Girl uses pepper spray to protect herself from rape. She gets in trouble.

I’ve often spoken very highly of Denmark in the past. Being in close geographical proximity to some of the worse countries in Europe, in terms of their willingness to embrace the ongoing collective suicide of Western civilisation, Denmark has generally stood out as a beacon of light, surrounded by darkness. Unfortunately, even good countries slip up once in a while, as can be seen in this story which reads more like something out of Sweden than Denmark.

From TVS (Translated by Google)

An attack by a 17-year-old woman from Sønderborg last week reported to the police, can now come to hit the 17-year-old woman on the wallet.

Oh? She gets attacked, but she could be fined? Why is that, I wonder?

She will actually probably charged with being in possession of a pepper spray, which she defended herself with.

– It is illegal to possess and use a pepper spray, so she probably charged, says Knud Kirsten, head of the local police in Sønderborg, the TV SYD.

Yes, apparently it’s illegal to possess Pepper spray in Denmark. Using it to defend against a rapist, is no excuse.

According to her explanation, she was about at 22 o’clock Wednesday night overturned by a swarthy man who spoke English. Then the man unbuttoned her pants and tried to get the trousers of the woman. The attack took place just opposite Sønderborghus centrally in Sonderborg.

Every. Single. Time.

Will the 17-year-old charged with possession of pepper spray, she will probably stand to be fined.

Stupid girl. Does she not understand that she, just like every other girl in Europe is now fair game for the “swarthy” hordes that are enriching us with the joys of diversity? Does she not realise that she will just have to accept the constant threat of rape, in order to experience the benefits of our inevitable multicultural utopia? Benefits which are so vast and obvious that they never have to be listed or explained? This stupid girl should serve as an example to all Danish girls. Don’t you dare try to defend yourself from being raped by our vibrant cultural enrichers. If you do, you will be punished, so you may as well just roll over and accept it.


2 thoughts on “Girl uses pepper spray to protect herself from rape. She gets in trouble.

  1. So what the fuck is she supposed to do? Without it she would have been raped, maybe killed. I don’t give a Damn if it’s illegal. These women and children deserve to be protected.

    And people call us (in the US) crazy for holding onto our guns…


    • She isn’t supposed to do anything. The traitors who run our countries don’t care about the safety of women. They’d happily see them all raped, rather than admit that they’re wrong.


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