Another South African farmer brutally murdered for being white.

I don’t understand how this could have happened. Surely his white privilege should have protected him. However it’s important to not forget that even though this white man was murdered by blacks for being white, it absolutely wasn’t racist. White people can’t be the victims of racism. Blacks can be prejudiced against whites, but racism requires both power plus prejudice to count. As whites have all the power in the world, and blacks are all innocent oppressed victims, this wasn’t racism.

So now that we’ve made it clear that it wasn’t a racist attack, lets take a look at the story.

From Maroela Media (Translated by Google)

Unfortunately for some reason, I am unable to copy and paste the text from the article so instead, I’ve decided to take screenshots of the text and upload them.




Can you imagine that? What an absolutely horrific way to die. They literally threw him into a crocodile pit to be eaten alive.  Obviously though, he must have deserved it because he was oppressing those poor innocent blacks with his white skin.

The murdered man with his wife and daughter. Look at how evil and racist he is with his white skin. He clearly deserved to be tortured to death for no reason.

In all seriousness, being a white farmer in South Africa is apparently the most dangerous job in the world now, because they’re being murdered so often by blacks in racist… sorry, I mean, justified attacks because of the legacy of Apartheid. There is literally a genocide going on in South Africa right now against whites, and most people haven’t got a clue about it.


This is a large part of the reason why I’m so opposed to the ongoing multicultural experiment in predominantly white countries. We see how whites are treated in countries where they are the minorities. Currently, whites are decreasing as a demographic all across the world, and non-whites are increasing. These non-whites are being welcomed with open arms and are being treated as equals, because the vast majority of us white people are genuinely good, caring people, who believe in fair play for all. However, despite how welcoming we are, a false narrative is being relentlessly promoted by the media and academia about how there is still a terrible problem with institutional racism, how whites are all terrible people who should be ashamed of themselves, and how every single bad thing that happens to non-whites, is because of racism they’ve experienced at the hands of whites. This creates a situation were white people are demoralised and filled with self loathing and white guilt, and non-whites are encouraged to hate white people and to blame them for everything that goes wrong.

So let me ask you this. If the white demographic keeps decreasing in white countries, the non-white demographics keep increasing, and these non-whites are constantly encouraged to hate the whites and blame them for everything wrong in the world, then what do you think is going to happen when the ratio of whites to non-whites shifts in their favour? I think it’s pretty obvious, but if it isn’t, I’ll spell it out. What happened to the Armenians a century ago, the white Haitians two centuries ago, and in Zimbabwe and South Africa today, will happen in every single white country. I’m not saying this to scaremonger. And honestly, I don’t want to be right about it. I’d really hope that I’m proven wrong, rather than proven right.

All I know is this. It’s incredibly selfish that smug self loathing white liberals will encourage this, just so they can feel good about how non-racist they are. It might not go wrong in their lifetime, but their children or grandchildren could end up suffering the consequences for them feeling good about themselves. I would much rather go against the grain and know that I’m working towards a better future for my descendants, than following the crowd, and working towards a future that will cause them suffering.


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