Victory in New Hampshire

More than double that of the runner up too.

After the narrow defeat last week of our Glorious Leader at the hands of the creepy bastard Ted Cruz, it would have been easy to allow ourselves to fall into the pits of despair. However, it was only a symbolic loss in a long war, and today has been a much better day. Hopefully, it will be the first of many victories for our Glorious Leader. After his victory, he had some very inspiring words for us.

From CBS

Just hours after winning New Hampshire’s Republican primary with 35 percent of the vote, front-runner Donald Trump weighed in on the current state of the GOP field in an interview with “CBS This Morning” early Wednesday.

“The people of New Hampshire were amazing,” Trump said, adding that “I thought I’d do well there.”

I thought you would too, Glorious Leader… I thought you would too. 🙂

He weighed in on other Republican rivals, including former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush as a candidate who “just doesn’t have it” and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie who he called a “friend.”

Jeb Cuck.jpg


Hmm… I can’t imagine where he’d get the impression that Jeb just doesn’t have it.

“[Christie] did call me,” Trump said. “He just congratulated me and said, ‘It was just unbelievable what you’ve done, I mean, the numbers were fantastic.'”

When asked if he believed it was time for his New Jersey opponent to quit the presidential race, Trump responded: “I don’t know… I’d like to see a lot of people to drop out.”

I agree. The rest of these losers need to drop out of the race and hop on board the Trump Train, ASAP.

No brakes on this train.

“He’s a friend of mine,” Trump added. “I thought he was very effective. And I was surprised he didn’t do better, frankly.”

The GOP front-runner brushed aside comments that he has fundamentally changed American politics.

“I haven’t done anything — unless I win. And I mean, not the nomination. I mean win the whole thing. I haven’t done anything,” Trump said.

You’ve already done a lot for us, Glorious Leader. You’ve moved the overton window in a direction that finally allows us to talk about the issues which were taboo to talk about before.

The businessman said he believes if you don’t win in the end, “you’re a failed candidate, even if you go to the final step.”

He laid out his strategy after New Hampshire, mentioning his chances at winning some Democratic-leaning states.

“I have a chance of winning New York,” he told “CBS This Morning” co-host Charlie Rose. “You know, you look at these politicians they always talk about the six states — you’ve got to win this one, that one. You have to win Ohio, you have to win Florida.

“I can change the game because I really have a chance of New York, I’m going to win Virginia,” Trump said. “I’m going to win Michigan, as an example.”

His confidence is truly inspiring.

Turning to foreign policy issues, when asked about the recent threat posed by North Korea after it launched a long-range rocket on Sunday, Trump suggested that he would force China to handle its neighbor.

“I would get China to make that guy disappear in one form or another very quickly,” Trump said.

“How do you make him disappear?” host of “CBS This Morning” Norah O’Donnell asked. “Assassinate him?”

Trump shrugged, “Well, I’ve heard of worse things frankly.”

“He’s a bad dude, and don’t underestimate him,” he added. “China has control — absolute control over North Korea…And they should make that problem disappear.”

“China is sucking us dry. They’re taking our money, they’re taking our jobs. They’re doing so much,” Trump said. “I would force the Chinese to do it — economically.”

And sure why not? Why should America be trying to run the entire world, and dealing with every single problem that occurs? North Korea is in China’s sphere of influence, so it should be China who keeps them in line, not America.

The GOP candidate also weighed in on other foreign rulers, including Russian president Vladimir Putin, who Trump has repeatedly said he had a “very good relationship” with.

“I love the fact that Russia is hitting ISIS,” he said. “And as far as I’m concerned, they’ve got to continue to hit ISIS.”

Again, this makes perfect sense. Why shouldn’t America be trying to form a better relationship with Russia? And surely we can all agree that stopping ISIS is a positive thing. Doing so would make Syria safe again, and would take away the justification for the current ongoing invasion of Europe by “Syrian refugees” fleeing the “Syrian Civil War” from countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Iraq, Dubai, Turkey, Sub-Saharan Africa, and occasionally, Syria. Yes, I know the US doesn’t like the idea of their “moderate terrorists” getting destroyed by Russia, but seeing as they don’t really exist as a distinct group from ISIS, they’ll just have to be sacrificed for the greater good of the world.

Can anyone honestly explain why it would be a bad thing to have a good relationship and cooperation between America and Russia?

When asked if he would negotiate with Putin to pressure Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to step aside, Trump said, “I don’t think it’s that important” to get rid of Assad.

“Let’s say you get rid of Assad, you knock out that government — who’s gonna take over?” he questioned. “The people that we’re backing? And then you’re gonna have, like, Libya?”

The real estate mogul warned, “Look what happened when we got rid of [Libyan President] Qaddafi.”

“To me it was a total mistake,” Trump said of ousting the Libyan leader. Pointing to the 2011 terror attack on a U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi, he added that the North African country is now “a mess.”

Trump also suggested that the U.S. should not have been involved in toppling Iraq President Saddam Hussein.

“Had we not done anything – had our politicians gone to the beach and enjoyed the sun, we would be in a lot better position than we are right now,” he added. “Saddam Hussein — no good guy but Saddam Hussein killed terrorists.”

Of course what he’s not stating here (perhaps strategically) is that Saddam, Gaddafi, and Assad weren’t targeted by America because of how terrible they may or may not have been in their actions. The reality is that the United States and their allies don’t actually care about human rights or spreading democracy, as evident by their alliance with a country like Saudi Arabia, one of the most backwards and barbaric regimes in the world. If they actually cared about the things they claimed to care about, Saudi Arabia would be one of the first countries targeted for regime change. The real reason that these other dictators were targeted, demonised, and attacked is simply because they wouldn’t bow down to America or Israel.

But I digress. This isn’t the time to get into that. Now, we should just enjoy this victory, and laugh at the hysterical reactions of our enemies in the mainstream media.


As can be seen above, The Huffington Post has decided to throw a childish hissy fit, because the dumb masses didn’t vote the way they were told to. Brilliant idea there btw, Huffington Post. Attack the most popular candidate and by extension, anyone who supports him. In times past, telling people they were racist or sexist for doing something, would have had enough shaming power to make them not do it again. Unfortunately for the dinosaur media, times are changing. People are angry and fed up with the status quo, and instead of being scared of these words, they’re just getting angrier at having them used against them, when it simply isn’t true. Instead of backing down from the accusations and apologising, they’re just going to double down, and turn against their accusers. I wouldn’t be surprised to see if the Huffington Post loses readers over their pathetic outburst.

The journey isn’t over yet, and there’s still 48 more primaries to get through, before Trump can secure the nomination. Nevertheless, I am feeling a lot more optimistic after today. He might just do it.

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