“Asylum Seekers” in Italy support Paris terrorist attack.


Well, how much clearer can it be? These people, who we have graciously thrown open our borders to, are ungrateful bastards, who would quite happily see us all dead, and turn Europe into a replica of the worthless hellholes they crawled out of. I think the solution to our problem here is quite obvious. We just need to import millions more just like them. It’s an undisputed and objective fact that the more immigrants from Africa and the Middle East that Europe takes in, the less likely we are to see an increase in terrorism, or a decline in our living standards. This is because the only reason terrorist attacks occur, is because they think white Europeans are all mean, hate filled racists, and they are simply lashing out at us, due to having their feelings hurt so much. The more of these people we bring in to our countries, the more we prove to them that we love them, and therefore, give them less reason to want to kill us. This plan of bringing in more and more of them, until they love us back, is obviously a more logical  and safer decision than closing our borders, deploying armed forces to defend those borders, and deporting the ones already in Europe, back to wherever the hell they came from.




I actually think there are people out there, who genuinely believe that bullshit. Fuck, this is just getting depressing. Why won’t people wake up to the obvious reality facing us?


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