Ireland is not immune from the migrant situation.

Coming soon to Ireland… cultural enrichment.

Well we had a good run in this country. However, much like every other European country, we have a moral duty to destroy ourselves for… reasons, which are never clearly explained.

From Irish Examiner

A sharp increase in the number of asylum seekers from Pakistan and Bangladesh led to more than a doubling of applications for refugee status in Ireland last year.

“They’re just trying to flee from the brutal civil wars in Pakistan and Bangladesh.”

Civil wars seem to exist in every single black and brown run country on the planet, which is why people from every single black and brown run country are coming to white run countries, because they’re the only safe countries left apparently.

Red = Civil war zone, Grey = Safe

The Office of the Refugee Applications Commissioner said applicants from those two countries, most of whom had previously been resident in the UK, accounted for half of all new cases during 2015 as the number of applications rose to their highest level since 2008.

“They’re just trying to escape from the brutal civil war in the UK.

I guess the map above needs to be updated to have the UK in red instead of grey.

Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald expressed concern last year about the trend of young men on student visas in the UK travelling to Ireland to prolong their stay within the EU.

She’s right to be concerned. Unless these people have something to contribute to our country, they shouldn’t be allowed to remain here like that. Our own people and their needs come first.

Pakistanis accounted for 41% of all asylum seekers in 2015 and Bangladeshis almost 9%. The other main countries of original of applicants were Albania, Nigeria and India.

“They’re also trying to flee from the brutal civil wars in Albania, Nigeria, and India.”

In its latest annual report, the ORAC said it received applications from 3,276 asylum seekers in 2015 compared to 1,448 the previous year — an increase of 126%. Males accounted for four out of five of all cases.

“Women and children are fleeing the warzones, while the courageous men stay back to bravely fight to defend their homelands until it’s safe for the women and children to return home.”

It was also revealed that a number of refugees were considered for exclusion from the asylum process last year because of suspected links to serious crimes such as crimes against humanity or war crimes.

But that’s not a problem. The magical European air and soil will alter their personalities and turn them in to good, hardworking European citizens, who will work hard, pay our pensions, and will use their superior intellect and creativity to cure HIV and build cities on mars. They’ll surely integrate just fine.

The number of refugee status cases fully processed by the ORAC rose by 46% last year to 1,552. The organisation also finalised 1,480 files relating to subsidiary protection.

However, the commissioner, David Costello, said the extent of the workload meant there were still 2,582 cases awaiting completion at the end of last year.

The rise in number of new applicants pushed the average waiting time for a substantive interview with asylum seekers to over 30 weeks.

But don’t worry, we’re the ones footing the bill to feed and accommodate them during those 30 weeks.

Over 2,900 sets of fingerprints were sent to the EU’s asylum fingerprint database for examination. Tests showed 231 refugees had already sought asylum in other EU member states.

But obviously those racist countries rejected them because they have an irrational hatred towards the colour of their skin. They couldn’t have possibly had any legitimate reason to reject them. That’s a crazy idea and if it makes sense to you, we should probably have the “Thinkpol” visit you during the night and take you down to room 101, and get you to wear this rat cage on your head until you stop thinking those “doubleplusungood” thoughts.

Room 101 - Rats - Ingsoc - 1984 - Spirit of England - Peter Crawford
“Don’t worry, your insanity will be cured soon enough.”

A new more streamlined process for dealing with applications for asylum is set to come into operation this year following the publication of the International Protection Bill in December which will result in decisions relating to refugee status and subsidiary protection taken at the same time.

The number of family reunification applications also increased by 63% last year — from 167 to 272, while 33 applications for refugee status were received from unaccompanied minors.

Sometimes, these “unaccompanied minors” are a lot older than we’re led to believe.

Mr Costello welcomed a significant reduction in the number of legal challenges to their decisions, which he attributed to the quality processes and training.

The commissioner said last year was also very challenging for his office for dealing with the Dublin III Regulation — the EU’s system for determining the member state responsible for the examination of an individual’s asylum application.

The first safe country they reach is responsible, and Ireland is obviously not it. Even if they were fleeing a war for real, they have to pass through countless other safe countries before reaching Ireland. It’s simply impossible to reach Ireland first from the countries these people are coming from. Therefore, their application in Ireland is illegitimate.

Over 2,900 sets of fingerprints were sent to the EU’s asylum fingerprint database for examination. Tests showed 231 refugees had already sought asylum in other EU member states.

Wow literally repeating a previous paragraph word for word. Sloppy journalism if I do say so myself.

Mr Costello said his office anticipated processing some 2,500 asylum seekers being relocated to Ireland from Greece and Italy as a result of the refugee crisis.

“They’re trying to escape from the brutal civil wars in Italy and Greece.”

Separately, the Refugee Appeals Tribunal said the number of hearings before it in 2015 more than doubled with the tribunal sitting on 799 cases last year — up from 367 in 2014. It also issued rulings in 640 appeals — up 151%, while there are 1,675 cases awaiting a decision.

And no doubt, it will just get worse and worse as time goes on. We’ve been relatively sheltered here in Ireland so far, thanks to our distance, and the fact that we don’t share a land border with any of the worse effected countries in Europe. I wouldn’t be surprised though if we did start seeing similar problems before long, unless big changes in how the situation is being handled in other countries happen very soon.


400 migrants drown en route to Italy

Some of the “women and children” fleeing from the brutal civil war.

What a tragic story. Seeing as geographical location is the sole determinant of a person’s behaviour and IQ level, it is quite likely that these people would have been instantly transformed into doctors and engineers upon landing on Europe’s magical soil, despite having being raised and living in failed nations their entire lives. They certainly wouldn’t have ended up living on welfare and committing violent crimes against us. Yes, this is truly a tragic loss.

From The Telegraph

More than 400 migrants and refugees are feared to have drowned in the Mediterranean while trying to cross by boat from Egypt to Italy.

They were trying to flee from the awful civil war in Egypt 😦

They are believed to be largely Somalis, with smaller numbers of Eritreans and Ethiopians.

And they had already fled from the equally brutal civil wars in Somalia, Eritrea, and Ethiopia as well, and would have had to have passed through the brutal civil war in Sudan on their way to Egypt. Why, oh why, did Europeans cause all these brutal civil wars in Africa and the Middle East? It’s all our fault somehow 😦

And then to add insult in injury, we make films to mock the civil wars we’ve caused in their countries.  We’re so terrible and hate filled.

The tragedy, if confirmed, comes exactly a year after the worst migrant disaster in the Mediterranean for decades.

Around 800 migrants and refugees, many of them locked into the hold, died when the 70ft-long boat they were crammed into capsized at sea.

That was our fault too. We put them on that boat then caused it to sink. These people have no agency of their own. Everything bad that happens to them is the fault of white people.

Only those on the upper level had any chance of surviving when the vessel capsized, apparently after migrants rushed to one side of the ship when they saw a passing Portuguese merchant ship that they hoped was coming to rescue them

Damn those evil Portuguese sailors. If they hadn’t have gotten their hopes up like that, those vibrant and loveable geniuses would be living in Europe right now, using their superior brainpower, morality, and creativity to help us raise European living standards to that of Africa. Instead, they were tragically lost.

Europe could have been this prosperous if those 800 migrants had lived to bring their skills to us.

The migrants involved in Monday’s tragedy were on board four boats, according to BBC Arabic, which broke the story.

One or more of the boats appears to have capsized at sea.

I bet that damn Portuguese merchant ship was responsible again.

The Somali embassy in Cairo is trying to verify the reports, which have not yet been verified.

The vast majority of refugees and migrants who reach Italy by sea depart in old fishing boats and rubber dinghies from the coast of Libya, where chaos since the downfall of the Gadaffi regime has allowed people smuggling gangs to flourish.

Just as well the West got rid of that evil dictator Gaddafi.


Yes, Libya is so much better now that he’s gone.

The route from Egypt is also used, although by smaller numbers of migrants.

On Sunday, Spanish authorities rescued 60 people crammed into two small boats as they tried to reach Spain from Morocco.

What wonderful news. Those 60 people managed to successfully escape from the brutal civil war in Morocco.

One boat containing 21 occupants was located on Sunday morning and another with 39 on board was found in the evening, the maritime rescue service said.

Thousands of migrants try to reach Spain each year, either by attempting to enter the country’s North African enclaves of Melilla and Ceuta or by making dangerous sea crossings to the mainland.

I think something like this happened before.

Just as well history never repeats itself 😉

If only us horrible European people hadn’t forced every single country in Africa and the Middle East to have civil wars, they wouldn’t be risking their lives to get here. As we’ve been led to believe time and time again, these people are just looking for safety. There’s obviously not a single civil war free country in the entire continent of Africa, or the Middle East, hence why they all try coming to Europe instead. They certainly aren’t coming here to plunder, rape, and murder us and only a hate filled racist, who is enraged by their skin colour, could possibly believe that. I just hope this tragedy never happens again.

Who is to blame for the Brussels attack? Why, white Belgians of course.


A Belgian politician has figured out just who is to blame for the Brussels attack. Apparently it wasn’t Islamic extremists, but Belgian people, who didn’t do enough to make those Islamic extremists feel welcome in their country.

From New York Times

BRUSSELS — Yves Goldstein makes no excuses for Belgium’s failure to find Salah Abdeslam and the other Islamic State recruits who attacked Paris and then bombed Brussels Airport and a subway station.

A guy by the name of Goldstein is doing this damage control? Why am I not surprised? Every single time.

The problem is not Islam, he insists, but the negligence of government officials like himself in allowing self-contained ethnic ghettos to grow unchallenged, breeding anger, crime and radicalism among youth — a soup of grievances that suits Islamist recruiters.

He’s right that government negligence has played a part, but not in the way he means. The actual negligence was in carelessly throwing open Europe’s borders to infinity  people whose belief system is entirely incompatible with ours, and allowing them to live among us, without thinking of the effects it would have.

“Our cities are facing a huge problem, maybe the largest since World War II,” Mr. Goldstein said. “How is it that people who were born here in Brussels, in Paris, can call heroes the people who commit violence and terror? That is the real question we’re facing.”

Because despite the propaganda we’re constantly fed, the reality is that people aren’t all equal, and geographical location is not the sole determinant of a person’s behaviour, or beliefs. A Muslim person born in a European society does not just magically become a typical European citizen, not as long as they’re being taught from birth, a belief system by their parents, and religious leaders, that is completely incompatible with the values of their host nation.

Friends who teach the equivalent of high school seniors in the predominantly Muslim districts of Molenbeek and Schaerbeek told him that “90 percent of their students, 17, 18 years old, called them heroes,” he said.

90 percent.


This is far more important than bringing up inconvenient truths. We wouldn’t want people calling us mean names now, would we?

Mr. Goldstein, 38, grew up in Schaerbeek, the child of Jewish refugees from Nazism. Now a councilman from Schaerbeek, he is also chief of staff for the minister-president of the Brussels Capital Region.

Schaerbeek is almost as infamous these days as Molenbeek, two districts where Mr. Abdeslam and his group of Islamic State adherents had the space and time to live, hide and manufacture their weapons.

Adjacent to Molenbeek, Schaerbeek is richer, tidier and more mixed. Jacques Brel lived here for a time, so did René Magritte. It has a young, affluent section, which some compare to Notting Hill in London, and a large Turkish population.

The townhouse where preparations were made for the Paris attacks and where Mr. Abdeslam sought refuge for weeks is in the Turkish area, which is more well-to-do, and a better place to hide.

Brussels itself is about 25 percent Muslim — 70 percent are of Moroccan heritage and 20 percent Turkish, and the ethnic groups tend to stick to themselves, making them difficult for outsiders, like the police, to penetrate.

Belgium is a white country historically. Muslims are not indigenous to Belgium. The indigenous white Belgians are gradually being replaced against their will. This is genocide.

But somehow it’s considered racist for white people to want to preserve themselves. Only other races have a right to continued existence.
Europe’s future. People will still deny that it’s happening.

Belgium’s integration has been somewhere between the French model, which put new immigrants in suburban ghettos, and the British and American one, which created communities like Chinatown or Little Italy, Mr. Goldstein said. “In Brussels, everyone lives in the city, and we chose a model of diversity through mixing of populations in the same neighborhoods.”

But “we failed,” he said. “We failed in Molenbeek” and Schaerbeek, too, to ensure the mixing of populations.

Of course you failed. It was always destined to fail. Can anyone honestly name one truly multicultural society in history that has ever actually worked? Because as far as I can see, every single time two or more culture collided, one of three things has happened.

  1. They divided along ethnic lines, forming separate states in the process (this is why national borders exist).
  2. One culture conquered and oppressed the other.
  3. They manage to mix, BUT in a way that involved giving up old identities, and creating a brand new, shared one based on compromise. For example, white Americans are made up of a mixture of various European cultures, but instead of keeping their old cultures from their homelands, they instead came together to create a new, American one that incorporated compatible elements of them all.

Genuine multiculturalism (numerous differing cultures with different beliefs and ideas of how a nation should be run, living peacefully in the same borders), does not exist. It has never existed, and it never will.

Now people might look at option three and think that it isn’t so bad. However, my argument against that option, is that why should indigenous European people, whose ancestors have lived here for generations, have to give up their old culture, in order to create a new one at all. Why should we have to compromise on how we do things? These are our homelands, and we have the right to preserve our cultures as they are. Outsiders should either accept the fact that they need to integrate with us, or they should choose to stay in their homelands, where they do things their own way.

“We have neighborhoods where people only see the same people, go to school with the same people,” he said. “What connection do they have with the whole society, what connection do they have with real diversity? It’s the establishment of the ghetto,” he said, “and it’s the thing in our urban development that we have to tackle.”

Again they’re still trying to push this diversity nonsense as if it is a good thing. As the old saying goes, united we stand, divided we fall.

It makes sense in their twisted minds.

Jews have left Schaerbeek, and the last two synagogues are being sold. Instead, there is a kind of suffocating, insular, ethnic uniformity. “These young people will never go to museums until 18 or 20 — they never saw Chagall, they never saw Dalí, they never saw Warhol, they don’t know what it is to dream,” Mr. Goldstein said.

I’ll never stop posting this video. Whenever I hear about Jews fleeing the multicultural rot, it’s important to remember that it was members of their own community who played such a leading role in causing it. No multiculturalism for Israel though.

Of course there is poverty and unemployment, he said. “But we don’t give these young people the keys to think differently, to think outside the little box, the little neighborhood where they live — this ideological box, this closed-eyes box.”

As for the terrorists, “religion for them is a pretext,” he said. “They believe in nothing. But Islam is the way they find to express, to crystallize their radicalization.”

Of course, it has absolutely nothing to do with Islam. It’s just young people using religion as an excuse to commit horrific acts of violence. It could just as easily have been any religion.

Why just last week, a bunch of Scientologists in Italy detonated a bomb outside a hospital for absolutely no reason. 37 people were killed.  The week before that, some Hindus in Denmark shot up a cafe, killing six people, and wounding a dozen more. Yesterday, a group of nuns took some school children hostage in Britain, due to their anti-abortion views, and their anger at Irish women travelling their to get one. Tragically, three children were killed in a shoot out with police. The biased, anti-Muslim media didn’t report on any of these stories, because they’re involved in an evil conspiracy theory to trick the public into thinking that religious extremism and terrorism are more likely to be committed by Muslims than people of other religions. They even edited wikipedia to support their lies.

Young people whose parents or grandparents were immigrants face serious questions of identity, Mr. Goldstein acknowledged, speaking during and after a conference here of the German Marshall Fund. “But identity is a two-sided relation” — between young Muslims and ourselves.

“We have to fight racism and discrimination with the same force” as radicalization, he said, because “our society gives to these young people a bad idea of who and what they are.”

“If we just keep trying, and don’t do anything to upset them, these peaceful and moderate people, won’t turn into homicidal maniacs and blow people up, for reasons which we can’t figure out, but definitely have nothing to do with their religious beliefs.”


A disturbing article from almost a decade ago.

So I came across an article from late 2006 which discusses the views held by Muslims in Ireland at the time regarding how integrated they felt, and what they thought about living here. From reading the title and the abstract of the article, it sounds like a very happy, feel good kind of story, about how successful they have been at integrating.

Oh how nice. They’re such a peaceful minority. I’m sure when their numbers grow, that they’ll be just as peaceful -_-

The article itself paints a very different picture unfortunately.

From Irish Independent

THE vast majority of Muslims living in Ireland have integrated successfully into society and strongly reject Islamic extremism.

An opinion poll carried out for the Irish Independent/RTE Primetime on Muslim attitudes – the first of its kind carried out here – reveals an extremely high level of tolerance among Muslims living in Ireland.

Watch how this is contradicted completely later on in the article.

It found 73pc believe they are fully integrated into Irish society, with 77pc saying they feel accepted here.

So 27% didn’t feel integrated? While that is technically a minority, it is by no means an insignificant amount. But this is nothing. It gets much worse.

But the poll, which was carried out by Lansdowne Market Research, shows a minority of the Muslim community hold more extreme views.

Here we go.

It will never be like this, no matter how often you try. Multiculturalism just doesn’t work.

More than a third (36pc) would prefer Ireland to be ruled under Sharia law, while 37pc would like Ireland to be governed as an Islamic state. The survey shows Muslim youths hold the strongest views within the Islamic community on politics and religion.

“They’ve integrated so well into Ireland”

“More than one third of them want to change Ireland into an Islamic state that practices Sharia law.”

“The younger Muslims (the future representatives of their community) are the ones who are more likely to hold the most extreme beliefs.”

Therefore the percentages with extreme views will increase over time.

It found 28pc of young Muslims aged between 16 and 26 believe violence for political ends is sometimes justified.

But don’t worry everyone. 72% of them claim that they don’t believe in violence for political ends. Though you would wonder how many of them are engaging in Taqiya?

The idiots still fall for it, no matter how much evidence to the contrary.

More than half of young Muslims (57pc) believe Ireland should become an Islamic State.

Again, this goes back to what I was saying above about how the percentages will increase over time. If only 37% of all Irish Muslims believe that Ireland should be an Islamic state, but 57% of younger Muslims do, then that means that as older Muslims die off, and the younger Muslims become the leaders of their communities, that this percentage will increase.

Almost one-in-five (19pc) said they “respect” al-Qa’ida terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden – but the same number of those polled supported US President George Bush. However, the findings generally reveal strong liberal opinions among Irish-based Muslims.

Still nearly one fifth of them showing support for the most notorious terrorist in the world at the time. Why was this not thought of as being a big deal?

The majority (58pc) say they would be prepared to give up parts of their religion or culture if it conflicts with Irish law.

42% put their religious views above the law of the land that they’re guests in.

But sure, they’re perfectly compatible with us. Maybe if there are any problems, we should just change Irish law to reflect their beliefs.  That would show how progressive and tolerant we are.

But traditions are still hugely important for Muslims. A huge majority (82pc) are opposed to any restrictions on women wearing the hijab, or Islamic veil, to work or school.

The idea of staying in their own countries, where they can practice their traditions quite freely, never seems to cross their mind. It’s us who need to adapt to them.

On the question of marriage, the poll reveals more than 58pc of Muslims would have no objections to a son marrying an Irish Catholic.

Of course they have no problem with their son marrying a Catholic, because of their views on women being subservient to their husbands. They would expect their Catholic daughter in law to convert to Islam, therefore making it a non-issue anyway. They wouldn’t want their daughters to marry Catholic men however, because they would fear losing their daughter to Catholicism by the same token.

Almost a third (30pc) of those polled have no problem with children being raised in marriages with mixed religious influences.

70% do have a problem with it then.

According to the 2002 census, there were 19,147 Muslims living in Ireland, with males (61pc) outnumbering females (39pc) and more than half (51pc) living in Dublin. However, Ireland’s Islamic population is now estimated to be almost 40,000.

And I shudder to think how big it has gotten in the 10 years since this article was written.

Despite the generally positive feedback from Muslims living here, there are strongly conflicting views within the Islamic community with regard to fundamentalism in Ireland.

Shia leader Ali Al Saleh, a major figure in the Irish Muslim community, claims jihadi groups are actively recruiting here, according to a report on Primetime investigates last night.

He said Irish passports are turning up in Iraq and that terrorist atrocities are being openly celebrated by radicals in Dublin.

“We need to accept – yes – we have a problem in our community. We cannot deny that there is fundamentalism,” he said.

“But they’re integrating so well”

But a senior Sunni official at the Clonskeagh mosque in Dublin, Ali Salim, disputed the claims and said he has not seen any extremism in Ireland.

Hes probably wasn’t lying in the traditional sense (ie. knowingly saying something untrue) because he probably wouldn’t regard actions that we would consider extremist, to be extremist by his definition. It’s probably all quite justified to him. Then again, he could just be engaging in Taqiya again.


So here we are about a decade later. Have Muslims integrated into Ireland peacefully since this was published?


Of course, don’t take my word for it. As the idiots will often point out, people like me are just evil racists for seeing things like this. We don’t bring this stuff up out of genuine concern or fear about our future. We just pretend to care about these seemingly logical reasons, when in reality, we just hate these people because of their skin colour and belief in God.

Yes, they actually do think this. -_-

Climate change makes having children immoral.

“No white Goyim, white genocide is just some crazy conspiracy theory invented by far right extremists. There is absolutely no desire to get rid of your race. However, you should probably stop procreating, because it’s immoral for you (and only you) to have children, due to climate change.”

From The Guardian

The decision whether or not to have a child is one of the bigger ones a person will make in life – often the biggest.

I needed some strong convincing from my wife when it came time for us to make it. Most of my reluctance was self-interested: I liked my life well enough, and I didn’t want to change it. My wife talked about feeling a biological imperative, which I had no answer for. Who was I to stand in the way of something like that? I signed on.

Yes, this gross looking thing here has actually reproduced. Shocking, I know.

But there is a whole other potential person to consider, too – the new life that you are bringing into the world without asking first.

It’s not really fair. For while the world is a wonderful place, one we humans have made nicer for ourselves with wonderful inventions like books and record players, penicillin and pizza, it’s also a really awful place, one we’ve ravaged with deforestation and smog, nuclear weapons and mountains of pizza delivery boxes and other garbage.

The awfulness seems to be getting worse, especially now that climate change has sped up – sea level rise that was supposed to take centuries has recently been projected as taking just decades. This complicates the already difficult decision of whether to have a kid.

We’re living through what scientists call the “Sixth Extinction”, an era of precipitous decline in the number of species able to live on the planet. The last mass extinction, the fifth, happened 66 million years ago, when a giant asteroid crashed into Earth and 76% of all the species on the planet perished.

This time, we’re doing it to ourselves.

Yes this all pretty terrible stuff. I actually agree with this. It is pretty sad what humanity has done to nature. I certainly don’t approve of it.

“Climate scientists agree that humanity is about to cause a sea level rise of 20 or 30ft, but they have tended to assume that such a large increase would take centuries, at least,” the New York Times’s Justin Gillis reported. But a recent study led by retired Nasa climate scientist James E Hansen, published in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, indicates that the negative effects are happening a lot faster than we’d thought, perhaps feet of rise within the next 50 years.

“That would mean loss of all coastal cities, most of the world’s large cities and all their history,” Hansen told Gillis, adding, “We’re in danger of handing young people a situation that’s out of their control.”

Imagine that: New York, Tokyo, Mumbai, Shanghai, Bangkok, Amsterdam, Miamiwould go first. Think about the implications. Global economic collapse, famine, border disputes, wars. Jesus, just the inland traffic.

Again, all very terrible stuff. I don’t disagree with any of this.

Thinking about the horrific future scientists predict hurts a very specific part of me, a part of me that I only first learned was there when I met my newborn son, 11 years ago, as he lay on the tray of the scale where the doctors had just weighed him and counted his fingers and toes.

The moment is wordless, and as mind-blowing as any drug trip I ever took. But my friend Dave, who had kids before me, came closest to capturing its essence while we were talking later that day: it was like having a door open in your brain and stepping through it and realizing that there’s this whole other part of your brain that you never knew was there before. A room, roughly the same size as the part of your brain that you’ve been using all your life, it was vast and mostly empty (like your old brain) but in it I found stuff, inside myself, that I had never known was in there before.

This creature, this tiny newborn person, was half me. I felt a primordial bond that I’d never felt before, a connection different from anything I’d ever known. And I realized a deep, heavy responsibility: protecting him was instantly the most important job of all my jobs – to keep this thing alive, healthy, happy, thriving.

Again, I approve of this part. A parent should feel these things for their children.

Future climate meltdown was already a theoretical concern for future generations: what kind of world would my great-great-grandchildren inhabit? Now it all feels more pressing. How am I going to protect my kid? Was it fair for me to bring him into this world at all? Was it immoral?

Was I complicit in the damage? I remember every extra paper towel I’ve ever unspooled from the roll, and think about a tree falling in the Amazon, and then think about my son growing up in a gray, dying world – walking towards Kansas on potholed highways. Maybe while trying to protect his own son, like the father in The Road. Will he decide to have a kid? I have foisted upon him a decision even more difficult than my own. It’s all very depressing.

Still, I come down on the side of advocating reproduction. It gets back to the power we have, we humans. Such devastating power, with which we’ve already changed our world so dramatically. Maybe we can change it back, or at least innovate to survive. What if, and this is obviously a huge “if”, some young person, perhaps a certain 11-year-old in a Black Sabbath T-shirt (I highly doubt it, he can rarely remember to take his lunchbox out of his knapsack at the end of the day), perhaps someone who is not yet born, perhaps not yet conceived, is the one super-genius to figure out the invention that could save the planet?

The ultimate windmill system that can meet all our energy needs and somehow also cool the atmosphere while it works and also spread seeds to grow more trees as it does. And also make pizza. I don’t know. But that’s kind of the point: we don’t know. Maybe it could be something even better than that.

There’s always maybe. And that’s enough to persevere for.

Honestly, the whole article is just a confusing, rambling, mess. However, I thought it was interesting to look at for this simple reason. The Guardian’s primary audience tends to white, middle class people. The purpose of the article seems to be to discourage these people from having children, by making them feel as if their children will just end up suffering, due to how much humanity has fucked up the world. Yet if we look at the map below…


White countries already have some of the lowest birth rates on the planet. White people aren’t having many children as it is. Meanwhile, when we look at Africa’s birth rate…


It’s growing at a phenomenal rate. So what is this sort of thing going to lead to? Well it’s really quite obvious. White births in white countries will plummet, leading to a decrease in people of working age. Africa meanwhile (which already has an impoverished population as it is) will become more and more overpopulated, thus leading to a greater strain on African resources. As a result, these surplus Africans will migrate into white countries to find a better life and will gradually, over time, replace the white populations as the majority demographic in these countries. Eventually, the white population will be bred out of existence and thus, white genocide will be achieved.

To anyone who thinks this is racist to point out, and that it doesn’t matter if white people cease to exist as a race, seeing as “we’re all just humans”, then let me ask you this simple question. What if the reverse happened? If black people started declining, and white people started moving in to black countries, and gradually replacing them, until they ceased to exist, would you consider that OK? Would it be alright for black people to go extinct as a race, because we’re all just human beings, thus meaning that their extinction wouldn’t matter? I bet this seems like an uncomfortable concept to contemplate, and I understand that because black people do indeed have a right to exist as a distinct race. That right applies to white people too, and indeed, to every race. We have the right to continued existence too and I’m not ashamed to say that.

This Dave Bry fellow who wrote this, strikes me as having an ulterior motive. Why write an article that targets white people to have less children only, when there are other races having far more children than they can possibly take care of? I wonder if we can find out anything more about him.


Why am I not surprised by this? I really should have expected this.

Special snowflake sues in Sweden

I’m really hoping that this is just a late April Fool’s joke, but seeing as it is Sweden, I doubt it somehow.

From The Local

“LOL, I won’t call you ‘hen’, LOL” ~ Evil Headteacher
During a job interview the headteacher allegedly insisted on instead using the feminine personal pronoun ‘hon’ — meaning ‘she’ — while avoiding using the applicant’s preferred name. 
Such terrible oppression. I know what it’s like. I wish everyone referred to me by my preferred name, “Sexy Von God Emperor”, but instead, everyone just calls me by the name on my birth cert. Every time that happens, I just want to go up to my bedroom and cry about how oppressed I am.
 “I had never before encountered anyone who so deliberately neglected to call me by my name,” the interviewee wrote in her official complaint to the ombudsman. “And if that doesn’t happen, despite the headteacher knowing about it, then that is discrimination against me and my gender identity.” 
“Please indulge me. I demand that you conform to my narcissistic  worldview and believe what I believe.”
 “My gender identity is non-binary, which in my case means that I neither identify myself as a man or a woman,” the complainant explained.
“I don’t identify with my biological sex… but I don’t want to transition to the other sex either. Instead, I’ll just stay in the body I was born with, and cry oppression if anyone calls me by the pronoun which refers to the biological sex of that type of body, because I’m special, and want people to bend over backwards to please me.”
 “I felt inadequate as a person, and as if I couldn’t fully exist, as if my full gender identity and identity were not acceptable”. 
You are pretty inadequate as a person in fairness, if this is the sort of thing that you whine about.
 The Swedish Academy only included ‘hen’ in its  official list of Swedish words in 2014, decades after the word — which is derived from the Finnish gender neutral personal pronoun ‘hän’ — was first proposed by gender equality activists.
I look forward to reading the definition they gave it in the latest edition of the Newspeak dictionary.
 According to the language periodical Språktidningen, ‘hen’ was by 2014 used once in the Swedish media for every 300 used of ‘hon’ or ‘han’, up from one in every 13,000 in 2011. 
The estimated percentage of people who are transgender is about 0.3% or  1 for every 332 people who aren’t trans. Therefore using that pronoun at a ratio of 1:300 is pretty good, even more so when you consider the fact that a lot of trans people would prefer to use the pronoun of the opposite sex to the one they were born with, rather than a special gender neutral one, which just separates them more from the norm.
 However major newspapers still generally treat it as a neologism, with Dagens Nyheter for instance instructing journalists not to use it. 
Wow, more evil hatred. Why is Sweden such an intolerant country? Next thing you know, they might do something really terrible like telling Muslims and Africans to stop raping their women. :/
Clas Lundstedt, a spokesman for the Equality Ombudsman, said that the agency had yet to decide whether to take the case to court. 
“We have just started the investigation so we don’t know if we’re going to go to court with it or not,” he said. 
-_- Why is this even up for debate?
Sweden, yes.