Blatant hypocrisy

Stefan Molyneux, a fairly popular Libertarian vlogger on youtube, recently made a video discussing what is currently (due to the rise of Trump in America, and the ongoing migrant situation in Europe) the big political issue right now… immigration. A Jewish guy with a really whiny sounding voice called in to the show and argued in support of immigration. Molyneux then asked him a very simple question. Why are so many Jews pushing for immigration to white countries, but are so opposed to immigration into Israel (using the Syrian refugees as an obvious example). The reaction was priceless.

The Jew was completely stumped and couldn’t think of an answer. It was absolutely hilarious listening to him squirm (Molyneux’s own word to describe what he was doing), and watching Molyneux tear him apart because he couldn’t explain why immigration is favoured by so many Jews when it comes to white/Christian countries, but is so opposed by them when it comes to Israel.

“You know you’re squirming, right?”

The one excuse that the Jew comes out with is that the Syrian refugees would probably want to “kill the people that they’d immigrate to”. That’s a fair enough answer as to why they don’t want them in Israel, but it doesn’t explain why they want to inflict them on Europe or anywhere else, and treat Europeans who oppose this as horrible hate filled monsters. Is he suggesting that they only want to kill Jews, but have no interest in harming white people? That has obviously been proven false by the number of terrorist attacks, rapes, and murders that they’ve committed in European countries that have taken them in. So is he instead suggesting that these lives don’t matter to Jews, and that they only care about themselves and their own interests? And that their own interests involve undermining the ethnic homogeneity of European countries?

Yep, this situation again.

Keep in mind that the western media (particularly in America) has a disproportionately high number of Jews in leading positions, and is currently bombarding the public with smear after smear after smear, against Donald Trump for advocating for immigration policies, not unlike those which are the norm in Israel. Yet you’ll never hear the American media point this out, you’ll never hear them attack Israel for being this way, and they’ll attack you if you are a presidential candidate and aren’t 100% committed to supporting them. Oh and btw, Benjamin Netanyahu himself, actually condemned Trump for his proposal to ban Muslim immigrationto the United States. Can you believe it?

I don’t think I really need to say anymore on the matter. I think the hypocrisy is quite clear to see.


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