“Don’t blame migrants… blame men”

As I stated in my last article, the recent mass sexual assaults in Germany were simply too large to possibly cover up, the normal tactic utilised by the authorities and the mainstream media when something like this happens. Because it can’t be covered up, their only option is to find a way to shift the blame to something which suits the narrative that they wish to present. And on that note, I would like you to meet Edward Siddons.

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Edward Siddons… our moral compass.

Edward recently wrote an article for the Independent, a paper that is easily on par with the Guardian in terms of its willingness to publish absolute trash. In his article, Edward chastises those of us who blame the German sex attacks on migrants, instead suggesting that the common factor that should be looked at isn’t the race of the perpetrators, but rather the sex. In other words, Arabs and North Africans aren’t to blame. Men in general are and it could just as easily have been 1000 native white German men who could have been responsible instead, an argument which to any sane and rational individual, will come off as completely retarded.  So lets take a look at the article that he wrote.

New Year brings the hope of change, a new dawn for the wet-eyed optimists among us. Unfortunately, that gets pretty tricky when you’re a woman, forced to ring in 2016 dodging the gropes and blows of a violent mob as happened in Cologne.

I agree with this. It’s absolutely disgusting what those women had to endure.

Around 1,000 men gathered at Cologne train station and in their booze-fuelled rampage, fireworks were thrown into crowds, police officers were harassed, and most appallingly, women were assaulted on a massive scale.

If only there was a way to stop this. I’m sure that if civilised countries like Germany were to stop importing men from parts of the world, where women are treated as second class citizens (at best), and allowing them to roam free on the streets, that would be a good starting point.

German authorities report that around 100 complaints of sexual assault, threatening behaviour and robbery have been received, including allegations of rape. The men were predominantly of North African and Arab descent.

What a strange coincidence that in a predominately white society, the perpetrators were predominantly non-white. Seeing as we’re led to believe that all people are equal and there is no differences between the different races and cultures, then statistically speaking, this makes no sense. It almost suggests that maybe, just maybe, that there are in fact differences after all.

In response, a range of German politicians have clamoured for stricter border controls, as 1.1 million migrants have entered Germany in 2015. Far Right groups such as Pegida have monopolised on the opportunity to whip up racial tensions, organising marches and issuing divisive statements on the danger of the foreign integration.

“They just hate them for their skin colour and are opportunistically using logical reasons to justify their hatred. The fact that those logical reasons are based on fact and objective reality, doesn’t matter.”

Condemnation is an act of distancing, or signalling one’s own moral values in relation to an event, or in this case, a people. The North African and Arab perpetrators are not like us: they are symbols of misogynistic cultures in which the routine sexual assault and rape of women is normalised. Ultimately, they are different. 

…Does this mean that you agree with us then?

In focussing on difference, in this case, racial or ethnic difference, we miss vital similarity. There is a common thread throughout these assaults and the vast majority of violence against women throughout the world. The perpetrators are men.

No, of course not. He doesn’t agree with us at all. I will say that this argument makes absolutely no sense to me though. If he admits that these men come from cultures which are inherently misogynistic in nature, then why should we allow them to roam free in our homelands? Why should we allow these men an opportunity to harm the women in our societies? What is the point? What are the benefits?

The anti-migrant lobby won’t compel their rightful disgust at Cologne’s events into combating the swinging cuts to domestic and sexual violence charities throughout the UK. They won’t support the actions of Sisters Uncut and other women’s groups fighting to put violence against women back on the agenda. They aren’t even likely to push for the most reliable solution to events like Cologne: a robust program of sexual and emotional education that comprehensively deals with rape, sexual assault and gender imbalance.

Instead, the energies of the Right will be poured into closing the borders and refusing refuge. Those who have never fought for women’s rights will opportunistically use women’s sexual trauma as the vehicle for their xenophobia, another brick for their much-loved border.

Here we see the classic SJW tactic of trying to divert from the issue at hand. A huge number of women were sexually assaulted as a direct result of policies that people like this deranged idiot supported, and instead of sticking to that topic, he tries to take the argument off on a tangent, to an area he’s more comfortable discussing.

Regarding the cuts to domestic and sexual violence charities, I do have a suggestion there. Maybe if European countries stopped spending money on the fake refugees that people like Edward support, they could perhaps afford to spend more on those charities. Of course, I bet they wouldn’t need to spend as much then either, as I reckon there would coincidentally also be a huge decrease in sexual violence, thus leading to a reduction in demand for their services.

Cologne should act as a wake up call to attack the gender violence that pervades all societies. It must not become a battle cry for those who oppose that idea that maybe, just maybe, we have a moral duty to those fleeing from genocide, famine and civil war. 

I don’t see any point in addressing this, as I’ve done so in countless posts already which can be read instead. I will say this much though.


There’s no civil war in Turkey (a fellow Muslim country where these people should be able to fit in just fine), so once they get there, any further they go is just for economic purposes. If the EU really wanted to help anyway, they could do so quite easily by sending money to Turkey to invest in their camp facilities, and by sending food and medicine over. There’s absolutely no need for these people to be brought into Europe and set loose among the native population. The only reason this is done is because people like Edward are evil and/or insane, and want to see Western society collapse.

On the plus side, the comments are very much against Edward and his retarded article. Here’s a few that I’ve screenshotted.







That’s another thing. The author is gay (and very openly so), and yet he supports a group who would likely have him killed for his orientation.



The tide seems to be turning though. People are sick of having reality denied.


4 thoughts on ““Don’t blame migrants… blame men”

  1. That kid looks like he’s on day release from crèche. What sort of newspaper allows such an opinionated piece to go to print especially from someone who has obviously had zero life experience! And the homosexual thing really crowned it all 😂

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