Business as usual at Buzzfeed

I’ve occasionally heard people I know (white people specifically) talking about how entertaining Buzzfeed is. I can only assume that these people must be filled with hatred for the colour of their own skin, or they are at least brainwashed enough with white guilt that they’re unable to see Buzzfeed for what it really is. Buzzfeed is probably the most anti-white mainstream site in existence. No joke, I’m convinced that the entire site is nothing more than a propaganda machine to instill guilt and self-loathing in young white people, and at the same time, stir up feelings of hatred and resentment among non-whites against whites. Just look at the headlines from the screenshots I’ve taken from the site.

A load of bitching and moaning.
“Why won’t you white devils publish my terrible crappy book? It must be because I’m not white”
This was sarcasm btw
All white people share the exact same views. Therefore if one says something we don’t like, you all must answer for it.
Any luck yet in stopping them?
White people ruin everything, like Detroit, Haiti, Zimbabwe, South Africa.


There’s that “p” word again.
Indian woman moves to predominantly white country, finds job in white country, then discriminates against the white majority who kindly took her in to the country.

We get it Buzzfeed. You have a problem with white people. The comments sections on their articles are usually full of two kinds of people. Bitter, twisted, non-whites (mainly black or mixed race), who seem to take delight in bitching about how terrible whitey is, and how they wish white people didn’t exist.

Funny how they hate white people, yet willingly choose to settle in predominantly white countries. You would almost suspect that the white countries they settle in are objectively superior to the failed third-world hellholes that they or the parents crawled out of.

Those damn white people, forcing us to live in their superior countries.

But of course as we all know, according to our politically correct masters, this couldn’t be true. It’s just a coincidence that every single white country on the planet has first world status, and every single black country (for example) is a joke in terms of living standards. The fact that even formerly white run countries like Haiti, Zimbabwe, and South Africa (and cities in white countries like Detroit), have actually seen their living standards drop since the white people lost control of them means absolutely nothing. It’s obviously just a coincidence each and every time, and white people don’t actually create superior living standards, they just get lucky.

The other group that frequents the comments section of their articles are weak willed, self-loathing, white wusses, who seem to want nothing more than to see their own race go extinct, so that they can be freed from their own stupid feelings of guilt for being born with white skin. These people tend to be most laughable and pathetic figures you can imagine. Failures at life in every way conceivable.

The typical white woman who would post on Buzzfeed
The typical white man who would post on Buzzfeed.

These people are the worst of the two groups. I don’t necessarily blame the non-whites who comment on the articles, because they’re just doing what they feel is right for their own ethnic interests. But these white cuckolds who join in too are absolutely pathetic. I have absolutely no problem with standing up against racism, or treating other racial groups with respect. But whining about how much you hate your own race and wanting to see your own demographic destruction is one of the most pathetic things imaginable. If they truly wanted to live in a society that values equality, then they should be standing up for themselves as well as for others. But for some reason, these people are such pathetic weaklings, that they don’t have the courage to go against the grain and say “hang on a second, this isn’t fair to my race”.

Anyway, Buzzfeed doesn’t just make stupid list articles about how much they hate white people. They make videos too. Recently they made yet another one for the sole purpose of instilling white guilt. Lets take a look at it.

I actually think it’s incredible how these other races aren’t offended by how they’re portrayed in videos like this. It essentially shows them as nothing more than a bunch of crybabies who are incapable of succeeding in life because big bad whitey keeps being mean to them for absolutely no reason. It’s actually laughable how pathetic it is.

Thankfully enough, the viewers aren’t impressed, as can be seen by the like/dislike ratio and the comments. People are obviously starting to wise up to Buzzfeed.

And keep in mind that videos like this often use “like bots” to artificially increase likes.
Yeah imagine how much worse Africa would be than it is already if we just let nature (famines, ebola etc) take their course instead of helping them?
But then they’d live in shitty failed countries.
And they’ll release many more.
Race is only a social construct when it suits them. When it doesn’t suit them, race is real.
My thoughts exactly.
Idiots still won’t figure out the obvious truth though unfortunately.
The white guilt is weak in these four.
All part of the century long plan.
We’ve already covered this. White people didn’t build white countries. They were already built, but whites stole them.
OMG, we’ve got an Uncle Tom here.

You would probably wonder, just what kind of a person would run such an organisation like Buzzfeed? So after looking at their Wikipedia article, I found that their founder and CEO is a guy by the name of Jonah Peretti.

Hmm, looks pretty white to me. I wonder why he attacks white people so much then.

Peretti’s father is Italian-American and his mother is Jewish




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