“German schools should start teaching Arabic”

As “evil hate filled racists” (and Muslims themselves) have pointed out time and time again,  Islamic mass immigration to Europe will have just one end result… an Islamic Europe.

“No, no, silly goyim. When they say that they’re going to take over your countries, and impose their values on you, they’re just joking, every single time.”

From Spiegel (Translated by Google)

Not only refugee children who come from the Middle East to Germany should learn in school, a new language but also German children. The calls of the president of the private Kühne Logistics University in Hamburg, Thomas Strothotte. “In this country should be added that the German children learn Arabic,” writes the computer science professor in a commentary for the weekly newspaper “Die Zeit”.

Yes German citizens, your children should be required to learn Arabic, as that is the language of the conquering army who will enslave them in just a few decades. It makes perfect sense as they’ll be better able to serve their new masters if they can speak to them in their own language.

Sure it’s already official policy to have Arabic subtitles for some speeches. How about just banning German altogether and making Arabic the official language of Germany instead?

German and Arabic should therefore be obligatory for all students until graduation. A German core competence “, access to the Arab world possible. We would therefore appreciate to be a country of immigration and a multilingual society” would like that.

Fantastic idea. As we all know, the Arabic world is the most economically advanced and prosperous on the entire planet. Why should Germans learn English, or French, or other European languages, when they can instead improve their employment opportunities in countries like Saudi Arabia for example? Newly captured German sex slaves can be trafficked all the way back to the Middle East, and they’ll be perfectly capable of understanding whether their Master wants a hand or blowjob. They’ll be the best educated sex slaves in the world.

German women at a job interview circa 2040.

Strothotte, who is a Canadian citizen himself and has lived in Germany since 1985, goes one step further: Had German and Arabic equal languages of instruction, would be children in Germany are already prepared for the profound transformation process in the Middle East.

By learning the Arabic language “we recommend ourselves and our children as an economic, cultural and political partner that can accompany this transformation process“, it said in the commentary.

“This transformation process”

I think he means the transformation of Germany from being a white, civilised, first world, democratic society, into a brown, barbaric, third world hellhole, where the native Germans will be facing extinction both culturally and as an ethnic group.

Taken by itself, this language thing isn’t a big deal, but it is a symptom of something larger and truly evil. What we are witnessing, is the beginning of the end of Germany in real time, something every other white majority society on the planet is also heading towards. They’ve already started accepting that women and girls are no longer safe from sexual assault, unless they adopt a “code of conduct”. I’m sure at some point, that code of conduct will be “wear a burka, and have a male family member accompany you at all times.”

Hopefully, the mass awakening will happen soon, before it’s too late to reverse the damage that’s already been done. And if the awakening does happen, we need to remember who is responsible, so they can answer for their attempted genocide against the European peoples.

Angela Merkel



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