Special snowflake sues in Sweden

I’m really hoping that this is just a late April Fool’s joke, but seeing as it is Sweden, I doubt it somehow.

From The Local

“LOL, I won’t call you ‘hen’, LOL” ~ Evil Headteacher
During a job interview the headteacher allegedly insisted on instead using the feminine personal pronoun ‘hon’ — meaning ‘she’ — while avoiding using the applicant’s preferred name. 
Such terrible oppression. I know what it’s like. I wish everyone referred to me by my preferred name, “Sexy Von God Emperor”, but instead, everyone just calls me by the name on my birth cert. Every time that happens, I just want to go up to my bedroom and cry about how oppressed I am.
 “I had never before encountered anyone who so deliberately neglected to call me by my name,” the interviewee wrote in her official complaint to the ombudsman. “And if that doesn’t happen, despite the headteacher knowing about it, then that is discrimination against me and my gender identity.” 
“Please indulge me. I demand that you conform to my narcissistic  worldview and believe what I believe.”
 “My gender identity is non-binary, which in my case means that I neither identify myself as a man or a woman,” the complainant explained.
“I don’t identify with my biological sex… but I don’t want to transition to the other sex either. Instead, I’ll just stay in the body I was born with, and cry oppression if anyone calls me by the pronoun which refers to the biological sex of that type of body, because I’m special, and want people to bend over backwards to please me.”
 “I felt inadequate as a person, and as if I couldn’t fully exist, as if my full gender identity and identity were not acceptable”. 
You are pretty inadequate as a person in fairness, if this is the sort of thing that you whine about.
 The Swedish Academy only included ‘hen’ in its  official list of Swedish words in 2014, decades after the word — which is derived from the Finnish gender neutral personal pronoun ‘hän’ — was first proposed by gender equality activists.
I look forward to reading the definition they gave it in the latest edition of the Newspeak dictionary.
 According to the language periodical Språktidningen, ‘hen’ was by 2014 used once in the Swedish media for every 300 used of ‘hon’ or ‘han’, up from one in every 13,000 in 2011. 
The estimated percentage of people who are transgender is about 0.3% or  1 for every 332 people who aren’t trans. Therefore using that pronoun at a ratio of 1:300 is pretty good, even more so when you consider the fact that a lot of trans people would prefer to use the pronoun of the opposite sex to the one they were born with, rather than a special gender neutral one, which just separates them more from the norm.
 However major newspapers still generally treat it as a neologism, with Dagens Nyheter for instance instructing journalists not to use it. 
Wow, more evil hatred. Why is Sweden such an intolerant country? Next thing you know, they might do something really terrible like telling Muslims and Africans to stop raping their women. :/
Clas Lundstedt, a spokesman for the Equality Ombudsman, said that the agency had yet to decide whether to take the case to court. 
“We have just started the investigation so we don’t know if we’re going to go to court with it or not,” he said. 
-_- Why is this even up for debate?
Sweden, yes.

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