Swedish women are increasingly leaving Sweden

From Fria Tider (Translated by Google)

While immigration from third world last year hit a new record as 24,000 women left the country. It is the highest number ever in Swedish history. And unlike in the past, it is now mainly young and highly educated women who emigrate.

Around the turn of the century left many Swedes country because of poverty.But the number of emigrants fell dramatically during the 1900s the first half and were lowest during World War II.Emigration increased substantially during the leftist 1970s – during the first two governments with the Olof Palme accelerated emigration faster than any other time in the postwar period.

The next large emigration began in the early 1990s, in connection with a financial crisis and the introduction of mass immigration. And since then, emigration has continued to increase. The past four years, emigration from Sweden has been greater than in Amerikautvandringens peak year 1887, reports Statistics.

Last year, Sweden more women than ever before in Swedish history, and they represent a new type of migrants. Swedes who left the country a hundred years ago did it because of poverty. Today, it is mainly well educated, young Swedes who emigrate.

The main destination countries are, in order: Norway, Denmark, UK, USA, Finland and Germany. Of these countries prefer the Swedish women Anglo-Saxon – the US and the UK – while men, more of the other, more immediate.

CNN has interviewed Chatarina Davidsson Brady, 42, who has moved to Australia.

– In Perth it just becomes more and more Swedes, especially women. Some come here because of love, but many also like the lifestyle here. It is warm and the people are happy.

The Australian city of Perth, with 2.3 million inhabitants, verging on has doubled its population since 2000. And it is almost exclusively Western Europeans and white South Africans who move here.

Hmm, I wonder what could suddenly be motivating so many young, educated, Swedish women to leave Sweden for a better life?



“I’d rather see the country filled with ISIS members than people who care more about their fellow Swedes” (Paraphrasing)







No, I am simply clueless as to why so many educated Swedish women, could possibly be choosing to leave Sweden right now. I really can’t figure out why it’s suddenly so much more attractive to emigrate than stay.

What’s most alarming though is that it is the educated ones who are leaving. Well, it would be alarming, if not for the fact that as they leave, they are being replaced with immigrants from the Middle East and Africa. Seeing as all politically correct research suggests that European countries like Sweden, as well as  all other European countries, and European derived countries like Canada, America, Australia, and New Zealand, enjoy a first world standard of living, because of their magic soil and air, and not because of the white, European people who inhabit them, this won’t be a problem.

Stockholm i fullmŒnens sken
The Swedish people didn’t make Sweden, the magical Swedish soil and air made the Swedish people.

Africa and the Middle East are only the way they are because they lack this magic first world generating air and soil, that for some reason, only exists in white and East Asian run countries. Well, South Africa and Rhodesia used to have it, but by a very strange coincidence, they just so happened to lose it, shortly after their white European minorities lost power to the black African majorities. Perhaps those white Europeans over exploited the magic air and soil in those countries, and only handed over power, just as it was about to run out.

It’s not Mugabe’s fault that Zimbabwe is a hellhole, compared to what Rhodesia used to be. He doesn’t have the magic air and soil anymore to help him, like his predecessors had.

So because a country’s living standards have nothing to do with the people who live there, it won’t be a problem if Sweden loses its own educated young people, because replacing them with uneducated, third world people, will work out just fine. It will be as if nothing has ever happened, because all people are exactly the same, and anyone who says otherwise, is clearly an uneducated racist, who doesn’t have a clue what they’re talking about.


Yes, everything will be fine.


2 thoughts on “Swedish women are increasingly leaving Sweden

  1. Funny stuff, but very true. Sweden is in big trouble and there is little resistance to fight the swarm of lethal immigrants. I wish you luck.


    • The mainstream media and Swedish politicians are refusing to acknowledge the problem with Third World Muslim men raping Swedish women. They are so afraid of being accused of being racist, they will not publish the ethnicity of the rapists and criminals, and instead identify them as “Swedish men”. As far as I’m concerned, the Swedes no longer deserve their young educated Swedish women, as they are not defending them or helping the situation by deporting rapists and criminals, and have basically served up their women as sacrificial lambs to these stone age animals who have entered as “unaccompanied children” with no ID, who are actually full grown men. What in the hell are they thinking? It is unconscionable!

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