat cages ready. We’ve always been at war with Eastasia.

Parent Bianca Gutierrez said the experience has made her son, a 7th grader, rethink his run for class representative. She said he is discouraged and does not want to be a part of the process anymore.

I can’t blame him. Sure with the way the world is going, I wouldn’t be surprised if they start this bullshit in actual elections some time. No, that couldn’t happen, right? Oh wait…

“That should have been something [discussed] prior to elections and prior to the campaigning process,” Gutierrez said.

According to Principal Lena Van Haren, Everett Middle School has a diverse student body. She said 80 percent of students are students of color and 20 percent are white, but the election results did not represent the entire study body.

Wow, I was way off with my estimated percentages above. So despite only having 20% of the school’s demographic, the whites still came out on top overall in a democratic vote. Wow, you’d almost think that maybe the “students of colour” actually chose to vote for the white candidates. What a crazy suggestion that would be. There was obviously a racist conspiracy by the white neo-Nazi, KKK, patriarchy, to oppress those non-white students somehow. It’s the only possible explanation.

“That is concerning to me because as principal I want to make sure all voices are heard from all backgrounds,” Van Haren said.

The voices would be heard, if you acknowledged what the people voted for. You’re choosing not to listen.

Van Haren said her vision for students for them to not only be academically successful, but to be agents of change. She called a meeting with all the student candidates and administration on Wednesday to talk about the best way to move forward.

Change is just a newspeak way of saying “less white people in a white area”. They want us to eventually go extinct. It’s white genocide in action.

“We’re not nullifying the election, we’re not cancelling the election and we’re not saying this didn’t count,” Van Haren said.

To me it sounds like you are. Either you accept what people voted for, or you don’t. It’s that simple.


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