White people wanting to date white people? OMG, RACISM!!!

I hope you’re sitting down right now dear reader, and if not, I suggest you do so immediately in case you collapse from the shock after hearing this.

Are you ready?


This is perhaps the greatest evil imaginable…

There’s a dating website…

That exists right now…

Where white people…

Sign up to date other white people…

And only white people.

I tried to warn you to sit down before reading on. I better go get the smelling salts.

Yes, yes, I know what you’re thinking. This is absolutely despicable. How is it in the year 2015 2016, that white people can still believe they have the right to date other white people? Don’t they understand that they have an obligation, whether they like it or not, to inter-racially breed themselves out of existence, so that the evil, racist, privileged, white race can finally go extinct, thus putting an end to all evil in the world?

It is an obligation. The Hungarian part Jew, who somehow became President of France said so. If they don’t do so willingly, then more coercive measures will have to be taken.

Needless to say, when the mainstream media saw this, they wasted absolutely no time in denouncing it for being so evil. All kinds of sources including Sky News, Fox News, KUTV, WDRB, The Interro Bang, and The Salt Lake Tribune to name a few, have expressed their outrage at this evil concept.

“A billboard of pure hatred” ~ The mainstream media

There’s even a video, that shows five women expressing their disgust for this site. No men appear in the video for some reason (probably because men are all inherently evil). Two of the women are white and three aren’t.

The first white woman seems to be offended because she has friends in inter-racial relationships who are very much in love, and for some reason she gives me the impression that she thinks that everyone else should also be open to the same, as sexual attraction is apparently something that we can choose willingly. If we don’t choose to date outside of our own race, it must just be down to racism, and not because we’re simply more attracted to people of our own race. I’m sure going by this logic, she also thinks it’s homophobic if a straight guy refuses to date another man, by claiming he’s just not attracted to them.

The three black women in the video also play up the idea that it’s somehow racist for white people to want to exclusively date other white people. For some reason, they aren’t asked their opinion about sites like blackpeoplemeet.com, or the myriad of other dating sites out there, that cater to an exclusive demographic, such as blacks, Asians, Muslims, Gay people, Jews, etc. Of course, they weren’t asked this, because it doesn’t suit the agenda, which is to complain about white people potentially reproducing and thus, not going extinct quickly enough. It’s only a problem when white people want to be with their own. When a non-white person wants to, it’s thought of as empowering. When whites want to, it’s racism.

“You are a hater of your people if you don’t want to stay who you are” 

How much more obvious can it get? If even the idea of white people potentially breeding with other white people upsets them this much, can it really get more obvious, that they just want us to go extinct? The diversity agenda isn’t about creating diversity at all because rather than having a diverse group of races, they instead want to prevent white people from breeding with one another, thus keeping their race going. They don’t want us to exist as a distinct race anymore. They want our genocide.


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