We can deport refugees…as long as they’re white.

Merkel having a laugh about the suffering she has caused the German people.

As Germany, under the leadership of their dog faced bitch of a dictator, Angela Merkel, continues down the path to overtaking Sweden in the race towards national suicide, sane people like myself can only look on in with a combination of pity and amazement at what is happening before our very eyes. Today I found out that Germany is taking steps to deport alleged refugees finally. This would sound promising, except for one thing. It’s the wrong type that are getting deported.

From Frankfurter Rundschau

Thousands of Ukrainian refugees in Germany threatened with deportation. More than 7,000 Ukrainians were previously fled because of the war in the east from their homeland to Germany and had asked for asylum here. Many of them have received negative decisions in the last few weeks, including the family and Hryhorii Nykonchuk Demnychenko. They came with a Schengen visa into the country, thus subject to the Dublin regulation. Your applications must be reviewed by the EU Member States that had dealt the Visa.

Remember the Dublin regulation? That’s the regulation that states that refugees are supposed to claim asylum in the first safe country they reach. Merkel was quite willing to overlook it for Syrians who were already quite safe in Turkey, but for some reason it isn’t being overlooked for refugees from a fellow European country.

We must save people from the Syrian civil war in Turkey.

Some of the escapees were made directly from the war zone, so the family Nykonchuk. Others did not want to be part of a war which they reject, and fled.Especially last winter, when the government in Kiev more and more men for the fight against the separatists and supporting Russians convened, many left the country, including Hryhorii Demnychenko. He currently lives with six other Ukrainians in a house for refugees in Bavaria Kitzingen. Shortly after he had made his asylum application in April, the competent foreigners authority of Zirndorf informed him that Germany was not responsible for him, but Poland. Because Demnychenko was entered with a Polish tourist visa here.

Again let me reiterate the double standard here. Germany isn’t responsible for these refugees, because Poland is a safe country which they reached first. However, Germany is responsible for “refugees” who pass through Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary, and plenty of other safe countries, on their way to Germany. And that’s just the ones who actually are from Syria. Don’t get me started on all the others from Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and various African countries, who have also taken advantage of the current chaos, in order to sneak in and parasite of gullible European populations.

You do not want to be part of a war

Demnychenko is 27 years old, he learned electrical engineering and is a godsend for the midsize company FEZ Electronics in Bibergau. “We have long wanted someone, but we found no Germans, so the boss thought, we ask times with asylum seekers,” reported the staff responsible of the company, Andrea Gumbmann. Two Ukrainian refugees would have the company hired and was satisfied with their performance. “We hope that they stay with us.”

Educated immigrants who may actually be able to contribute to Germany? Who wants that? No, Germany clearly only wants a bunch of low IQ rapists, who don’t have the skills needed to contribute to the German economy, and who will almost certainly just end up on welfare for the rest of their worthless lives.

“What do you mean, you don’t have any job openings for people with skills in gang rape?”

A similar story can tell the family Nykonchuk. Father Sergei, mother Lena and the daughters Albina (16) and Ella (14) came in April from embattled Donetsk into Bavarian Rauhenebrach. The father had a steady job in a construction company, the family was independent of government assistance, the daughters in normal school classes – anyway threatened at anytime deportation to Spain. Because the Nykonchuks indeed came directly to Germany, but with a Spanish visa, because it was easier to get. To avoid this, the family now lives in a Protestant congregation in church asylum. Until the end of March they want to hold, then there is the deportation order before six months, Germany is responsible for them.

Why aren’t they trying this hard to deport bogus refugees with Muslim backgrounds, I wonder?

The Nykonchuks and Hryhorii Demnychenko are examples of many cases of Ukrainians who can serve as role models integration. However, given the current refugee debate in Germany they have to worry about being expelled. Just last week demanded CSU politicians that Germany Ukraine declared a safe country of origin. Already a Ukrainian asylum seeker is hardly recognized in Germany as a refugee.

If Demnychenko talks about his process, his words are fast, the voice gets louder.He fears not only that he is recognized, but also that he faces persecution in the home. After words of the Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany, Andrij Melnyk, deserters have nothing to fear: “These men have no fear of prosecution or baiting” Melny FR said the end of October.

But the case of Ruslan Kotsaba evidence of a different reality. The Ukrainian journalist had a year ago publicly stated that he would refuse the military service.Since then he has been detained and will be charged with treason.

Well I’m sorry about the persecution you’ll face back home, but unfortunately it’s the price you must pay for the actions of those Arab refugees. We can’t hold that group responsible for crimes committed by their demographic, because that would be racist. Instead, we just gotta scapegoat your demographic instead, in order to appease the anger of the public and take the heat off the group who actually deserves it.

Demnychenko itself also reports of a poisoned atmosphere in his hometown in Nikopol, Central Ukraine. Two acquaintances were attacked because they had not served. “Who was at the front, is now threatening those who did not fight, that’s a madhouse,” he says, pointing to his cell phone pictures of the injured friend. They were cut with knives in the face. The Nykonchuks report discrimination after their escape from Donetsk in the Western Ukraine. They would get there neither an apartment nor work.

Legally Demnychenkos and also the other cases is clear: Because Polish or Spanish visas to other countries are responsible for the issue of asylum. On top of that war is not in itself a reason for asylum. The battle area is also localized.Counting those reasons in an interview with Demnychenko on, he takes a deep breath and reports of other attacks in his home, on women who are abused, because their men did not serve, and of broken friendships, and his cousin, who is at the front of him Pictures of ruined neighborhoods sends. “I will not fight,” says the 27-year-old, “I just want to live normally.”

I have no more words. Surely the double standards are obvious. The idea of poor persecuted brown people at the hands of whites is becoming more and more laughable by the day. There’s only one race that white people at large, persecute freely. Their fellow whites.



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