Glorious leader was right yet again.

Just keep asking Europe. Eventually you’ll figure it out.

So today there was yet another major terrorist attack by Islamic extremists in a European city (Brussels this time). More than 30 innocent people killed and plenty more injured. Just as with every other terrorist attack, the usual bleeding heart morons, who would rather be blown up in an attack, than thought of as racist, are just offering their prayers, or reminding the rest of us “uneducated” fools, that the majority of Muslims are peaceful, and that we can’t let Islamophobia take hold.

Political figures meanwhile are apparently “shocked” by this incident, as if it was something that nobody could have possibly predicted could happen.


Wow so much shock over this incident. Who would have thought that importing infinity people with a cultural background incompatible with our own, and who have history of committing acts of terrorism against us, could possibly lead to an act of terrorism being committed against us? Clearly, nobody could have seen this com…





But this doesn’t matter of course. Trump is just a hate filled racist according to the mainstream media, and the blind lemmings on social media who believe everything the mainstream media tells them. The important thing to remember is not that Trump was right, but that what Trump said was mean and hurtful. Hurting the feelings of people who want to kill us, is way worse than actually allowing ourselves to be killed.

At least that’s the impression I get from people who are willing to deny the obvious reality.


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