Some more assorted Swedish insanity.

I swear, I just can’t keep up with that country anymore. I could probably very easily just stop talking about everything else, to instead just focus on Sweden fulltime and I would still more than likely, not be able to find the time to cover everything that I would like. Today I’ve got three recent stories that could have easily justified their own individual post and in depth discussion, but instead, I’m just going to briefly cover them all at once.

One of most often repeated lies that we’re told by supporters of the invasion is that in some vague, unspecified ways, we’re being mean and racist towards the so called refugees, and it is entirely our fault when they fail to integrate, or lash out at us.

German women making refugees feel unwelcome is what led to the mass sexual assaults in Germany.

If we were just a bit nicer to them and did more for them, they would eventually see this and would stop raping and murdering us. Yes, they are completely justified in this behaviour apparently, simply because we’re not doing enough to show them how much we love them. Realising this, some Swedish minister has come up with a bright idea… forcing civilians into unpaid labour, serving the invaders.

Margot Wallstrom, looking very stern as she gets ready to order Swedish citizens into slave labour for their new conquerors.

From Reuters

Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom said on Sunday she would welcome the reintroduction of military and civilian conscription, saying it could make a difference in tackling crises like the massive influx of refugees from the Middle East.

“I am among those who welcome a modernised, gender-equal version of conscription, with both military and civilian components,” Wallstrom told a defence conference.

Yes, a fantastic idea. As Sweden is such a prime example of a country which values equality, lets force the women to serve their new masters too. Maybe to prevent more rapes from sexually frustrated, military aged Arab men, they could just set up brothels in the refugee accommodation, and force the women to work in them.

“Imagine if we had civilians in reserve this autumn and they could have been called on to reinforce the immigration agency,” she said in a speech widely quoted in local media, adding conscripts could also help out with natural disasters.

Sweden took in around 160,000 refugees last year in a country of 10 million people, the highest per capita rate in Europe. But authorities have struggled to cope with the huge numbers.

If you struggle so much, then why do you continue to take them in? Why are you destroying yourselves?

Anyway, the rest of the article isn’t relevant, so I’ll move on to story number two. Sweden has come up with a rather unique way of helping migrants to feel welcome in Swedish society. They’re teaching them how to shoot better.

From The New Observer

The Swedish state is funding a “sniper” training course for recently-arrived Third World “refugees” as part of their “integration program”—despite the ever-growing refugee-terrorist attacks across Europe.

What could possibly go wrong?

You can be sure as well that if this guy, or someone like him were to shoot someone, the papers would refuse to show his picture, and describe him as a “Swedish male”, in order to confuse people.

The almost unbelievable plunge into insanity—started two years ago already—was reported—in a positive pro-refugee light—by the Allehanda newspaper in Sweden, under the title “Fired up for Sniping,” (Laddade för prickskytte, literally “Charged up for Sniping”) and shows a large number of Third Worlders being taught how to target shoot with “sniper” target rifles on a formal shooting ground in Sollefteå, central Sweden.

The Allehanda informs its readers that the “sniping course” began on a “small scale in the Fall,” but then for reasons which are obvious, but which the Swedish newspaper ignores, “interest exploded” among the nonwhite invaders to take the course.

It might be obvious to you. It might be obvious to me. Unfortunately, it isn’t so obvious to those who make the decisions that will effect us all -_-

When the Allehanda visited the shooting range, “more than 50 immigrant youths were on the course,” honing their shooting skills.

Even more incredibly, the sniping course is being paid for by Sweden’s state-funded Migration Agency as an “integration” program into Swedish society.

“Good news Old Swedes. Now you not only get to be killed by New Swedes, but you get to pay for it too.”

“Young people from all over the world—Syria, Afghanistan, Africa, [and] South America” are taking sniping lessons, the Allehanda said, and some of them are “interested and very talented,” the paper quoted course supervisor Birgit Höglin as saying.

The program is offered as part of the language course at the local upper secondary school, Höglin said, saying that the benefits of the program are “much more” than just teaching the invaders how to use sniping rifles.

Only racists are unable to see the clear link between language courses and sniping lessons. The correlation between the two is so obvious, it need not be explained.

This woman is clearly taking Swedish language lessons.
This man is clearly taking French language lessons.
This man is clearly taking Russian language lessons.

So obvious, it couldn’t possibly be any clearer.

“Here they talk Swedish in other social contexts, meet new people, and hang out. It is especially good for their vocabulary,” Höglin said.

It seems of no concern to these liberals that every single terrorist attack on Europe in 2015 was carried out by “refugees.”

“Isolated incidents. Could just as easily have been native white Europeans. Nothing to see here.”

State-funded sniper training for “young immigrants” seems so out of place that such an undertaking is firmly in the realm of the insane, and would, if not actually happening, be the subject of some bizarre joke.

Unfortunately, it is not.

Unfortunately no. Now this brings me to story number three. I’ve mentioned time and time again that Sweden now has the highest rapes per capita in Europe, and that has risen primarily due to immigration from parts of the world where women are looked at as being less than equal, to put it mildly. Well it stands to reason that if one type of crime has seen a huge spike because of the arrival of a new demographic, then it’s quite likely that other crimes have to, and this is indeed what has happened. Realising that criminals in Sweden are disproportionally non-white (and therefore, non-natives), it has been decided that police are no longer allowed to give descriptions of criminal suspects, that make reference to their race.

From The Independent

Swedish police will no longer be able to give descriptions of alleged criminals for fear of being seen as racist.

According to an internal letter, police in capital city Stockholm are instructed to refrain from describing suspects’ race and nationality, according to news website Speisa.

Who cares about actually finding the criminal, or protecting the public? Not being possibly thought of as racist, is far more important.

Local newspaper Svenska Dagbadet reported it had seen the letter, which it said outlined how officers should now notify the public of crimes.

The crimes “involve everything from lighter traffic accidents to serious crimes like muggings, beatings and murder,” the paper reported.

A murderer or rapist is on the loose in an area. Better not tell people what he looks like so that they can safely avoid him.

The letter specifies that, for everyday crimes such as burglary, basic information such as ethnicity, nationality, skin colour and height should not be given.

How the fuck are people supposed to identify the criminal then? All that’s going to happen is that fewer crimes will be solved, and more crimes will be committed.

It was written by Stockholm police press officers Wolf Gyllander and Carina Skagerlind, and said crimes should be reported externally via the police website, without descriptions.

“We want to avoid pointing out ethnic groups as criminal,” said Mr Gyllander.

Obviously some ethnic groups are more likely to be criminal or this wouldn’t be an issue. If crime was committed in proportion to demographic sizes, then you’d mainly be hearing about crimes committed by native white Swedes, and occasionally by other groups. The fact that this doesn’t happen and that minorities are committing the majority of crimes, suggests that  there is an issue there. Ignoring it doesn’t make it go away.

Sepesia reported the letter read: “Criticism is sometimes made against police regarding information about people’s skin colour. It is perceived as racist.

“As police are not racist, nor shall be constructed as so, this directive now applied.”

The letter, dated September 15, 2015 was written just a few weeks after a youth festival in central Stockholm at which there were a number of alleged sex attacks.

Yep just like in Germany, they’re attempting to cover up the truth rather than face it head on.

So there you have it. Three recent stories that perfectly sum up the collective insanity of Sweden. I really don’t know what more can be said. That country really never ceases to amaze me. I think all we can do is to await the inevitable civil war there when the demographics reach critical levels, take in ethnic Swedes as refugees, send in a European army to retake the land from the hordes, and then divide the land up between the other Nordic countries, because I don’t think we can trust the Swedes to rule over it.


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