Swedish women are increasingly leaving Sweden

From Fria Tider (Translated by Google)

While immigration from third world last year hit a new record as 24,000 women left the country. It is the highest number ever in Swedish history. And unlike in the past, it is now mainly young and highly educated women who emigrate.

Around the turn of the century left many Swedes country because of poverty.But the number of emigrants fell dramatically during the 1900s the first half and were lowest during World War II.Emigration increased substantially during the leftist 1970s – during the first two governments with the Olof Palme accelerated emigration faster than any other time in the postwar period.

The next large emigration began in the early 1990s, in connection with a financial crisis and the introduction of mass immigration. And since then, emigration has continued to increase. The past four years, emigration from Sweden has been greater than in Amerikautvandringens peak year 1887, reports Statistics.

Last year, Sweden more women than ever before in Swedish history, and they represent a new type of migrants. Swedes who left the country a hundred years ago did it because of poverty. Today, it is mainly well educated, young Swedes who emigrate.

The main destination countries are, in order: Norway, Denmark, UK, USA, Finland and Germany. Of these countries prefer the Swedish women Anglo-Saxon – the US and the UK – while men, more of the other, more immediate.

CNN has interviewed Chatarina Davidsson Brady, 42, who has moved to Australia.

– In Perth it just becomes more and more Swedes, especially women. Some come here because of love, but many also like the lifestyle here. It is warm and the people are happy.

The Australian city of Perth, with 2.3 million inhabitants, verging on has doubled its population since 2000. And it is almost exclusively Western Europeans and white South Africans who move here.

Hmm, I wonder what could suddenly be motivating so many young, educated, Swedish women to leave Sweden for a better life?



“I’d rather see the country filled with ISIS members than people who care more about their fellow Swedes” (Paraphrasing)







No, I am simply clueless as to why so many educated Swedish women, could possibly be choosing to leave Sweden right now. I really can’t figure out why it’s suddenly so much more attractive to emigrate than stay.

What’s most alarming though is that it is the educated ones who are leaving. Well, it would be alarming, if not for the fact that as they leave, they are being replaced with immigrants from the Middle East and Africa. Seeing as all politically correct research suggests that European countries like Sweden, as well as  all other European countries, and European derived countries like Canada, America, Australia, and New Zealand, enjoy a first world standard of living, because of their magic soil and air, and not because of the white, European people who inhabit them, this won’t be a problem.

Stockholm i fullmŒnens sken
The Swedish people didn’t make Sweden, the magical Swedish soil and air made the Swedish people.

Africa and the Middle East are only the way they are because they lack this magic first world generating air and soil, that for some reason, only exists in white and East Asian run countries. Well, South Africa and Rhodesia used to have it, but by a very strange coincidence, they just so happened to lose it, shortly after their white European minorities lost power to the black African majorities. Perhaps those white Europeans over exploited the magic air and soil in those countries, and only handed over power, just as it was about to run out.

It’s not Mugabe’s fault that Zimbabwe is a hellhole, compared to what Rhodesia used to be. He doesn’t have the magic air and soil anymore to help him, like his predecessors had.

So because a country’s living standards have nothing to do with the people who live there, it won’t be a problem if Sweden loses its own educated young people, because replacing them with uneducated, third world people, will work out just fine. It will be as if nothing has ever happened, because all people are exactly the same, and anyone who says otherwise, is clearly an uneducated racist, who doesn’t have a clue what they’re talking about.


Yes, everything will be fine.


My thoughts on the Paris attacks.


I’m a few days late writing this, but to be honest, I feel as if I needed to take a bit of time to really process what happened properly. There was no point reacting in anger, even though, that’s exactly how I feel about the whole situation. But it’s not Muslims I feel anger towards. Nor is it even those specific extremist Muslim terrorists that I’m angry at. While I do hold them responsible for their own actions, can I really feel anger towards them when time and time again, they’ve outright told us what they plan to do to us?

Muslim protesters
They warned us…
Many times…
Too many times to even count in fact.

No, my anger is directed not primarily at them, but at the liberal do-gooder morons, who allowed them the opportunity to commit this act in the first place.

I’ve been posting on this blog for about a year now. In that time, I’ve made my opinions quite clear on the Islamic invasion of Europe, over and over. I’ve covered the previous major Islamic terrorist attack, Charlie Hebdo. I’ve covered the Swedish rape epidemic (at the hands of Muslim men). I’ve covered the Muslim paedophiles in Britain who groomed and raped children. I’ve made my opposition to the so called “refugee crisis” quite clear. I’ve been very vocal in my opposition to what’s been happening.

It’s not just the terrorists attacks. It’s the rapes and paedophilia as well.

However what I’ve noticed on social media is that despite how many times these things happen, people are still in denial of objective, observable reality, and still need to show that they’re politically correct and liberal to the core. Instead of just condemning the attacks and demanding a solution to prevent it from happening again, I’ve seen uninformed bleeding hearts, throwing hissy fits about how it’s “not all Muslims” and that we shouldn’t close our borders to the “refugees”.

Well my response is quite simple. Of course it’s not all Muslims. However, that doesn’t change the objective reality, that Muslims are committing these acts at a far higher rate than their demographics suggest they should, if all people are really exactly the same. It also doesn’t change the fact that many of them have been outright demanding that we change our societies to accommodate their beliefs. It doesn’t change any of the realities of the fake refugee crisis, which I’ve written about over and over on this blog. It doesn’t change the fact that they are here as our guests, and aren’t native to Europe. They’re only here because we were generous enough to let them in, and we should have the right to revoke that invitation, anytime we want. Most importantly, it doesn’t change the fact that they’re breeding faster than us, and between those higher birthrates, and the rate at which they’re pouring into our continent, it’s pretty obvious that eventually, if nothing is done to change things, that they will outnumber us, and will therefore be able to change our societies, to be more like the ones they left.

I always think it’s incredible just how stupid and uninformed these do-gooders really are. Most of them are liberal to the max, and are very much in favour of LGBT rights, as well as equality for women. Yet at the same time, they want to import millions upon millions of people from countries were LGBT people and women are treated as inferior. It’s completely insane. Just look at the Muslim world. Is there any country under a Muslim majority, where LGBT people and women have the same rights as they do in Europe? No, and why is that? Does Europe have some kind of magic air and soil, which causes people there to behave differently than people in Muslim countries? Of course not, a country is made by the people who live there, not the other way around. A person’s behaviour, beliefs, and personality  doesn’t magically change based on whatever geographical location they happen to be in at the time. They take it with them to their new location.

“ISIS only behave the way they do, because of the countries they’re in. Bring them to Europe, and they’ll magically become like Europeans” ~ The kind of logic we’re expected to accept.

When I listen to the rants of the doublethinking do-gooders on social media, desperately rushing to defend mass immigration and multiculturalism between cultures which are completely incompatible with one another, I always try to imagine their thought processes, and it goes something like this.

“Hi, my name is clueless, sheltered, pampered, white, middle class, super liberal douchebag, and I totally support equal right for women and LGBT people. I also support importing infinity Muslims to our country, many of whom will no doubt want to implement Sharia law and oppress gay people and women. Most Muslims are nice tolerant people who would never actually do anything bad, and I know this because the biased media, and my equally liberal friends said so (they haven’t backed it up with evidence of course, but who needs that?). Anyone who doesn’t support this policy, is racist, even though race doesn’t actually exist, and we’re all exactly the same. But racial diversity (which doesn’t exist) is our greatest strength for reasons which are never stated. I don’t really understand why it’s our greatest strength, but it has been said over and over, so it must be the truth.


By the way, gender is a social construct and there is absolutely no difference in the way men and women think, because our brains are the same. Oh but transgender people are born with the brain of the opposite sex”

Can you see all the doublethink there? Well if you can, then congratulations, you aren’t like these people. It absolutely baffles me that people can be this clueless. I can understand that people can be asleep to what’s going on in the world, when times are good, and I can also understand that it is easy to be so overwhelmed by available information, that they could miss some stuff, but to be this clueless, is absolutely astounding. How can they possibly still think the failed multicultural experiment, works? What are the benefits?

Actually, now that I think about it, that is the question we should be asking. What are the alleged benefits of the multicultural society? Why is diversity such a great strength?I would like to see a list of these benefits, then we can make a list of the consequences, and weigh up the two lists against each other, to see if it’s really worth it. Are frequent terrorists attacks, increased racial tensions, a rape epidemic, paedophilia, violent attacks, a rise in property prices (due to increased housing demand), increased unemployment among European youths (due to increased competition for entry level jobs), and an increase in national debt and taxation (due to having to pay the welfare and accommodation for fake refugees), really worth putting up with, for the sake of these alleged benefits? Well I won’t know until someone tells me what they are.

Migrants banned from clubs by racist Nazi Germans.

Mohammed El Tahir Abullah Muhammed (left) and Muhammed Abdullaha Imran Abdul Mohammed (right) pictured moments after they were ejected from a club because of hatred towards their skin colour.
Mohammed El Tahir Abullah Muhammed (left) and Muhammed Abdullah Imran Abdul Mohammed (right) pictured moments after they were ejected from a club because of hatred towards their skin colour. Why are you so hate filled whitey?

Those damn Nazis in Germany are acting up yet again. Their latest act of pure evil and hatred has been to round up poor, innocent Muslim refugees from a club, and kick them out for absolutely no good reason.

From The Local

A club in southern Germany has started ejecting refugees from its premises, leading to accusations of racism. But it says it is simply trying to protect its female clientèle.

This is a complete lie. As is quite obvious to anyone with even half a brain, it is clear that a respect for women is deeply entrenched in Islamic culture and tradition.



Kanwal, acid burn victim.






It’s quite obvious that these innocent Muslim men were only removed because of an irrational hatred towards their skin colour, and the idea that they were a threat to women in the club was thought up arbitrarily as an excuse to justify that racism, when quite clearly, it’s ridiculous to fathom that they could possibly harm those women in any way.

Last Friday the owner of Brucklyn club in Bad Tölz, Bavaria, told his bouncers not to let a group of young men into the premises.

The group had apparently done nothing wrong. The problem was that they were asylum seekers.

Yes, and as we’ve seen from all those videos going around from the refugee camps and at the borders of various European countries, that I’ve linked to in previous posts, all these asylum seekers are clearly the most well behaved people.

Just look at this video for example. It shows how harmless and well behaved these people are.

The situation escalated when a couple of local guests saw what was happening and accused the bouncers of being “Nazis pigs”, according to a version of the story given by the club on Facebook.

But in the Facebook post the club admits to blocking entry to refugees in order “to maintain well-being in the club.”

How dare they try to maintain well-being in the club? It is their moral duty to destroy themselves to accommodate these poor asylum seekers in every way possible.

“This is a clear example of racism,“ Hamado Dipama of the Munich Refugee Council told The Local. “It is totally unacceptable to punish a whole group because of the actions of a few people – that is the definition of racism.”

Unless they’re white of course. We all deserve to experience collective punishment for the actions of the Nazis, the slave owners in America, and every other bad white person in history.

“It is absurd for them to treat people who come from so many different parts of the world as refugees do as if they were the same. It would be bad enough if they treated people who came from one country as if they were all the same,“ Dipama said.

However, the club sought to explain in its Facebook post that the it was not motivated by racism.

“It was never an issue for us what religion, background or skin colour guests have. Everyone comes in as long as he respects a few basic, self-evident rules,“ the post explains.

Wait, is the club suggesting that these men didn’t obey the rules, and that is why they were targeted? It had nothing to do with their race, but rather their behaviour?

When refugees began to arrive in Bad Tölz early in 2015 the club had allowed them in just like any other customers, the post claims.

But young male asylum seekers began harassing women in the establishment, following them to the toilets or calling them “whores“ and offering them money for sex, according to the Facebook post.

"Hey white infidel whore. They give me welfare money for food, but I'd rather buy sex off you instead. Allahu Akbar"
“Hey white infidel whore. They give me welfare money for food, but I’d rather buy sex off you instead. Allahu Akbar”

The nightclub writes that it faces a dilemma. On the one hand it could ignore the problem and face losing more and more of its old clientèle, as women become more reluctant to drink there.

The second alternative is “to only let a limited number of refugees into the club. That way the girls can feel more comfortable” – but on the other hand they are aware this leads to accusations of racism, they say.

What a dilemma.

But for Dipama there is a clear third alternative.

“Of course it’s unacceptable that women are harassed, but there are white men who also do this in clubs,“ he says. “So the club should react in every individual case when a women comes to them with a complaint, not make a blanket judgement.“

Yes it’s true. If all those Muslim asylum seeker men weren’t around to follow these women into toilets, call them whores, and offer them tax payer funded welfare money for sex (and that’s in the situations where they weren’t just going ahead and raping them instead), then white indigenous German men would have just done it instead. This is because the universe works in such a way, that those women were predestined to be harassed no matter what. It’s just pure dumb luck that the universe made it so that these Muslim men were the ones who did it. It could just have easily been white Germans, with the Muslim men protecting the women instead, seeing as all humans are 100% equal in every way, and there is absolutely no inherent differences between us.

I hope that club owner realises his mistake and allows those Muslim men back into the club, so they can defend the honour of women in the club against inevitable harassment from white German men.

The reasons I oppose the migrants explained in less than 20 minutes.

Someone has put together a great video which clearly shows why any sane European person should oppose the current influx of migrants to Europe.

The uploader also provided this description on the video.

This video will not be online long, download and mirror it while you can.

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“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly.”

– Marcus Tullius Cicero, 106-43 BC

You are witnessing what will be shown to future generations as the reason for the fall of an Empire.

At current immigration levels and disappearing birth rates native Europeans are destined to become a minority in their own countries within decades. This is already the case for many of Europe’s largest cities.

Europeans have effectively lost their right to exist as cultures and nations in their own homelands and are facing extinction.

Millions of young Muslim men leave behind their family, pay thousands to criminal traffickers to reach the land they have been promised by European politicians illegally.

Dubbed by the media as “refugees”, they cross through 6-10 safe countries to reach wealthy nations like Germany or Sweden where they hope to receive a better life at the expense of the taxpayer.

Only a fraction of them are Syrian, as they enter unfiltered, without any documents and without any legitimate right to claim asylum. Women and children are rarely seen, except in the cherry-picked sob stories of the media.

Any indigenous resistance of Europeans who refuse to hand over the countries of their ancestors to often radical and criminal Muslim foreigners is labeled “hateful”, “racist”, even “Nazi”.

The level of cultural, moral and political subversion with egalitarian and Marxist ideologies has reached levels the KGB would never have dreamed of. Equality and tolerance are lies that serve none but a few.

The Left, mainly orchestrated by Zionist interests, is destroying our countries from the inside. Patriotism, the most basic and fundamental trait of any nation that wants to survive, has become something to be ashamed of.

Feminism has destroyed family values and birth rates. Healthy nationalism has been replaced with a culture of guilt, self-hatred, apathy, degeneracy and pathological altruism. We are told to embrace “diversity”, in reality this simply means instead of just being a global minority, Europeans are supposed to become a minority in their own countries as well. No civilized society can keep up with the birth rate of third world immigrants, especially when the main goal is integration rather than assimilation. Parallel societies breed poverty, crime and radicalism.

Multiculturalism has never, at any time in human history, worked anywhere. If you believe otherwise, you’re delusional. In fact it’s the primary reason for every major conflict.

The crimes committed by the EU against the European peoples are directly in violation of the 1948 UN genocide convention, Article II: (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; (d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; (e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

Because of this injustice, far-right parties everywhere in Europe are gaining astonishing amounts of support, becoming the biggest parties in some countries.

Any European that does not rise up to defend his country from foreign invasion because he’s too scared of words does not deserve it.

We are still at a point where you will not get imprisoned for your political opinion in most European countries, but this will change very soon. Do not be apathetic, do not be weak. Be someone that can be proud to call himself European.

Of course I’m not optimistic that the cowardly and ignorant masses will be swayed by this. They’d rather be seen as tolerant and liberal, than resist their own genocide and be thought of as racist for doing so. Hopefully, they can prove me wrong.

Meanwhile in Sweden.

I just realised, it’s been a bit of time since I spoke about my favourite nation full of emasculated cuckolds. In that time, quite a few interesting things have happened. Rather than discussing them individually, I figured I’d take two recent stories, and mention them both at once.

The first story concerns a man (at least I think it’s a man, it’s pretty hard to tell) by the name Teodor.

"My name is Teodor. I am a massive cuckolded, failure of a man, whose greatest ambition is to see my country overrun by Muslim terrorists, my countrymen murdered, and our women as Islamic sex slaves. At least I'm not racist"
“My name is Teodor. I am a massive cuckolded, failure of a man, whose greatest ambition is to see my country overrun by Muslim terrorists, my countrymen murdered, and our women as Islamic sex slaves. At least I’m not racist”

From Breitbart

Sweden should be “filled” with Islamist terrorists so that anti-mass immigration, rural, working class Swedes are forced into exile, the opinion editor of a left-wing news site has said.

Brilliant idea. Get rid of the people who make Sweden the first world country that it is, and replace them with people who can raise the Swedish living standards to that of say… for example…Somalia.

Your country could be this prosperous someday Swedes
Your country could be this prosperous someday Swedes.

Teodor Stig-Matz wrote on Nyheter24 that he would “honestly fill the land with IS soldiers” if it meant the sort of people who vote for the Sweden Democrats (SD) disappeared.

He wrote his column as an open letter to Kent Ekeroth, a senior SD MP who has previously said that mass immigration is “Islamising” Sweden.

Cultural enrichment. If there’s one thing Europe can’t ever have enough of… it’s Islam.

The firebrand politician told Breitbart London in an interview in September: “Hand grenades, rapes, violence, it all comes with immigration, to put it simply. It isn’t immigration from Norwegians or British people – it is from Middle Eastern and African Muslims.”

But…but… that’s impossible. Geographical location is the sole cause of a person’s behaviour. When they come to Europe, they magically give up their old behaviour, and become just like Europeans, because of the magic European soil and air. It’s just like, how if Swedish people were to go to Islamic countries, they’d be filled with an irresistible urge to behead the infidels.

Oh wait, that actually did happen one time. Damn it.
Oh wait, that actually did happen one time. Damn it.

Now Mr Stig-Matz has written in response: “I think that we are not so different, you and I, Kent. The attitude you and your party have towards immigrants resembles the way I look at your party and voters.”

He goes on to list a number of items from Swedish working class culture that he despises, adding that the sorts of people who vote for the Sweden Democrats “talk with disgusting dialects”.

What an intolerant bigot. He should probably just fuck off out of Sweden, if he hates his own people so much. Instead, he’d literally rather replace them with people who would murder him in a heartbeat, that’s how insane he is.

The kind of people Teodor wants replaced.
The kind of people Teodor wants replaced.
The people he wants them replaced with.  Such vibrancy. Diversity is our greatest strength.
The people he wants them replaced with. Such vibrancy. Diversity is our greatest strength.

“I think you dirty our country,” he says, adding: “Your version of Swedish culture is just as meaningless as an IKEA bookcase, and equally as greasy as the béarnaise sauce you drown your food in.”

Please fuck off to some Muslim country if you want culture so badly. Everyone will win that way.

He goes on to say that while he does not share Mr Ekeroth’s views on migrants, he cannot get angry over his “xenophobia” because he feels the same towards SD supporters.

The Sweden Democrats are currently rising in the polls amid growing anger in the country at the social effects of high immigration. Even politicians from other parties are starting to worry about the migrant influx, with Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom warning the country is “facing collapse”.

Mr Stig-Matz told Breitbart London that his remark about Islamic State was ironic and that the article is supposed to be satirical.

Yes I’m sure it is. The kind of irony where you act like “Haha, look I’m just kidding, don’t take me so seriously. It’s a joke, stupid” when you actually really mean what you’re saying, and are just testing the waters with “irony”.

Editor-in-Chief Henrik Eriksson said in a statement: “Here at Nyheter24 we’re not afraid to use provocative language if it helps us to shine a light on a certain subject. Sometimes exaggerations can be the proper way to handle a known issue.”

But I bet you’re afraid to speak out about the disproportionate number of rapes and violent attacks these people commit against the native Swedish people, for fear of being thought of as racist, you massive coward you.

An online poll on their own website shows that 95 per cent of their readers disagreed with the article.


There might be hope for Sweden yet. Maybe they’re finally starting to wake up to the reality of what is happening to them.

So now on to story number two. It seems that Swedish students need “trigger warnings” against certain “unpleasant” aspects of teaching. Well what counts as unpleasant to them? Lets find out.

From Lararnas Nyheter

What would the students be warned?

– It may be rape scenes or racism in movies and books used in teaching. But it can also be depictions of heterosexual love between white people who are perceived as the norm-reinforcing, says Pernilla Ericols, Principal, Global College.

Head in Hands

I’m sorry, I just can’t post anymore than that. That may very well be the stupidest thing that I’ve ever read about Sweden, and that’s saying something. So literally, these students need something like this.






Before seeing something like this.

Straight, white, people in love. Have you ever seen a more upsetting image than this?
Straight, white, people in love. Have you ever seen a more upsetting image than this?

That country always, always manages to amaze me.

Coming soon to Sweden... the cultural enrichment that Teodor, so badly craves.
Coming soon to Sweden… the cultural enrichment that Teodor, so badly craves.

US Soldiers to be used as Human shields, to protect terrorists.

"Those Russians are killing all of our terrorists in Syria. I have a cunning plan to put a stop to that"
“Those Russians are killing all of our terrorists in Syria. I have a cunning plan to put a stop to that”

Well in case it isn’t obvious already, the US isn’t pleased with how successful Russia has been in dealing with ISIS. The idea of anyone helping President Assad to take back control of his country from the US trained “moderate terrorists” is something they clearly don’t want to see. Who cares of course, that these “moderate terrorists” are fighting side by side with ISIS, a far greater threat to the world, than the Assad regime? Who cares, if they seem virtually indistinguishable from ISIS themselves, to the untrained eye? They’re clearly very different, and are worthy of our support.



"Learn the difference"
“Learn the difference”

No clearly, something needs to be done to protect these terrorists, who only want to bring democracy, and human rights to Syria. Luckily, the US government has thought of a brilliant idea. Using some of their own soldiers as human shields against Russian airstrikes.

From RT

Obama’s decision to send Special Forces into Syria is being widely viewed as a US military escalation in the country. The troop dispatch also signals that the US trying to forestall Russian successes in wiping out Washington’s regime-change assets in Syria.

In short, the US Special Forces are being used as “human shields” to curb Russian air strikes against anti-government mercenaries, many of whom are instrumental in Washington’s regime-change objective in Syria.

Russia is too damn good at killing extreme, Islamic terrorists. We need them to change the regime in Syria for… reasons that are never clearly stated. It worked out so well in Iraq and Libya after all.

First of all, we need to view a host of developments, including the hastily convened “peace talks” in Vienna, as a response by the US and its allies to the game-changing military intervention by Russia. That intervention, beginning on September 30, has not only dealt massive blows to militants, it has completely changed the balance of forces to give the Assad government the upper hand in the war against foreign-backed extremists. That, in turn, has sent the US-led powers trying to topple Damascus into disarray.

This is terrible news. Assad is so evil. Remember when he gassed his people for absolutely no reason? No? Well probably because that story was never backed up with evidence and was quietly dropped down the memory hole. But still, he’s evil because… reasons.

Recall the scattered reactions from Washington and its allies, including Britain, France, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. At first, Washington tried to rubbish Vladimir Putin’s order to aid his Syrian ally with airstrikes as “doomed to fail”.

Then there were overblown, unverified, claims of civilian casualties from Russian strikes, plus there were American claims that Russian cruise missiles had gone wildly astray, hitting Iran. There was also much angst over Russia striking “moderate rebels” instead of the Islamic State terror network. All such accusations, encouraged with Western media amplification, were designed to undermine Russia’s military operation.

And we know of course that if the Western media and intelligence says something, they must be right. Just like how they were right about the weapons of mass destruction being built in Iraq.

Then there were threats from Saudi Arabia and Qatar that they would launch direct military action in Syria to “protect” the populace from the joint firepower of Assad and Putin. That idea was quickly shelved (one wonders by whom?).

But they wouldn’t protect the population from ISIS, or take in any Syrian refugees. I’m starting to suspect that they don’t actually care about the population. They just want to topple Assad. Well it makes sense. I mean, Saudi Arabia is such a shining example of democracy and human rights. How could they tolerate a monster like Assad, when he’s clearly a greater evil than ISIS?

This is a monster.
This is a monster.
These guys are the lesser evil.
These guys are the lesser evil.

Another seeming knee-jerk response came from Turkey and rightwing politicians and pundits in the US which revived talks about the creation of “safe havens” in northern Syria, ostensibly to protect civilian refugees, but also tacitly and more importantly, to give cover to “rebel” groups from Russian air strikes and Syrian government ground troops.

None of these reactions have gained credibility despite Western media hype. On the contrary, it soon became clear that Russia’s military intervention in Syria was a masterstroke by Putin, wiping out large swathes of the anti-government mercenaries, stabilizing the Assad government, and winning much popular support both within Syria and across the Middle East, and indeed around the world.

No this must surely be propaganda. Why would people around the world be happy at the idea of ISIS getting crushed by Russia? The world clearly loves Islamic terrorists, and wants them to conquer Syria, the rest of the Middle East, and eventually all of the world. It would make the world far more exciting to live in.

Last week, America’s top military official, General Joseph F Dunford, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told a Senate committee that Russia’s air support had changed everything. “The balance of forces right now are in Assad’s advantage,” he said. 

This is so terrible. We might end up with country becoming stable again at some point.

This is the context in which to interpret the latest, surprise move by Obama to send Special Forces into Syria. It is more about inhibiting Russian success in destroying the sundry anti-regime forces on the ground than about either “helping the fight against Islamic State” as claimed, or about misgivings of a large-scale American invasion.

The troop contingent that Obama has ordered amounts to 50 Special Forces personnel. That is hardly going to be a decisive blow to Islamic State militants, even if we believe the official rationale for their deployment.

Can’t say I’m surprised. I don’t tend to trust anything that America says about its foreign policy. They always seem to have an ulterior motive.

The White House, in its announcement, was at pains to emphasize that the troops would not be in a combat role and would only be acting to “advise and train” Kurdish fighters and others belonging to the little-known Syrian Arab Coalition.

But here is perhaps the significant part of the story. “The move could potentially put the American troops in the cross hairs of Russia,” reports the New York Times. Significantly, too, the Pentagon will not be informing the Russian military of the exact whereabouts of its ground personnel.

That suggests that the real purpose for Obama sending in the troops is to restrict Russian offensive operations by introducing the risk of bombing American forces. In effect, the US Special Forces are being used as human shields to protect American regime-change assets on the ground.

And of course, when American Soldiers do get killed, it will be said to be Russia’s fault, not America’s.

These assets include an array of jihadist mercenary brigades, which the US and its allies have invested billions of dollars in for the objective of regime change in Syria. The misnomer of “moderate rebels” belies abundant evidence that the mercenaries include Al Qaeda-linked terror groups, including Islamic State. CIA supplies of anti-tank TOW missiles as well as Toyota jeeps are just a glimpse of the foreign covert-sponsorship.

Russia’s devastating air campaign over the past month – over 1,600 targets destroyed according to Moscow – has no doubt caused apoplexy in Washington, London, Paris, Ankara, Riyadh and Doha. An urgent stop to their “losses” had to be invoked. But the foreign sponsors can’t say it openly otherwise that gives the game away about their criminal involvement in Syria’s war.

This perspective most likely explains the hastily convened “peace conference” in Vienna. US Secretary of State John Kerry’s apparent concern to “stop the bloodshed” does not seem credible as the primary motive. Why the concern now after nearly five years of bloodshed?

Because they’re losing now.

It is not about a “quest for peace” as the BBC reported. The move is more credibly about Washington and its allies maneuvering to give their regime-change assets in Syria a reprieve from Russia’s firepower. One of the main points agreed in Vienna this weekend is the implementation of a “nation-wide ceasefire”.

Another indicator of what is really going on are reports this week of the large-scale airlifting of jihadist mercenary groups out of Syria. According to senior Syrian army intelligence, up to 500 mercenaries were flown to Yemen onboard Turkish, Qatari and Emirati planes. The fighters were brought to Yemen’s southern city of Aden from where they were dispatched to battle zones inside Yemen by the American-coordinated Saudi coalition. The US-Saudi coalition is waging war in Yemen to reinstall the regime of exiled President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi ousted by Houthi rebels earlier this year.

Aden is under the military control of Saudi and Emirati forces and Yemen’s airspace has been closed off by the coalition coordinated by US and British military planners based in Saudi capital Riyadh. It is inconceivable that plane loads of jihadists could be flown into southern Yemen without the knowledge of Washington.

So what we are seeing here is a concerted effort by Washington and its allies to stem their covert military losses in Syria. Sending in American Special Forces – a seemingly dramatic U-turn by Obama to put boots on the ground in Syria – is just one part of a wider effort to forestall Russian success in stabilizing Syria. These US forces are not about a “deepening of American involvement in a war [Obama] has tried to avoid”, as the New York Times would have us believe. They are being sent in to act as human shields against Russian airstrikes.

The putative ceasefire under a so-called peace process is another element of the US-led salvage operation. The real agenda is about giving Western, Turk and Arab-sponsored jihadists a space to regroup, and if needs be flown out of the Syrian theatre to resume their imperialist function in Yemen and, no doubt, elsewhere when required.

Well I think it’s an insane idea to go ahead with this if it’s true. Russia is not like Afghanistan or Iraq. Russia can actually fight back effectively. It isn’t wise to try and start trouble with them over this. Does any ordinary US citizen really like the idea of potentially provoking a war with Russia, for the sake of protecting a bunch of Islamic terrorists? Plus, lets be realistic here. We’re talking about a war in which these guys…




Would have to take on these guys…




I certainly wouldn’t like to be an American soldier in the near future, if things keep going down this insane path.