Jew demands that Ireland take in 10,000 ISIS fighters, rapists, and welfare tourists.

“Goyim, you need to pay the price for what white people in another European country did 70 years ago.”

Yet another one of the self proclaimed “chosen people of God” has come out and demanded that a European country (my own home country of Ireland in this case) be punished for the crimes of Adolf Hitler, 70 years ago. The punishment? Flooding our country with a bunch of economic migrants who in the best case scenario, will just be a parasitic drain, living off the rest of us, and in the worse case, will bring rape and terrorism, just like they have in every other country that they’ve settled in, in large numbers.

“We need more of this because of the Holocaust”

From Irish Independent

Tomi Reichental was just nine years old when he was sent to the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.

I swear, these Holocaust survivors keep getting younger and younger. I was always led to believe that children who were too young to work, were supposed to have been sent straight to the gas chambers.

He says the images of refugees risking their lives as they flee war-torn areas reminds him of what happened to the Jewish community in the lead up to World War II.

Yes it’s so horrible. Those poor refugees fleeing from so many war-torn areas. First, they flee the war in Syria. Then, the war in Turkey. Then, the war in Greece. Then, the War in Macedonia. Then, the war in Serbia. Then, the war in Hungary. Then, the war in Austria. Then, if they’re lucky, they make it to the very first safe country they can find, Germany. And this is the only path they can take, seeing as all those oil rich Arab countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, and UAE are all warzones as well. Seriously, that Syrian Civil war seems to be spreading everywhere.

A rough estimate of where the Syrian warzone is (red) and safe zones (Grey), based on migration patterns.

“We have to learn from the past, but we don’t seem to. The current refugee situation is history repeating itself. In the 1930s, when many Jewish people wanted to escape others in Europe would not let them in – now it is happening with the refugees,” he said.

Strange how the Jews in Israel aren’t doing anything to help all these “refugees” if it’s something they can supposedly relate to. Why aren’t you lecturing your fellow Jews about that Mr. Holocaust survivor? I’d almost suspect, if I didn’t know better, that there was a double standard. One rule for the chosenites, another for us Goyim.

This really.



Mr Reichental said he hoped his adopted home of Ireland, where he has lived for the past 55 years, would help refugees who had been left without hope.

Keep in mind, this man is 80 years old. It’s unlikely that he has a lot of time left. Maybe 20 years at most. It doesn’t matter what kind of longterm damage this will do to Ireland. He won’t be around to suffer the consequences. It’s us young people, and our descendants, who will be the ones that will suffer the rapes, terrorism, and inevitable decline to a third world hellhole, if this guy has his way.

“I think Ireland will do the correct thing. I think we should take in 10,000 refugees.

Why is it the correct thing exactly? Because it would take us a step closer to being more like Sweden, France, or Britain? Yes, we all know how well that’s working out.


7/7 Londom Bombings
Charlie Hebdo offices right after the attack


“That would be a huge number of people for a country like ours, but I think we have to do it – we have to help.


“Before the war nobody would take us in and then the Holocaust happened,” he added.


He said refugees that move here should be helped to fully integrate into society and mixed into communities instead of placed in isolated areas.

Yes, a fantastic idea. Don’t keep them isolated. Drop them right into the middle of Dublin city centre, where they can find Irish girls to rape, and crowded areas to shoot/blow up more easily.

Mr Reichental lost 35 members of his family in the Holocaust, including his 76-year-old grandmother Rosalia, who he remembers being dragged from their hut after her death and thrown onto a heap of corpses.

So we’re supposed to listen to his ideas because of this?

He said he only began speaking about his experiences 11 years ago.


“I only started to talk about it 11 years ago and now they can’t stop me.


“It is partly because I don’t want people to forget the Holocaust and also because racism and bigotry are such a problem once again,” he added.

Gee, I wonder why that’s happening? I think it’s so strange that the countries which are actually dealing with the brunt of the current migrant situation, are seeing such an increase in racism. It almost makes me suspect that the people living in those countries are being given damn good reasons to hate these migrants.

And those videos are just a small sample of what’s actually going on.

I always love how the pampered, sheltered, do-gooders who have no idea what’s actually going on in the world, other than what the biased mainstream media tells them, sneer at these “racists”. Who am I going to put my trust in? The “racists” who actually have first hand experience dealing with the migrants? Or the clueless, do-gooders in Ireland, who don’t, but just want to show off, how liberal/tolerant/charitable, they are are on social media? I think my choice is quite obvious.

In 1944 at age nine, he was captured by the Gestapo in Bratislava and deported to Bergen Belsen concentration camp with his mother, grandmother, brother, aunt and cousin. It was liberated in April 1945.


Recounting the sights and smells at the concentration camp he said: “Typhoid and diphtheria were the biggest killers, but people were dying of starvation and cold in their hundreds.

“First the bodies were removed and burned, but later they were just piling up in front of our barracks, there were piles of decomposing bodies.

“The soldiers who liberated Belsen in April 1945 said they could smell the stench for two miles before they reached the camp.

Shame that allied bombing in the latter stages of the war, cut off supplies of food and medicine to the camps. There might not have been so much starvation and illness then.

“In the camp I could not play like a normal child, we didn’t laugh and we didn’t cry. If you stepped out of line, you could be beaten up – even beaten to death. I saw it all with my own eyes.”

That’s all very tragic and all, but I don’t see why we should have to destroy ourselves because of that. I’d rather avoid carnage like that, than cause it, hence why I’ll continue to oppose this insane mass immigration agenda. In the mean time, if your sadness about the Holocaust is what’s motivating you to look out for these “refugees”, and not some twisted desire to destroy Europe, might I suggest lobbying Israel to take them in instead? I’m sure there must be plenty of other Holocaust survivors over there, who would share your opinion, and would be happy to help.


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