“Terrorism has no religion”

So whenever there is a terrorist attack by Islamic extremists, one of the immediate reactions of people is to act as if it has nothing to do with Islam, remind us all that Islam is a religion of peace etc.

Well I came across an article on Wikipedia which lists violent events by death toll. One section of the article deals specifically with terrorists attacks, and this section mentions the political ideology behind each attack. So I made a list of every ideology mentioned, and counted up the number of attacks for each. I decided to count “Unknown” and “Unclear” as one, and I did the same with “Fascism”, and “Neo-Fascism”, as I figured it made sense not to count them separately. So lets take a look at a pie chart and bar chart I made, which demonstrate the number of attacks for each ideology.

jihad bar chart.png

jihad pie chart.png

It can be a bit difficult to see due to how small the text is, but one thing that is quite obvious, is that with a total of 292 recorded incidents, representing 74% of all known terrorist attacks in which there was at least one fatality, (almost 3 times as much as every other ideology combined) there is one ideology that stands head and shoulders above all others when it comes to terrorists attacks.

That ideology is Jihadism. Of course I’ll bet this will make no difference, and people will still act as if pattern recognition is an evil thing to do, despite the obvious reality of what is happening.

Oh and keep in mind as well that terrorists attacks for other ideologies such as “Islamism” (2 incidents), “Chechen Separatism” (11 incidents),  “Palestinian Nationalism” (1 incident), and Kurdish Nationalism (6 incidents) are also committed by Muslims. Therefore out of a total of of 393 recorded terrorist attacks, 312 were committed by Muslims. Really makes you think, doesn’t it?

*EDIT (September 2nd 2016)*

Just looking back at this post, and I noticed that the Wikipedia article has made a few changes. Jihadism is no longer counted as a political ideology. “Islamic Extremism”, something which wasn’t a category last time, now is. Under this new listing method, there are 277 attacks under the Islamic Extremism banner, as opposed to 292 which were under Jihadism. I’m not sure what category the other missing 15 attacks are now listed under (as well as any subsequent attacks that have happened in the last few months). I just wanted to make this edit in case anybody happens to stumble upon this post in the future and notices this inaccuracy. I want to assure you that when I wrote this post back in March, everything I wrote was accurate at the time. It’s just that Wikipedia themselves have since made changes to how these attacks are categorised, and for all I know, they might make further changes in the future.

To see the version of the article that was present when I originally wrote this post, please follow this link.

5 thoughts on ““Terrorism has no religion”

  1. […] Why just last week, a bunch of Scientologists in Italy detonated a bomb outside a hospital for absolutely no reason. 37 people were killed.  The week before that, some Hindus in Denmark shot up a cafe, killing six people, and wounding a dozen more. Yesterday, a group of nuns took some school children hostage in Britain, due to their anti-abortion views, and their anger at Irish women travelling their to get one. Tragically, three children were killed in a shoot out with police. The biased, anti-Muslim media didn’t report on any of these stories, because they’re involved in an evil conspiracy theory to trick the public into thinking that religious extremism and terrorism are more likely to be committed by Muslims than people of other religions. They even edited wikipedia to support their lies. […]


  2. […] I’m not one to get into scaremongering and witch hunts, but at the same time, I think we need to be vigilant and to look out for our own wellbeing first and foremost. Western civilisation was not built by the followers of Islam. Indeed, for most of our history, we have been fighting to keep Islam out of our lands. They have absolutely no moral claim to share in the benefits of the societies that our own ancestors created for us. In the last 70 years or so, we’ve relaxed our immigration policies towards them, and this has been a disaster for us. […]


  3. […] However the reaction in the mainstream media and social media, seems to be a combination of obsessive virtue signalling and giddy thrill. I truly believe that many people are delighted that this attack has happened, not because they want to see Muslims die, but because FINALLY, they have a fresh “white supremacist” terror attack  that fits their narrative. They get an excuse to virtue signal and show off how progressive and caring they are. They get an excuse to talk about how Muslims are the real victims, and that white men are the real threat. Sure let’s forget the fact that the statistics disagree. […]


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