Sad news from America. Trump only comes 2nd in Iowa primary.

It is with a heavy heart and great disappointment that I report on some very unwelcome news. Donald Trump (AKA, Glorious Leader) only managed to come in second place in the Iowa primary, garnering 24.3% of the vote, and seven delegates overall. He was beaten out by Ted Cruz.

Why are all these other losers even trying anymore?

As disheartening as this might be, it’s only a symbolic loss, and the fight is far from over. Iowa is full of Evangelical Christians who are easily some of the stupidest people on the planet. Cruz is the sort of candidate who would throw out soundbites about “talking to God” about his campaign, and promising to defend Israel to the death, which is all it takes to appeal to these low IQ morons. I mean seriously, does this seem like a man who any intelligent person would vote for?

His daughter does not look comfortable here. Like any scumbag, who cares more about image, than his daughter’s comfort, he just tries again. It backfired big time you massive creep.

The fact that Trump did as well as he did, without resorting to these tactics, was impressive in itself. Iowa is only the first of many State primaries. Next stop, is New Hampshire, where Trump has been dominating the polls by huge margins, on a consistent basis.



I can’t see Trump losing to Cruz or anyone else there and hopefully, he’ll gain momentum which will carry him on to victory in other states. This loss to Cruz in Iowa is only a minor setback. I still believe there is a chance that Trump can do it, and save America and by extension, the world, from declining any further.



Now is not the time for fear. That comes later.
The Trump train is a locomotive that is built without brakes. It can’t be derailed by one minor setback.

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