Virgin white German girl gets “culturally enriched” by seven Muslim men.

In this footage, released 6 days ago, a Muslim immigrant in Germany brags about how he and his buddies gang raped a virgin until she was “full of dirt and sperm” and “completely devastated” on the ground until “she could go on no more”. His friend is very interested in the details, but is visibly disappointed because they did not violate her anally. They did, however, “spit on her like pigs”.
This man walks free while thousands in Germany are in prison for speaking their mind.

Of course once again, I’m not at all surprised this has happened. A country is a reflection of the people who live there, rather than the other way around. People don’t just behave like violent, barbaric, savages in the Middle East, and then magically become civilised upon reaching Europe, because a person’s behaviour isn’t determined by their geographical location. If a person or group behaves in a particular way in their countries of origin (eg. treating women as whores for not covering themselves from head to toe), then why wouldn’t they behave the same way when they go somewhere else?

You can’t just import someone from the Middle East to Germany, and expect him to become a typical German. Germany is a European country, and Germans are white, European people. The same way, if a white German couple were to move to a country like China for example, and start a family, you wouldn’t consider their children to be Chinese, because they wouldn’t be of the East Asian race.

Lets pretend this guy was born in China. Would you believe him if he told you he was Chinese?

The problem is, that post WW2, white countries have been bombarded with decades of propaganda, to believe that  taking pride in our own racial and ethnic heritage is somehow, an act of pure evil. We’re told that “race doesn’t exist” or that “race is just a social construct”, and that therefore, a person’s race is irrelevant, so that anyone of any race can be a member of what were once white countries. Therefore, when an attack such as this one happens, where the victim is a white girl, and the perpetrators,  seven non-white men, the races don’t matter. It’s just seven men committing a crime against one woman, and we’re expected to believe that it could have just as easily been seven white men doing it, and the victim could just have easily have been a non-white woman.

“Sure the victims were all white girls, and the paedophiles, all Pakistani, Muslim men, but that’s just pure coincidence. It could just as easily have been white guys doing it, because all people are exactly the same. Every white guy is a potential Jimmy Saville. We should ban white people from Britain instead”

And actually, could you imagine the outrage if the reverse had in fact happened? Imagine if seven white German men, had gang raped an Arab girl. The media would have a frenzy, playing up the race card, and acting as if all white people share collective guilt, for the oppression of poor innocent non-white people. You see, while “race is just a social construct, that doesn’t really exist” when the context calls for that narrative, it suddenly becomes a very real thing, when there is a need to make whitey out to be the greatest evil on the planet.  This is the kind of double standard that we deal with. When non-whites commit crimes against members of the white majority in white countries, race doesn’t matter. It’s just a freak occurrence, that could have just as easily happened in a white only society. But when white people commit crimes against non-whites, it suddenly does.

A perfect example of the double standard of the media

Now of course, I’m not going to make the outrageous statement that all white people are saints, and that all non-white people, are potential rapists and murderers. That would be factually wrong. However, it is an objective reality that if a certain behaviour pattern (such as raping women for not dressing modestly enough) is more common in some countries than in others, then it stands to reason, that people from that part of the world, are statistically more likely to commit that sort of act, than people from parts of the world, where that behaviour isn’t so common. So if you import millions of people from those countries, and place them in countries, where that kind of behaviour isn’t so common, then obviously, that behaviour will become more common, over time because, as I’ve already pointed out, the people make the country, not the other way around.

It’s kind of like what happened to the dodo bird really. The dodo, had no natural predators in its native environment and therefore had never needed to develop a sense of fear, or a way to protect itself. When humans, and the animals they brought with them, arrived, the bird was too stupid to run away, and was easily hunted to extinction. I feel as if white people are the same.

Typical white person

We’re so used to living in peaceful, prosperous societies, with relatively low levels of violent crime, and where people are usually altruistic and kind, that we’ve been too damn sheltered from danger for our own good. We seem to think that because we have a sense of goodwill, generosity, and a desire to treat others right, that all other groups share these traits. This is fucking ludicrous and insane, and all evidence suggests otherwise. The increase in terrorism, rapes, murders, and other violent crimes, is more or less swept under the rug, because white people at large, are too damn naive. A large part of this is of course down to the media’s biased reporting of things that people aren’t experiencing first hand for themselves, where they can actually get to see the truth, but I also believe that a lot of it is just down to the fear of being labeled a racist, for stating the obvious reality of what’s happening.

And this is sad, because “racism” is perfectly natural. Now I’m not saying that I approve of hating other racial groups (and I certainly don’t myself), but what I am saying, is that a preference for your own people, is perfectly natural, because we evolved as a tribal species, where people who weren’t part of the group, were viewed as a threat or as competition for resources. Absolutely nothing about our biology has changed since then, because we haven’t been removed from that context long enough to evolve beyond it. Therefore, our natural biological instincts of preferring our own kind, are still very much intact right now, but we (white people only) are told that we’re evil, hate filled monsters, for feeling this natural feeling.

“Nobody is born racist” we’re told. The reality of course, is that we are, as can be seen by the reactions of these little white girls, but we’re brainwashed and socially engineered to suppress our instincts, because it’s evil. 

The point I’ve been trying to make, is this. All racial and ethnic groups have a right to exist. It doesn’t matter if you’re white, black, Asian, Arab, Indian, etc., you have a right to exist. However, in order to ensure your existence, you need to have a homeland of your own. The Germans are an ethnic group as unique, and as deserving  of existence as anyone else. Germany, is the homeland of the German people. By forcing outsiders onto the German people, against their will, the continued existence of the German people is in jeopardy. This is no different than what is going on in Britain, France, Sweden… in fact, in every white country. The native white populations, are having “diversity” forced upon them, against their will, and all that is happening, is an increase in actions such as what happened in the video at the top of the page.

Nobody ever explains what the benefits of diversity are, and the reality is, they can’t, because there are no benefits. Even if there are, do these alleged benefits really outweigh the consequences? How many acts of terrorism, how many murders, and how many rapes are these alleged benefits worth? Is there an arbitrary number of these things, that is acceptable to endure, for the sake of these benefits? And once we’ve passed that arbitrary number, does it suddenly become not worthwhile, meaning we can go back to our old monocultural societies of the past?

I think that conversation is long overdue.

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