“Refugee” from Dubai, pulls asylum application, because Norway is too cold.

This is just awful to read. How is it in the year 2015, that the racist, white supremacist, European weather, can still so shamelessly and blatantly discriminate against these poor Syrian refugees like this? Doesn’t the weather realise that this poor woman fled the Syrian civil war in Dubai? Doesn’t the weather understand that this woman could have been killed by ISIS somehow? How can the weather be so evil?

The evil, racist, cold, Norway weather is perfectly personified by this snowman.

From NRK (Translated by Google)

“Aisha” traveled from Dubai to Norway and back again. After two months in Troms she pulled asylum application. With the journey back home to the United Arab Emirates, she got 20,000 million gift from the Norwegian government.

Unfortunately this is a mistranslation. She actually only got 20,000, rather than 20,000 million. That only works out as about €2156.25. This poor woman’s suffering should be compensated much more than that. I mean, come on seriously? She experienced cold weather, damn it. She’s probably going to be suffering from PTSD for the rest of her life because of it.

We call her ‘Aisha’, but that is not her real name. She will not reveal her identity, and will not show your face. But Aisha, who is a woman in their 50s, tell about how she went forward to come to Norway:

– It is said that Norway is the best country for refugees. So I visited some sites that awaited asylum applications to Norway. Therefore I went.

On Facebook and other websites are many websites in Arabic promoting asylum travels to Norway. Here it is said that you get 3,000 crowns a month as an asylum seeker, and that you get home in Norway.

Come to Finnmark

Aisha is from Syria, but moved to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates for several years before the civil war in Syria began in 2011. When she decided to travel to Norway, she went first to the capital of the UAE, Abu Dhabi, to get a visa to Russia . Then she followed the popular route to Norway over Storskog in Finnmark.

As we all know, the Syrian civil war has apparently spread to Dubai, just like it has to the entire world outside of Europe. She obviously wasn’t safe living in Dubai and was clearly a genuine asylum seeker, and not just a parasite looking to leech off of European welfare.

What? You want a source for that? How dare you ask for a source, you hate filled racist, you.

Ticket and stay in Moscow cost her 60,000 crowns. So she had to additionally pay over 40,000 kroner to the smuggler who brought her to the Norwegian border.

If only we threw open Europe’s borders to the entire world. Desperate people, living in dangerous countries like Dubai, wouldn’t have to pay human traffickers to help them in.

From Storskog she was sent to the emergency room at Tingnes in Hedmark – then brought it to ordinary reception in Sjøvegan in Troms. Stay here responded certainly to expectations.

– Honestly, I was shocked. I thought Norway was more modern and more civilized. It was so cold there. Cold in all respects. We stayed in a very small village, with only two supermarkets. We had to walk for an hour to get there.And then you had to bear all the heavy goods back to the reception, on your own feet. It was very tough for me.

Not only did she have to experience the cold Norwegian air, but she also had to carry her own groceries. Why didn’t the Norwegian government supply her with a free car and chauffeur to help her do this? That would have been the “more modern and more civilized” thing to do. Is this a first world, democracy, in 2015, that I’m reading about, or Germany in the late 1930s? I honestly can’t tell any more, it’s just so barbaric and cruel.

Have you ever seen such cruelty as this?

– Not enough food

Sjøvegan state reception has called self catering. Residents get 3,000 kroner a month, but must buy and cook food.

– The food! It was the biggest problem. It was neither organic or natural. We had not enough vegetables, and not enough food. And meat! It was full of blood. During the two months I was there, I ate no meat.

Oh the horror. The horror of it all. She had to eat processed food. They may as well have just left her to starve instead.

At the reception you live in apartments that can accommodate six people, with its own kitchen and bathroom. Each applicant sharing with one another.

– We were six women, and the rooms were very, very small. And the beds were for children. If one turned to the right or left would be the fall out.

– It was very bad conditions on the receipt. This camp was not suitable for people. I could not stay there.

What kind of camp was this poor woman staying in? Based on her horrifying description of the conditions of it, there’s only one kind that comes to mind.


Got money to leave Norway

So Aisha said goodbye and left, and withdrew her asylum application. With the journey back home she received 20,000 kroner from the Norwegian state, through the organization International Organisation for Migration (IOM), which distributes repatriation of money on behalf of the Norwegian authorities.

Anyone traveling home from a reception center before they have been rejected can get this amount in travel support.

The conditions were so horrific in Norway, that she’d actually rather risk certain death in the warzone in Dubai, than continue living safely in Norway. What does that tell you? What? That maybe she wasn’t a genuine Asylum seeker at all? No, don’t be stupid. She obviously was genuine, but the Norwegian services were just so terrible, that death is a better option for her. I mean, who would want to live in a place with cold weather, and having to carry your own groceries? I’m sure anybody would rather risk death than that.

Back in Dubai, she could finally return to the life she was accustomed to.

– We have a completely different lifestyle here in the Gulf. We live a life of luxury here. The main thing I learned after the stay in Norway was that you are not any richer than we are here.

A life of luxury in a warzone? Does not compute.

New apartment in Dubai

Aisha sends us pictures of her new flat, with great kitchen and living room.And not least, a huge bed. When she runs and trades in the supermarket there are always people who carry goods from her crate and into the car.

She says that she knows many Syrians who have traveled to Norway to seek asylum even if they come from the UAE, Saudi Arabia or Kuwait. All together peaceful and prosperous society. As she herself has many of them have now returned from Norway.

Peaceful and prosperous societies? But…but… that would mean, that they aren’t genuine refugees then. This is seriously fucking with my mind. Why would the mainstream media lie to me like that? They told me that these people were all desperate, and fleeing for their lives to Europe, because Europe was the only safe option available to them. Yet, if I’m to believe this story here, that suggests that the mainstream media is completely dishonest. I am shocked, shocked I tell you, about this revelation.

Oh and btw, I have this bridge here that I want to sell you.

– But why did she really the cold country far north?

– I came to Norway to be Norwegian. To get another passport. You know, with Syrian passports are not so easy to travel these days.Everyone wants to get a European passport, not only myself.

Yes, as we all know, a person’s race, culture, religion, and entire persona entirely change based on whatever geographical location, they happen to be present in at the time. I’m only Irish, because I live in Ireland right now. If I go to Japan, I automatically become a Japanese person, with absolutely no differences to the indigenous Japanese. If a Syrian woman goes to Norway, she automatically becomes Norwegian, by the same principle (we certainly can’t have double standards now, can we?). Clearly, she deserves that Norwegian passport, for reasons which don’t ever need to be explained. The only people who don’t get these reasons, are racists, and they’re impossible to convert anyway, so why waste our time by giving them the reasons?

Anyway, just to conclude, I want to reiterate how terribly upset I am for that poor woman. I’m simply appalled that as a genuine asylum seeker, she experienced such horrible racism, that made certain death preferable to remaining there safely.

Here’s that bridge for sale again btw. If you’ve taken anything else I’ve said here seriously, then please don’t hesitate to buy it from me.

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