Soros attempts to stump the Trump.

Much like the vampires in Buffy the Vampire Slayer…
…The true demonic visage of George Soros becomes more visible with age.

George Soros may very well be one of the worst human beings on the face of the planet. Despite being 85 years old, and a multi-billionaire, he’s still very actively causing chaos in the world for reasons which I can only assume are his own personal amusement. Lets take a look at some of the things he has been involved with over the past few years.

Ever hear of the radical feminist group “Femen“? Well if not, check out these videos.

Essentially they just run around naked with slogans painted on their bodies in the hopes of disrupting everyone around them. They’re very anti-Christian, and anti-Islam, but never seem to target Judaism. This might be because Soros (a Jew) is long suspected of financing them, and this was confirmed when he pulled this financing when they attempted to set up an Israeli branch of their operation.

Most likely this was a joke mocking people who say Soros financed them, but you can’t help but wonder if there was truth to it. Cause trouble in other countries all you want, but leave Israel alone.

How about the Black Lives Matter protesters? You know, those people who make martyrs out of thugs who were killed by (mostly) white cops in self defence, while ignoring the cases of cops killed by black thugs, ignoring the fact that more whites are killed by cops than blacks, and ignoring the black lives that are lost at the hands of other blacks.

Also largely funded by George Soros.

Oh how about the whole situation in Ukraine? Remember the Ukrainian revolution in February 2014, which resulted in then president Viktor Yanukovych being toppled and an interim government being created? This resulted in a Jewish Prime Minister, a Jewish President, and a Jewish Mayor for Kiev, all of whom were in favour of closer ties to the EU and America, than with Russia. Well the groups which protested against the previous Yanukovych government were financed by Soros. The most hilarious part is that the media is actually claiming that the regime is a bunch of Neo-Nazis. Just think about how insane that all sounds. We’re literally expected to believe that a Jewish billionaire financed Neo-Nazis to topple a government and replace it with one full of Jews. It’s absolutely mind boggling. The average human being is not capable of processing such nonsense.

“We’re all Nazis. We want to put Jews in charge of our country because an American Jew paid us to”

Oh and I’ve saved the best for last. You know how there are infinity people from Africa and the Middle East flooding in to Europe right now, most of whom aren’t even fleeing a war? Well migration on that scale isn’t a random occurrence. There has to be a force behind it. I wonder what that force could be.





Yes. It’s true. George Soros is not only a big supporter of it, but is actually directly involved in making it happen. He doesn’t care about the damage it’s causing in Europe, because he’s not the one who is going to suffer for it.

It’s absolutely insane just how much that guy is involved in, and that’s only a small sample. I’m sure I could easily find a lot more if I were to look into it, but I think I should get to the point of the article. Soros (the largest donor out of several Jewish billionaires to Hillary Clinton’s campaign) is planning on financing action to stop Donald Trump from being elected.

From Daily Caller

George Soros will give $5 million to a Super PAC designed to turn out Latin voters in the fall. In total, donors have already pledged over $15 million dollars to the group.

-_- Why can’t this evil old bastard just run out of money already? With all the money he spends causing chaos and destruction in the world, it’s a wonder he has any left.

The group which is titled “Immigrant Voters Win PAC” hopes to turn out 400,000 new voters to vote for the Democratic nominee in November, The New York Times reports.

Literally buying votes.

The PAC is hoping to capitalize on Donald Trump’s rhetoric towards Hispanics and Muslims. Soros told the Times, “It is harmful to our democracy and to our national interests. There should be consequences for the outrageous statements and proposals that we’ve regularly heard.”

Harmful to our national interests? Funny, I would assume that allowing yourselves to be demographically replaced by alien groups you have no obligation to, would be far more harmful to your interests than putting your own needs ahead of those groups. But of course, when George says “ours”, he’s really just referring to himself and those like him, not to the average American citizen.

The Hungarian financier is notorious for his donations to liberal causes, and his spending on the 2016 race will soon exceed the $13 million he spent in 2004.

I have an extra reason to support Trump now. I would love it, love it, if that money was wasted.

Cristóbal Alex, president of the Latino Victory Project, told the Times that the group will be “really taking the gloves off.” He added, “We could have a giant wall built and millions of families broken apart. The country is on the precipice.”

My heart bleeds for you -_-

I didn’t even mention how he is rumoured to have  collaborated with the Nazis and thrown his fellow Jews under the bus (actually that might mean there is some truth to those Ukrainian Neo-Nazis after all), or how he almost single handedly caused a recession in Britain in the early 90s, because of his greed.

You can judge a man by the quality of his enemies. This man stands in opposition to our Glorious Leader, Donald Trump. He obviously is opposed to a Trump presidency for a reason. If we look at his behaviour in the past, I doubt that reason is good. Who would you rather side with?



I know who I prefer anyway.

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