Business as usual in Sweden

Sweden is the country that just keeps on giving.

From Breitbart

After an Algerian and a Syrian living in the same migrant centre were jailed for raping a Swedish women multiple times, concerned locals held an anti mass-migration protest. Only then did an infuriated local social justice group hold their own demonstration…

Wait… could this good news from Sweden at last? Are they waking up finally?

in support of more migration.


…No of course not. How could I have ever expected that?

The horrific crimes occurred near the Blick Mälaren accommodation, a converted hotel, in the small town on Strängnäs near Stockholm – Just one of hundreds of such centres popping up across Sweden, which has absorbed nearly two per cent of it’s population in migrants this year alone, causing the famously “open” nation to close it’s borders in November.

“My house is full of rats that I allowed in for absolutely no good reason. Those rats have already spread their diseases to my family. I won’t get rid of those rats, but I better not let anymore in, even though the damage is already done.”

The mother of one was initially raped on her way home from the pub by the Algerian man, just a short distance from the migrant shelter. She escaped, but was raped a second time not far away, on the same night, by the Syrian man and an unidentified assailant.

“Just an isolated incident goyim. And the second incident was also isolated. Most of these migrants are just ordinary decent people like you and me. It isn’t just migrants who are raping Swedish women. Native Swedes are too.

“Swedish” Rapists.

One of the men convicted of aggravated rape said to her, “I’m gonna f*ck you little Swedish girl”, before he finished by spitting in her face, court documents seen by the Free Times reveal.

At the beginning of this month the Algerian man was sentenced to two and a half years and banned from Sweden for ten years; the Syrian was given four years for the rape as well as a separate sexual assault perpetrated inside the pub.

Such draconian sentences. Two and a half years imprisonment, followed by a a ten (yes, TEN) year ban. This is horribly cruel and unjust. Couldn’t you have given a more reasonable sentence, like community service instead?

The woman, meanwhile, was left so traumatised she is on anti-depressants drugs and is struggling to look after her child.

But that woman has white privilege. She couldn’t possibly be suffering too much. Think of those poor migrants, who have to go to prison now. Will anybody think of their suffering?

“She feels uncomfortable when she walks to the town and is terrified that the third offender will recognise her, and that she will not recognise him,” read the court judgment

What a horrible racist. Is she implying that all brown people look the same to her? It should be her in prison instead, for committing such terrible thought crimes.

After the disturbing revelations were made in court, an anti mass-migration protest was held in the small town. Protesters reportedly held signs which read “Mass-Migration = Rape”.

More thought criminals, that need to be rounded up for reeducation, in order to purge those “ungood” thoughts.

“War is Peace.”

“Freedom is Slavery.”

“Ignorance is Strength.”

“We’ve always been at war with Eastasia.”

“Sweden needs more migrants”

A local social justice group was not impressed.

They never are.

The Tillsammans för Strängnäs “anti-racist” group, which prescribes to feminist ideals, did not feel compelled to act when the woman was so brutal assaulted, but around 30 of them came out to demonstrate in support of the migrants who committed them.

“Sure some of these migrants are committing rape. And sure it’s deeply ingrained in their cultures, to treat women as little more than sex slaves. But we need more of them in Sweden, because the real rape culture, is the straight, white, Swedish, beta, cuck, men”

The real threat to Swedish women.

“We intend to manifest against the racist demonstration yesterday at Mälardalen Blick. It is terribly sad it happened and we have to fight these forces with all democratic means available”, one of the organisers told Swedish broadcaster Sörmland.

I’m sure by “democratic means” she means censorship, and ad hominem attacks on their opponents. You know, just the standard tactics really that these people like to use.

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