Migrants banned from clubs by racist Nazi Germans.

Mohammed El Tahir Abullah Muhammed (left) and Muhammed Abdullaha Imran Abdul Mohammed (right) pictured moments after they were ejected from a club because of hatred towards their skin colour.
Mohammed El Tahir Abullah Muhammed (left) and Muhammed Abdullah Imran Abdul Mohammed (right) pictured moments after they were ejected from a club because of hatred towards their skin colour. Why are you so hate filled whitey?

Those damn Nazis in Germany are acting up yet again. Their latest act of pure evil and hatred has been to round up poor, innocent Muslim refugees from a club, and kick them out for absolutely no good reason.

From The Local

A club in southern Germany has started ejecting refugees from its premises, leading to accusations of racism. But it says it is simply trying to protect its female clientèle.

This is a complete lie. As is quite obvious to anyone with even half a brain, it is clear that a respect for women is deeply entrenched in Islamic culture and tradition.



Kanwal, acid burn victim.






It’s quite obvious that these innocent Muslim men were only removed because of an irrational hatred towards their skin colour, and the idea that they were a threat to women in the club was thought up arbitrarily as an excuse to justify that racism, when quite clearly, it’s ridiculous to fathom that they could possibly harm those women in any way.

Last Friday the owner of Brucklyn club in Bad Tölz, Bavaria, told his bouncers not to let a group of young men into the premises.

The group had apparently done nothing wrong. The problem was that they were asylum seekers.

Yes, and as we’ve seen from all those videos going around from the refugee camps and at the borders of various European countries, that I’ve linked to in previous posts, all these asylum seekers are clearly the most well behaved people.

Just look at this video for example. It shows how harmless and well behaved these people are.

The situation escalated when a couple of local guests saw what was happening and accused the bouncers of being “Nazis pigs”, according to a version of the story given by the club on Facebook.

But in the Facebook post the club admits to blocking entry to refugees in order “to maintain well-being in the club.”

How dare they try to maintain well-being in the club? It is their moral duty to destroy themselves to accommodate these poor asylum seekers in every way possible.

“This is a clear example of racism,“ Hamado Dipama of the Munich Refugee Council told The Local. “It is totally unacceptable to punish a whole group because of the actions of a few people – that is the definition of racism.”

Unless they’re white of course. We all deserve to experience collective punishment for the actions of the Nazis, the slave owners in America, and every other bad white person in history.

“It is absurd for them to treat people who come from so many different parts of the world as refugees do as if they were the same. It would be bad enough if they treated people who came from one country as if they were all the same,“ Dipama said.

However, the club sought to explain in its Facebook post that the it was not motivated by racism.

“It was never an issue for us what religion, background or skin colour guests have. Everyone comes in as long as he respects a few basic, self-evident rules,“ the post explains.

Wait, is the club suggesting that these men didn’t obey the rules, and that is why they were targeted? It had nothing to do with their race, but rather their behaviour?

When refugees began to arrive in Bad Tölz early in 2015 the club had allowed them in just like any other customers, the post claims.

But young male asylum seekers began harassing women in the establishment, following them to the toilets or calling them “whores“ and offering them money for sex, according to the Facebook post.

"Hey white infidel whore. They give me welfare money for food, but I'd rather buy sex off you instead. Allahu Akbar"
“Hey white infidel whore. They give me welfare money for food, but I’d rather buy sex off you instead. Allahu Akbar”

The nightclub writes that it faces a dilemma. On the one hand it could ignore the problem and face losing more and more of its old clientèle, as women become more reluctant to drink there.

The second alternative is “to only let a limited number of refugees into the club. That way the girls can feel more comfortable” – but on the other hand they are aware this leads to accusations of racism, they say.

What a dilemma.

But for Dipama there is a clear third alternative.

“Of course it’s unacceptable that women are harassed, but there are white men who also do this in clubs,“ he says. “So the club should react in every individual case when a women comes to them with a complaint, not make a blanket judgement.“

Yes it’s true. If all those Muslim asylum seeker men weren’t around to follow these women into toilets, call them whores, and offer them tax payer funded welfare money for sex (and that’s in the situations where they weren’t just going ahead and raping them instead), then white indigenous German men would have just done it instead. This is because the universe works in such a way, that those women were predestined to be harassed no matter what. It’s just pure dumb luck that the universe made it so that these Muslim men were the ones who did it. It could just have easily been white Germans, with the Muslim men protecting the women instead, seeing as all humans are 100% equal in every way, and there is absolutely no inherent differences between us.

I hope that club owner realises his mistake and allows those Muslim men back into the club, so they can defend the honour of women in the club against inevitable harassment from white German men.


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