Riots in Sweden

With the recent terrorist attacks in France and Belgium, and the mass sexual assaults in Germany, it can be easy to overlook that with all the chaos happening all over Europe, it’s still Sweden that the smart money is on to be the first European country to collapse. Whereas in the rest of Europe, there appears to a growing resistance and more people questioning the ongoing insanity, in Sweden, it just seems to go from bad to worse.

From Red Ice Creations

Violent riots continued for a second night in the southern Stockholm suburb of Alby, known for its significant immigrant population, RT’s Ruptly agency reports. Protesters set fire to cars and pelted police and emergency services with rocks and pyrotechnics.

It sure is strange how areas with “significant immigrant populations” always tend to be the sources of the most trouble in Europe. It must be a response to all that racism they experience from white Europeans. As Europe needs these people for reasons which are never specified, we need to find a way to appease them somehow. Perhaps importing millions more of them so they feel more at home would help. As we all know, the more immigrants means less violence (except in these early stages where more immigrants means more violence). Eventually, if enough of them are there, Sweden will have its living standards and safety raised to the same levels as the African and Middle Eastern countries that these people came from. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

“I wish Sweden was more like Africa”  You’ll get your wish eventually you massive cuck.

On Thursday night, police were patrolling the suburb, which is home to large Syrian and Armenian diasporas, as well as more recent Iraqi refugees, when a rock flew through the back window of their parked car.

Such vibrant diversity. Those police were so lucky to experience such excitement at the hands of those “new Swedes”.

As officers searched for the culprits, the rioters set fire to tires on a public bridge, and poured gasoline over several cars, before lighting them up. When fire crews arrived they were also showered with projectiles.

I know it seems tough now, but eventually these low IQ, violent morons, will become fully integrated and hardworking Swedish people. They’ll pay your pensions.

The future brain surgeons, nuclear physicists, and rocket scientists of Sweden. If only white racism wasn’t holding them back.

On Friday night, police encountered yet more clashes with residents, although there has been no official confirmation of a link between the scuffles.

One man was arrested Thursday, but has since been released.

It would be racist to charge him with a crime.

Sweden’s last major riots took place in 2013, provoked by an alleged incident of police brutality. But there have been widely-publicized incidents involving foreign-born residents, including asylum center murders, and sexual assault cases, over the past year.

Wow, they manage to go three whole years without a major riot. Only a few a minor incidents like the odd murder or sexual assault here and there. I guess they really are integrating after all.

Sweden accepted nearly 170,000 asylum seekers in 2015, more per capita than any other EU state.

And I bet they have failed to put two and two together, and see the possible connection between that, and all the trouble that’s going on.

As Swedish law forbids police to record the ethnicity and origin of the perpetrators, the identity of the recent rioters is unlikely to be uncovered.

Oh and why should they? Seeing as race is just a social construct (except in situations were we want to attack white people for being “racist”) why would they report on such information. Seeing as all people are equal in every way, it shouldn’t matter what “race” the rioters are. Even if it’s 100% composed of brown and/or black minorities, this is all just a coincidence, and has absolutely no bearing whatsoever.




Goodbye Sweden :/


“Terrorism has no religion”

So whenever there is a terrorist attack by Islamic extremists, one of the immediate reactions of people is to act as if it has nothing to do with Islam, remind us all that Islam is a religion of peace etc.

Well I came across an article on Wikipedia which lists violent events by death toll. One section of the article deals specifically with terrorists attacks, and this section mentions the political ideology behind each attack. So I made a list of every ideology mentioned, and counted up the number of attacks for each. I decided to count “Unknown” and “Unclear” as one, and I did the same with “Fascism”, and “Neo-Fascism”, as I figured it made sense not to count them separately. So lets take a look at a pie chart and bar chart I made, which demonstrate the number of attacks for each ideology.

jihad bar chart.png

jihad pie chart.png

It can be a bit difficult to see due to how small the text is, but one thing that is quite obvious, is that with a total of 292 recorded incidents, representing 74% of all known terrorist attacks in which there was at least one fatality, (almost 3 times as much as every other ideology combined) there is one ideology that stands head and shoulders above all others when it comes to terrorists attacks.

That ideology is Jihadism. Of course I’ll bet this will make no difference, and people will still act as if pattern recognition is an evil thing to do, despite the obvious reality of what is happening.

Oh and keep in mind as well that terrorists attacks for other ideologies such as “Islamism” (2 incidents), “Chechen Separatism” (11 incidents),  “Palestinian Nationalism” (1 incident), and Kurdish Nationalism (6 incidents) are also committed by Muslims. Therefore out of a total of of 393 recorded terrorist attacks, 312 were committed by Muslims. Really makes you think, doesn’t it?

*EDIT (September 2nd 2016)*

Just looking back at this post, and I noticed that the Wikipedia article has made a few changes. Jihadism is no longer counted as a political ideology. “Islamic Extremism”, something which wasn’t a category last time, now is. Under this new listing method, there are 277 attacks under the Islamic Extremism banner, as opposed to 292 which were under Jihadism. I’m not sure what category the other missing 15 attacks are now listed under (as well as any subsequent attacks that have happened in the last few months). I just wanted to make this edit in case anybody happens to stumble upon this post in the future and notices this inaccuracy. I want to assure you that when I wrote this post back in March, everything I wrote was accurate at the time. It’s just that Wikipedia themselves have since made changes to how these attacks are categorised, and for all I know, they might make further changes in the future.

To see the version of the article that was present when I originally wrote this post, please follow this link.

Muslims aren’t oppressed in Europe

An interesting article. No bullshit, no insulting our intelligence. Just gets straight to the point.

Multiculturalism: A narrative popularized by liberal pols and pundits is that the Belgian and French terrorists were mistreated and alienated by the native population, and that’s why they lashed out in violence. It’s a pernicious lie.

It’s also a stupid excuse to make, even if it had been true. They’re literally suggesting that Muslims in Europe are only killing us because we hurt their feelings. Can you imagine the sheer stupidity of a person who actually buys into that narrative.

“Oh that poor Mohammed. He wouldn’t have turned into a homicidal maniac who likes to blow people up in the name of his religion, if we had just been nicer to him, and hadn’t oppressed him in vague, unspecified ways. It’s really are own fault that he wanted to blow us up.”

“I’m going to leave my country, go elsewhere, murder the people who live there, and blame them for oppressing me. Idiots will fall for it”

Besides, if Europe is such an alienating environment for them, then why do they choose to come her en masse? Wouldn’t they feel more at home in a Muslim majority country instead, if that’s the case?

A former Obama official summed up this pathetic excuse-making for mass murder on Wednesday during an appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” “These communities, especially in Brussels . . . are looked down upon because of their religion,” claimed a former deputy assistant secretary of defense, Evelyn Farkas. “The whole mindset in Europe needs to shift in order to give these people equal opportunity, and frankly, respect.”

In what specific ways are these people not given equal opportunities. They’ve already been given the greatest opportunity possible by just being allowed to leave the failed countries they originated from, and to start a new life in a proper country. What exactly is holding them back?

Added Farkas: “These communities do not feel sufficiently respected and accepted within many of these European countries. And even if you have trouble assimilating them, you have to give them equal opportunity to make a living. A lot of these young men didn’t have many opportunities.”

Again, see above. How exactly are they not been given equal opportunities. What barriers are in place against them? And regarding the difficulty assimilating, well that’s their problem, not ours. The guest people should be the ones making the effort to assimilate into the host nation, not the other way around. If they can’t assimilate, or simply choose not to, they should go back to wherever they came from, where they should have no such problems fitting in.

This is pure mythology. Farkas and other terrorist apologists need to put down the violins and do some basic research. Fact is, Belgium’s government has been extremely generous toward its Muslim population. Most of its welfare goes to Muslims, and it even subsidizes their mosques and imams.

Of course it’s never enough with these people though. They start off small and somewhat reasonable, but gradually increase their demands, because they’re never happy until they have everything their way. This link here, explains the pattern they tend to follow as their population percentage increases.

Many of these young Muslim men who supposedly can’t find gainful employment don’t want to work. Why would they, when welfare checks are normally 70% to 80% of their income?

And guess who is paying that? That’s right, the Belgian taxpayer. While whitey is too busy working his ass off, and being taxed so much that he can’t afford to have children, Muslims are having this tax money handed over to them in welfare, and are being subsidised to reproduce. In other words, the Belgian taxpayer is literally paying another ethnic group to replace them in their own ancestral homelands. Literally genocide according to the UN.

(A): Not directly, but deliberately bringing a hostile invading force in has led to the deaths of white European, which could have been avoided if this invading force wasn’t here. (B): The constant bombardment of propaganda about whites being evil racists who should feel guilty for the alleged crimes of their ancestors, has undoubtedly caused great mental harm to our race. (C): Whites are already a minority in many European cities (and this will only continue). This is due to deliberate policies of importing in outsiders and replacing the whites with them. This will eventually lead to the groups destruction. (D): Most white people can’t afford to have as many children as they would like, or that previous generations of white people could. Importing outsiders has resulted in increased competition for employment (thus driving down wages), an increase in demand for homes (and therefore house prices) and an increase in the cost of welfare for outsiders (and therefore taxes to fund said welfare). This leads to a great increase in the cost of living and reduces the number of children that working whites can afford to have (if they can even afford any at all). (E) N/A (so far).

Not having a job is a conscious decision. Many see it as their religious duty not to make any economic contribution to the “kaffir” state hosting them. By not holding regular jobs, they have time to make “hijrah” to Syria, where they can train for jihad and return with other “skills” like manufacturing nail bombs in safe houses unmolested by authorities (who agree not to make raids at night out of respect for Muslim neighborhoods).

Remind me once again, why exactly are we letting these people into our countries? What do we need them for?

Far from being mistreated, Belgian Muslims are one of the most pampered minorities in Western history.

Lest it offend its burgeoning Muslim population, Belgium has “de-Christianized” its Christian holidays. The holiday previously known as All Saints Day is now referred to as Autumn Leave, Christmas Vacation is now Winter Vacation, Lenten Vacation is now Rest and Relaxation Leave and Easter is now Spring Vacation.

Sounds as bad as that “Happy holidays” bullshit in America. I wonder how long until they try something similar here in Ireland? I can see them starting off with more reasonable demands like a de-emphasis on schools discriminating in favour of enrolling Catholic children first and foremost, but it will gradually get worse, and they’ll be demanding halal food in restaurants and supermarkets, a ban on alcohol and pork products, and no references to Christian holidays in public before long.

Meantime, it’s allowing the construction of massive mosques, including one with a 60-foot minaret that will automatically light up during calls to prayer. Authorities even let Muslim hate-preachers sermonize at the subway stations in Brussels, including one known to approach young Muslims and persuade them to go and fight in Syria.

Personally I’d let them go and fight. It gets them out of Europe which means less potential trouble for us here, and there’s always hope that they would lose their worthless lives in a Russian airstrike. Better seeing them die attempting jihad in Syria, than have them killing innocent Europeans attempting jihad here.

“No, no, no, we need them here in Europe so they can bring us the benefits of diversity. Benefits which include terrorism, gang rapes, and increased welfare consumption. Only a racist who hates the colour of their skin, could possibly oppose those benefits.”

Heavily subsidized by Belgium’s overgenerous welfare system, North African immigrants have little incentive to integrate. Instead they turn inward, creating Islamic no-go zones divorced from and hostile to Western society.


It would be racist to expect them to integrate. We have to let them set up little third world hellholes in our first world countries in order to make amends for colonialism, slavery, the Holocaust and white privilege.

Sharia4Belgium is one of most popular youth organizations in the country. Its young Muslim bullies go around harassing non-Muslims to comply with Sharia law on the street, banning the smoking of cigarettes, the use of alcohol and the sale of pork. Women who don’t cover up get pawed, or worse, raped.

But remember, the Muslims are the real victims. We’ll never explain why exactly, but they are.

The real victims weren’t the people who were killed. They were the people who heard mean things being said about their religion on social media.

The problem isn’t intolerance. It’s the multiculturalist socialist paradise that the entire European Union affords Muslim immigrants.


“War is Peace”

“Freedom is Slavery”

“Diversity is Strength”

Therefore, multiculturalism couldn’t be a problem.

As a result, welfare is abused by Muslims across Europe — some 80% of Muslim immigrants to Europe are on the dole, and more than half are “economically inactive.” Muslims claim disability more than any other group.

“They’ll do the jobs that Europeans don’t want to do”

“There aren’t enough people in Europe to fill all job vacancies”

“They’ll pay your pensions when you’re retired”

“*Additional generic multiculturalism lie here*”

In the EU capital of Belgium, as well as neighboring Netherlands, Muslims are roughly 5% of the population yet consume 40% to 60% of the welfare budget. Belgium spends more on unemployment benefits than any other country outside Denmark.

Imagine how much welfare they’ll consume when they make up 10% of the population… assuming Belgium still exists as an entity then.

European society isn’t oppressing Muslim immigrants. Far from it. It’s coddling them, providing them a comfortable living. And they return the favor by disemboweling their gracious hosts.

“Just a few bad apples… well ok, a few million bad apples in a bunch. We need them or else Europe will not survive.”

Glorious leader was right yet again.

Just keep asking Europe. Eventually you’ll figure it out.

So today there was yet another major terrorist attack by Islamic extremists in a European city (Brussels this time). More than 30 innocent people killed and plenty more injured. Just as with every other terrorist attack, the usual bleeding heart morons, who would rather be blown up in an attack, than thought of as racist, are just offering their prayers, or reminding the rest of us “uneducated” fools, that the majority of Muslims are peaceful, and that we can’t let Islamophobia take hold.

Political figures meanwhile are apparently “shocked” by this incident, as if it was something that nobody could have possibly predicted could happen.


Wow so much shock over this incident. Who would have thought that importing infinity people with a cultural background incompatible with our own, and who have history of committing acts of terrorism against us, could possibly lead to an act of terrorism being committed against us? Clearly, nobody could have seen this com…





But this doesn’t matter of course. Trump is just a hate filled racist according to the mainstream media, and the blind lemmings on social media who believe everything the mainstream media tells them. The important thing to remember is not that Trump was right, but that what Trump said was mean and hurtful. Hurting the feelings of people who want to kill us, is way worse than actually allowing ourselves to be killed.

At least that’s the impression I get from people who are willing to deny the obvious reality.

Violent protests against Trump

So George Soros (the evil demon that I discussed in my previous post) has already begun his attack against our Glorious Leader, by sending a mob to protest against him.

From Inquisitr

Someone has finally stepped forward to take credit for the Trump protests held during Donald Trump’s rally in Chicago, Illinois and it is Moveon.Org. The community of more than eight million liberal Americans also promised more protests are to come.

I have no doubt there will be plenty more. They aren’t going to stop until either they stop Trump, or he comes to power and stops them. They are relentless.

Previous news outlets reported that Donald Trump planned to hold a rally in the heart of Chicago, Illinois. Such is a bold move for the GOP presidential hopeful given the city is very liberal, often supporting the Democratic Party in all things. Nevertheless, Trump tried to hold the rally only to be bombarded with thousands of anti-Trump protesters. The protests grew increasingly violent which caused Trump to cancel or postpone the rally. For the anti-Trump protesters, they called it a “win” as “We stopped Trump” chants echoed through the streets.

Yes good job. You had to resort to violence to “win”. You’re sure proving yourselves to have the moral high ground by using violence to intimidate people with political opinions you disagree with. You can’t beat him with factual arguments (because the facts are against you), and you couldn’t stump him with your constant insults and smear campaign in the media, so you decided to move on to more agressive methods. Of course if the roles were reversed, you’d be crying all over the media about how that “fascist” Trump and his “thugs” were treating you. Violence is only alright when it’s your side doing it.

Initially, the first reports on the postponement or cancellation of Donald Trump’s rally in Chicago credited members of the Black Lives Matter movement, Gay Pride community, and Muslims, mostly within the college student age range, as the people behind the anti-Trump protests. However, more recent reports have found the anti-Trump protest to be far more organized than what was initially expected.


These indoctrinated morons, with their complete lack of real world experience, really are arrogant enough to think they understand it all, and that they’re so much more intelligent than everyone else, just because they’ve been conditioned to regurgitate the “correct” opinions over and over again in their campus echo chambers by their biased leftist professors. Any idiot can repeat that we’ve always been at war with Eastasia, if that’s the view that everyone is pushed to blindly accept, but very few seem to have the critical thinking facilities to question it. I’m not arrogantly saying that the popular view is always wrong, but lets be honest here, how many of these people really came to have their views, based on careful research, looking at both sides of the argument carefully, and deciding for themselves without letting others cloud their judgment? I can guarantee that the vast majority of them just blindly accept the mainstream views of Trump, without ever having looked into  the context of what he’s saying, and without ever even trying to understand why people support him. They just automatically assume that he’s evil because they’ve been told that over and over, and therefore assume that anyone who supports him, must be evil too.


And college is just an extension of the school system. They want you smart enough to be able to work within the system, but not smart enough to ever see through it.

According to InfoWars, former Illinois contender for Congress and executive director of Ilya Sheyman is taking credit for the events that happened at the Donald Trump rally in Chicago.

So from their Home Page, we can literally see the words “Democracy in Action” under their logo.

And is indeed funded by George Soros. The same George Soros who as I mentioned in my last post, literally financed a revolution against the democratically elected government in Ukraine, two years ago.

“Democracy in Action”

“Funds revolutions against democratically elected government”

“Mr. Trump and the Republican leaders who support him and his hate-filled rhetoric should be on notice after tonight’s events. To all of those who took to the streets of Chicago, we say thank you for standing up and saying enough is enough. To Donald Trump, and the GOP, we say, welcome to the general election.”

“If you support this man who says things we don’t like, we’ll come after you next”.

Though calls itself a community for Americans to connect through internet, participate, and win campaigns for progressive change, it is often reported to be a front for wealthy progressive liberals. George Soros, the billionaire financier who is often known as “The Man who Broke the Bank of England,” donated $1.46 million to help initiate Linda Pritzker, a member of the Hyatt hotel family, donated $4 million to the group too.

Sounds about right. They can’t push their agendas alone, so they finance organisations like these ones to do it for them.

The events that took place in Chicago are just the beginning. According to Washington Times, has promised more disruptions are on the way. After Donald Trump’s rally in Chicago was cancelled, sent an email out to all their members explaining on what they plan to do in the face of their “victory.”

More violence. More intimidation. We can’t have these people voting for someone who represents their own interests.

“Last night, without consulting local police, Donald Trump abruptly cancelled a rally in Chicago in the face of massive and overwhelmingly peaceful student-led protests. We’re being flooded with aggressive emails and social media posts from Trump supporters. Some of them are threatening. We refuse to be intimidated by Donald Trump, Fox News, or anyone else.”

“Peaceful protests” than detailed their efforts in the recent months which includes the support they gave to anti-Trump protesters in Chicago. They even promised to continue taking on Donald Trump in what they say is a non-violent way.

I don’t have any faith in them to stick to non-violent methods seeing as non-violent methods have already failed, and these people are obsessed with stopping him.

“We’ve been ramping up our efforts for months — from the ‘We Are Better Than This’ ad we helped organize in The New York Times in December, to our collective advocacy for refugees under attack from the GOP, to the support we provided students in Chicago last night by printing signs and a banner and recruiting members to join their peaceful protest. We need to double-down in the face of direct attacks on our community.


I’ve addressed the “refugee” situation so many times already, that I’m not going to bother again. Why can’t that lie just die already?

So here’s the plan: We’ll support members to call out and nonviolently protest Trump’s racist, bigoted, misogynistic, xenophobic, and violent behavior — and show the world that America rejects Trump’s hate,” the email read. “And to keep it going, we’re counting on you to donate whatever you can to cover the costs of everything involved — the organizers, signs, online recruitment ads, training, and more.”

Take note of how these people actually require financing to mobolise. Trump’s supporters on the other hand, are genuine people, who support him because they believe in him. They don’t need to be paid to support him. This crowd are just a bunch of hired thugs and mercenaries, who are being paid to protest the rallies, rather than doing so out of genuine passion for their cause.

To finish up, here’s a video of Paul Joseph Watson giving his views on the situation. He makes some very good points.

And some comments from the video.


Soros attempts to stump the Trump.

Much like the vampires in Buffy the Vampire Slayer…
…The true demonic visage of George Soros becomes more visible with age.

George Soros may very well be one of the worst human beings on the face of the planet. Despite being 85 years old, and a multi-billionaire, he’s still very actively causing chaos in the world for reasons which I can only assume are his own personal amusement. Lets take a look at some of the things he has been involved with over the past few years.

Ever hear of the radical feminist group “Femen“? Well if not, check out these videos.

Essentially they just run around naked with slogans painted on their bodies in the hopes of disrupting everyone around them. They’re very anti-Christian, and anti-Islam, but never seem to target Judaism. This might be because Soros (a Jew) is long suspected of financing them, and this was confirmed when he pulled this financing when they attempted to set up an Israeli branch of their operation.

Most likely this was a joke mocking people who say Soros financed them, but you can’t help but wonder if there was truth to it. Cause trouble in other countries all you want, but leave Israel alone.

How about the Black Lives Matter protesters? You know, those people who make martyrs out of thugs who were killed by (mostly) white cops in self defence, while ignoring the cases of cops killed by black thugs, ignoring the fact that more whites are killed by cops than blacks, and ignoring the black lives that are lost at the hands of other blacks.

Also largely funded by George Soros.

Oh how about the whole situation in Ukraine? Remember the Ukrainian revolution in February 2014, which resulted in then president Viktor Yanukovych being toppled and an interim government being created? This resulted in a Jewish Prime Minister, a Jewish President, and a Jewish Mayor for Kiev, all of whom were in favour of closer ties to the EU and America, than with Russia. Well the groups which protested against the previous Yanukovych government were financed by Soros. The most hilarious part is that the media is actually claiming that the regime is a bunch of Neo-Nazis. Just think about how insane that all sounds. We’re literally expected to believe that a Jewish billionaire financed Neo-Nazis to topple a government and replace it with one full of Jews. It’s absolutely mind boggling. The average human being is not capable of processing such nonsense.

“We’re all Nazis. We want to put Jews in charge of our country because an American Jew paid us to”

Oh and I’ve saved the best for last. You know how there are infinity people from Africa and the Middle East flooding in to Europe right now, most of whom aren’t even fleeing a war? Well migration on that scale isn’t a random occurrence. There has to be a force behind it. I wonder what that force could be.





Yes. It’s true. George Soros is not only a big supporter of it, but is actually directly involved in making it happen. He doesn’t care about the damage it’s causing in Europe, because he’s not the one who is going to suffer for it.

It’s absolutely insane just how much that guy is involved in, and that’s only a small sample. I’m sure I could easily find a lot more if I were to look into it, but I think I should get to the point of the article. Soros (the largest donor out of several Jewish billionaires to Hillary Clinton’s campaign) is planning on financing action to stop Donald Trump from being elected.

From Daily Caller

George Soros will give $5 million to a Super PAC designed to turn out Latin voters in the fall. In total, donors have already pledged over $15 million dollars to the group.

-_- Why can’t this evil old bastard just run out of money already? With all the money he spends causing chaos and destruction in the world, it’s a wonder he has any left.

The group which is titled “Immigrant Voters Win PAC” hopes to turn out 400,000 new voters to vote for the Democratic nominee in November, The New York Times reports.

Literally buying votes.

The PAC is hoping to capitalize on Donald Trump’s rhetoric towards Hispanics and Muslims. Soros told the Times, “It is harmful to our democracy and to our national interests. There should be consequences for the outrageous statements and proposals that we’ve regularly heard.”

Harmful to our national interests? Funny, I would assume that allowing yourselves to be demographically replaced by alien groups you have no obligation to, would be far more harmful to your interests than putting your own needs ahead of those groups. But of course, when George says “ours”, he’s really just referring to himself and those like him, not to the average American citizen.

The Hungarian financier is notorious for his donations to liberal causes, and his spending on the 2016 race will soon exceed the $13 million he spent in 2004.

I have an extra reason to support Trump now. I would love it, love it, if that money was wasted.

Cristóbal Alex, president of the Latino Victory Project, told the Times that the group will be “really taking the gloves off.” He added, “We could have a giant wall built and millions of families broken apart. The country is on the precipice.”

My heart bleeds for you -_-

I didn’t even mention how he is rumoured to have  collaborated with the Nazis and thrown his fellow Jews under the bus (actually that might mean there is some truth to those Ukrainian Neo-Nazis after all), or how he almost single handedly caused a recession in Britain in the early 90s, because of his greed.

You can judge a man by the quality of his enemies. This man stands in opposition to our Glorious Leader, Donald Trump. He obviously is opposed to a Trump presidency for a reason. If we look at his behaviour in the past, I doubt that reason is good. Who would you rather side with?



I know who I prefer anyway.

“German” security guards are sexually abusing migrant women in camps.

I’ve just become aware of a petition doing the rounds with the aim of bringing attention to the plight of migrant women who are being sexually abused in German migrant camps. The petition can be seen right here.

On February 19th, women living in a refugee camp in Cologne, Germany wrote an open letter describing widespread sexual harassment and abuse at the hands of the camp’s security guards.

According to the letter, a group of nine guards regularly photograph and film women while they breastfeed, take showers, and sleep. Women and girls are afraid to go to the bathroom alone because that is where many have been raped. The letter states, “They wait in a group for the women going to the toilet on the outskirts of the camp; they intercept them, and they rape them while other people in the group watch.”

These women have escaped terror in their home countries, but instead of finding peace in Germany, they are experiencing terror of another kind. The guards allegedly keep the victims quiet about the attacks by threatening to tell their husbands or kick them out of the camp.

The Cologne police are investigating the allegations and have opened at least two cases as part of that investigation. The security company, however, says that they will use “every legal means to disprove the accusations.” We need to make sure that these women find justice, and that others don’t fall into the hands of predators.

It is horrific that these women and girls have been abused by the very men hired to protect them. If this was happening undetected right under the nose of authorities for who knows how long, who’s to say that it isn’t happening in other camps, as well?

Wow this is shocking to read. And it’s happening in Cologne no less. I guess this means that I was wrong to generalise migrant men as being far more likely to commit sexual crimes than German men. These German security guards are clearly just as likely to be guilty as…


…oh shit.

Well this doesn’t mean anything. It doesn’t say  where this security company is contracted to…

After all, her company provides security for several refugee shelters,





Again, I don’t want to jump the gun here and say that there is absolutely no possibility that these security guards actually were Germans instead of migrants. However, I do think it’s suspicious that the petition makes no reference to the ethnicities of the alleged guilty parties. The cynic in me believes that this was done on purpose because they know that most people are naturally going to picture German men guarding German refugee camps, and they want people to think this way, rather than hearing about yet another case of migrants raping women. Maybe I’m wrong, but we’ll just have to see.

Another South African farmer brutally murdered for being white.

I don’t understand how this could have happened. Surely his white privilege should have protected him. However it’s important to not forget that even though this white man was murdered by blacks for being white, it absolutely wasn’t racist. White people can’t be the victims of racism. Blacks can be prejudiced against whites, but racism requires both power plus prejudice to count. As whites have all the power in the world, and blacks are all innocent oppressed victims, this wasn’t racism.

So now that we’ve made it clear that it wasn’t a racist attack, lets take a look at the story.

From Maroela Media (Translated by Google)

Unfortunately for some reason, I am unable to copy and paste the text from the article so instead, I’ve decided to take screenshots of the text and upload them.




Can you imagine that? What an absolutely horrific way to die. They literally threw him into a crocodile pit to be eaten alive.  Obviously though, he must have deserved it because he was oppressing those poor innocent blacks with his white skin.

The murdered man with his wife and daughter. Look at how evil and racist he is with his white skin. He clearly deserved to be tortured to death for no reason.

In all seriousness, being a white farmer in South Africa is apparently the most dangerous job in the world now, because they’re being murdered so often by blacks in racist… sorry, I mean, justified attacks because of the legacy of Apartheid. There is literally a genocide going on in South Africa right now against whites, and most people haven’t got a clue about it.


This is a large part of the reason why I’m so opposed to the ongoing multicultural experiment in predominantly white countries. We see how whites are treated in countries where they are the minorities. Currently, whites are decreasing as a demographic all across the world, and non-whites are increasing. These non-whites are being welcomed with open arms and are being treated as equals, because the vast majority of us white people are genuinely good, caring people, who believe in fair play for all. However, despite how welcoming we are, a false narrative is being relentlessly promoted by the media and academia about how there is still a terrible problem with institutional racism, how whites are all terrible people who should be ashamed of themselves, and how every single bad thing that happens to non-whites, is because of racism they’ve experienced at the hands of whites. This creates a situation were white people are demoralised and filled with self loathing and white guilt, and non-whites are encouraged to hate white people and to blame them for everything that goes wrong.

So let me ask you this. If the white demographic keeps decreasing in white countries, the non-white demographics keep increasing, and these non-whites are constantly encouraged to hate the whites and blame them for everything wrong in the world, then what do you think is going to happen when the ratio of whites to non-whites shifts in their favour? I think it’s pretty obvious, but if it isn’t, I’ll spell it out. What happened to the Armenians a century ago, the white Haitians two centuries ago, and in Zimbabwe and South Africa today, will happen in every single white country. I’m not saying this to scaremonger. And honestly, I don’t want to be right about it. I’d really hope that I’m proven wrong, rather than proven right.

All I know is this. It’s incredibly selfish that smug self loathing white liberals will encourage this, just so they can feel good about how non-racist they are. It might not go wrong in their lifetime, but their children or grandchildren could end up suffering the consequences for them feeling good about themselves. I would much rather go against the grain and know that I’m working towards a better future for my descendants, than following the crowd, and working towards a future that will cause them suffering.

They’re getting too cocky for their own good.

So here we have a video from a Western news source no less, with some Arab guy essentially calling for the indigenous white Europeans to be ethnically cleansed from their own ancestral homelands, and replaced with people from Africa and Asia, for the sin of being born the same colour as those white Europeans who did colonialism a few centuries ago. Check it out.

RT Commentator Sukant Chandan called for “all Black and Asian people” to flock to Europe “by the hundreds of Millions” to turn “Europe black” for the past “crimes” of colonialism and alleged exploitation of Muslim nations on an Interview called “Human Tidal Waves” on RT Crosstalk. He refers to the quote by Muammar Gaddafi who has warned that Europe runs the risk of turning “black” unless the EU pays Libya at least €5 billion a year to block the arrival of illegal immigrants from Africa back in 2010. Europe refused the payment and Gaddafi was eventually assassinated.

In one of his published articles, “Taking over the West”, Chandan calls for the complete obliteration of European culture as way to make things right for “past crimes”.

The full 24 Minute show from Feb 19th can be found here

10 Seconds in: “There’s a dangerous new fascism emerging”

My response: That “fascism” as you call it, is simply a defensive response to the unjust treatment that we’re experiencing. We’re tired of terrorism, we’re tired of rapes, and we’re tired of the entire third world trying to parasite off us, while we work hard to look after ourselves and our loved ones. Protecting ourselves is not fascism. We just want to be able to live in peace.

22 Seconds in: “Blacks and Asians should come here in hundreds of millions”.

My response: Fuck off, Europe is ours. Blacks have Africa. Asians have Asia. If you aren’t capable of turning it into a civilisation, that’s your problem. You have no right to come and leech off of us. Europe is prosperous because European people made it prosperous. It belongs to us, and it will be passed down to our own children, and to their children afterwards. Not to you.

26 seconds in: “It’s not right that for 500 years that imperialism has looted our countries of all our wealth and destroyed our countries”.

My response: Not every European country participated in colonialism. Some (like my own, Ireland) in fact, were victims of it. Do we have to suffer for the crimes of colonialism too? If so, why? Also isn’t it strange how Ireland was colonised and plundered for far longer than the 500 years you mention, and were looted and victimised terribly (see Cromwell, and the famine for two examples of how badly we suffered), and our country seems to be functioning just fine now.

If a history of colonialism is an excuse for being a failed country today, then why isn’t Ireland a third world hellhole like African and Middle Eastern countries? Why aren’t the various former East Asian colonies third world hellholes like African and Middle Eastern countries? Oh, and why is it only European colonial powers that you whine about? Why isn’t the Ottoman Empire (a Muslim colonial power which colonised parts of Southern  Europe) being lumped in with the European Colonial powers when it comes to the blame game, and why aren’t their colonial victims in the same state as African and Middle Eastern countries? Why can’t you just accept that the reason your countries are pathetic failures is because of the people who inhabit and run them now?

33 seconds in: “We will continue to come here until Europe is black”

My response: So here, he’s literally saying that the white Europeans will be ethnically cleansed. It’s funny, because whenever anyone brings up “White Genocide“, we’re told it’s just a conspiracy theory, and the person who brings it up is ridiculed, either as a right wing, racist, nut, or as a paranoid lunatic. In fact, just check out the Wikipedia article on it. But how can it be a conspiracy theory, when not only are the things the so called conspiracy theorists have claimed, actually are happening, but when people like this guy actually outright admit to it? This is a complete war on, and denial of objective, observable, reality, that wouldn’t be out of place in the world of 1984.

However, I’m glad to see that they’re getting this cocky and arrogant. They feel as if they’re winning, think that we’re too soft, and they feel safe speaking openly about their intentions against us. But if they get too cocky, they run the risk of just waking more people up to the truth. If they wake up too many people, they’ll be sorry.Our patience and good nature can only be pushed so far.

Blatant hypocrisy

Stefan Molyneux, a fairly popular Libertarian vlogger on youtube, recently made a video discussing what is currently (due to the rise of Trump in America, and the ongoing migrant situation in Europe) the big political issue right now… immigration. A Jewish guy with a really whiny sounding voice called in to the show and argued in support of immigration. Molyneux then asked him a very simple question. Why are so many Jews pushing for immigration to white countries, but are so opposed to immigration into Israel (using the Syrian refugees as an obvious example). The reaction was priceless.

The Jew was completely stumped and couldn’t think of an answer. It was absolutely hilarious listening to him squirm (Molyneux’s own word to describe what he was doing), and watching Molyneux tear him apart because he couldn’t explain why immigration is favoured by so many Jews when it comes to white/Christian countries, but is so opposed by them when it comes to Israel.

“You know you’re squirming, right?”

The one excuse that the Jew comes out with is that the Syrian refugees would probably want to “kill the people that they’d immigrate to”. That’s a fair enough answer as to why they don’t want them in Israel, but it doesn’t explain why they want to inflict them on Europe or anywhere else, and treat Europeans who oppose this as horrible hate filled monsters. Is he suggesting that they only want to kill Jews, but have no interest in harming white people? That has obviously been proven false by the number of terrorist attacks, rapes, and murders that they’ve committed in European countries that have taken them in. So is he instead suggesting that these lives don’t matter to Jews, and that they only care about themselves and their own interests? And that their own interests involve undermining the ethnic homogeneity of European countries?

Yep, this situation again.

Keep in mind that the western media (particularly in America) has a disproportionately high number of Jews in leading positions, and is currently bombarding the public with smear after smear after smear, against Donald Trump for advocating for immigration policies, not unlike those which are the norm in Israel. Yet you’ll never hear the American media point this out, you’ll never hear them attack Israel for being this way, and they’ll attack you if you are a presidential candidate and aren’t 100% committed to supporting them. Oh and btw, Benjamin Netanyahu himself, actually condemned Trump for his proposal to ban Muslim immigrationto the United States. Can you believe it?

I don’t think I really need to say anymore on the matter. I think the hypocrisy is quite clear to see.