My thoughts on the Paris attacks.


I’m a few days late writing this, but to be honest, I feel as if I needed to take a bit of time to really process what happened properly. There was no point reacting in anger, even though, that’s exactly how I feel about the whole situation. But it’s not Muslims I feel anger towards. Nor is it even those specific extremist Muslim terrorists that I’m angry at. While I do hold them responsible for their own actions, can I really feel anger towards them when time and time again, they’ve outright told us what they plan to do to us?

Muslim protesters
They warned us…
Many times…
Too many times to even count in fact.

No, my anger is directed not primarily at them, but at the liberal do-gooder morons, who allowed them the opportunity to commit this act in the first place.

I’ve been posting on this blog for about a year now. In that time, I’ve made my opinions quite clear on the Islamic invasion of Europe, over and over. I’ve covered the previous major Islamic terrorist attack, Charlie Hebdo. I’ve covered the Swedish rape epidemic (at the hands of Muslim men). I’ve covered the Muslim paedophiles in Britain who groomed and raped children. I’ve made my opposition to the so called “refugee crisis” quite clear. I’ve been very vocal in my opposition to what’s been happening.

It’s not just the terrorists attacks. It’s the rapes and paedophilia as well.

However what I’ve noticed on social media is that despite how many times these things happen, people are still in denial of objective, observable reality, and still need to show that they’re politically correct and liberal to the core. Instead of just condemning the attacks and demanding a solution to prevent it from happening again, I’ve seen uninformed bleeding hearts, throwing hissy fits about how it’s “not all Muslims” and that we shouldn’t close our borders to the “refugees”.

Well my response is quite simple. Of course it’s not all Muslims. However, that doesn’t change the objective reality, that Muslims are committing these acts at a far higher rate than their demographics suggest they should, if all people are really exactly the same. It also doesn’t change the fact that many of them have been outright demanding that we change our societies to accommodate their beliefs. It doesn’t change any of the realities of the fake refugee crisis, which I’ve written about over and over on this blog. It doesn’t change the fact that they are here as our guests, and aren’t native to Europe. They’re only here because we were generous enough to let them in, and we should have the right to revoke that invitation, anytime we want. Most importantly, it doesn’t change the fact that they’re breeding faster than us, and between those higher birthrates, and the rate at which they’re pouring into our continent, it’s pretty obvious that eventually, if nothing is done to change things, that they will outnumber us, and will therefore be able to change our societies, to be more like the ones they left.

I always think it’s incredible just how stupid and uninformed these do-gooders really are. Most of them are liberal to the max, and are very much in favour of LGBT rights, as well as equality for women. Yet at the same time, they want to import millions upon millions of people from countries were LGBT people and women are treated as inferior. It’s completely insane. Just look at the Muslim world. Is there any country under a Muslim majority, where LGBT people and women have the same rights as they do in Europe? No, and why is that? Does Europe have some kind of magic air and soil, which causes people there to behave differently than people in Muslim countries? Of course not, a country is made by the people who live there, not the other way around. A person’s behaviour, beliefs, and personality  doesn’t magically change based on whatever geographical location they happen to be in at the time. They take it with them to their new location.

“ISIS only behave the way they do, because of the countries they’re in. Bring them to Europe, and they’ll magically become like Europeans” ~ The kind of logic we’re expected to accept.

When I listen to the rants of the doublethinking do-gooders on social media, desperately rushing to defend mass immigration and multiculturalism between cultures which are completely incompatible with one another, I always try to imagine their thought processes, and it goes something like this.

“Hi, my name is clueless, sheltered, pampered, white, middle class, super liberal douchebag, and I totally support equal right for women and LGBT people. I also support importing infinity Muslims to our country, many of whom will no doubt want to implement Sharia law and oppress gay people and women. Most Muslims are nice tolerant people who would never actually do anything bad, and I know this because the biased media, and my equally liberal friends said so (they haven’t backed it up with evidence of course, but who needs that?). Anyone who doesn’t support this policy, is racist, even though race doesn’t actually exist, and we’re all exactly the same. But racial diversity (which doesn’t exist) is our greatest strength for reasons which are never stated. I don’t really understand why it’s our greatest strength, but it has been said over and over, so it must be the truth.


By the way, gender is a social construct and there is absolutely no difference in the way men and women think, because our brains are the same. Oh but transgender people are born with the brain of the opposite sex”

Can you see all the doublethink there? Well if you can, then congratulations, you aren’t like these people. It absolutely baffles me that people can be this clueless. I can understand that people can be asleep to what’s going on in the world, when times are good, and I can also understand that it is easy to be so overwhelmed by available information, that they could miss some stuff, but to be this clueless, is absolutely astounding. How can they possibly still think the failed multicultural experiment, works? What are the benefits?

Actually, now that I think about it, that is the question we should be asking. What are the alleged benefits of the multicultural society? Why is diversity such a great strength?I would like to see a list of these benefits, then we can make a list of the consequences, and weigh up the two lists against each other, to see if it’s really worth it. Are frequent terrorists attacks, increased racial tensions, a rape epidemic, paedophilia, violent attacks, a rise in property prices (due to increased housing demand), increased unemployment among European youths (due to increased competition for entry level jobs), and an increase in national debt and taxation (due to having to pay the welfare and accommodation for fake refugees), really worth putting up with, for the sake of these alleged benefits? Well I won’t know until someone tells me what they are.


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