A disturbing article from almost a decade ago.

So I came across an article from late 2006 which discusses the views held by Muslims in Ireland at the time regarding how integrated they felt, and what they thought about living here. From reading the title and the abstract of the article, it sounds like a very happy, feel good kind of story, about how successful they have been at integrating.

Oh how nice. They’re such a peaceful minority. I’m sure when their numbers grow, that they’ll be just as peaceful -_-

The article itself paints a very different picture unfortunately.

From Irish Independent

THE vast majority of Muslims living in Ireland have integrated successfully into society and strongly reject Islamic extremism.

An opinion poll carried out for the Irish Independent/RTE Primetime on Muslim attitudes – the first of its kind carried out here – reveals an extremely high level of tolerance among Muslims living in Ireland.

Watch how this is contradicted completely later on in the article.

It found 73pc believe they are fully integrated into Irish society, with 77pc saying they feel accepted here.

So 27% didn’t feel integrated? While that is technically a minority, it is by no means an insignificant amount. But this is nothing. It gets much worse.

But the poll, which was carried out by Lansdowne Market Research, shows a minority of the Muslim community hold more extreme views.

Here we go.

It will never be like this, no matter how often you try. Multiculturalism just doesn’t work.

More than a third (36pc) would prefer Ireland to be ruled under Sharia law, while 37pc would like Ireland to be governed as an Islamic state. The survey shows Muslim youths hold the strongest views within the Islamic community on politics and religion.

“They’ve integrated so well into Ireland”

“More than one third of them want to change Ireland into an Islamic state that practices Sharia law.”

“The younger Muslims (the future representatives of their community) are the ones who are more likely to hold the most extreme beliefs.”

Therefore the percentages with extreme views will increase over time.

It found 28pc of young Muslims aged between 16 and 26 believe violence for political ends is sometimes justified.

But don’t worry everyone. 72% of them claim that they don’t believe in violence for political ends. Though you would wonder how many of them are engaging in Taqiya?

The idiots still fall for it, no matter how much evidence to the contrary.

More than half of young Muslims (57pc) believe Ireland should become an Islamic State.

Again, this goes back to what I was saying above about how the percentages will increase over time. If only 37% of all Irish Muslims believe that Ireland should be an Islamic state, but 57% of younger Muslims do, then that means that as older Muslims die off, and the younger Muslims become the leaders of their communities, that this percentage will increase.

Almost one-in-five (19pc) said they “respect” al-Qa’ida terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden – but the same number of those polled supported US President George Bush. However, the findings generally reveal strong liberal opinions among Irish-based Muslims.

Still nearly one fifth of them showing support for the most notorious terrorist in the world at the time. Why was this not thought of as being a big deal?

The majority (58pc) say they would be prepared to give up parts of their religion or culture if it conflicts with Irish law.

42% put their religious views above the law of the land that they’re guests in.

But sure, they’re perfectly compatible with us. Maybe if there are any problems, we should just change Irish law to reflect their beliefs.  That would show how progressive and tolerant we are.

But traditions are still hugely important for Muslims. A huge majority (82pc) are opposed to any restrictions on women wearing the hijab, or Islamic veil, to work or school.

The idea of staying in their own countries, where they can practice their traditions quite freely, never seems to cross their mind. It’s us who need to adapt to them.

On the question of marriage, the poll reveals more than 58pc of Muslims would have no objections to a son marrying an Irish Catholic.

Of course they have no problem with their son marrying a Catholic, because of their views on women being subservient to their husbands. They would expect their Catholic daughter in law to convert to Islam, therefore making it a non-issue anyway. They wouldn’t want their daughters to marry Catholic men however, because they would fear losing their daughter to Catholicism by the same token.

Almost a third (30pc) of those polled have no problem with children being raised in marriages with mixed religious influences.

70% do have a problem with it then.

According to the 2002 census, there were 19,147 Muslims living in Ireland, with males (61pc) outnumbering females (39pc) and more than half (51pc) living in Dublin. However, Ireland’s Islamic population is now estimated to be almost 40,000.

And I shudder to think how big it has gotten in the 10 years since this article was written.

Despite the generally positive feedback from Muslims living here, there are strongly conflicting views within the Islamic community with regard to fundamentalism in Ireland.

Shia leader Ali Al Saleh, a major figure in the Irish Muslim community, claims jihadi groups are actively recruiting here, according to a report on Primetime investigates last night.

He said Irish passports are turning up in Iraq and that terrorist atrocities are being openly celebrated by radicals in Dublin.

“We need to accept – yes – we have a problem in our community. We cannot deny that there is fundamentalism,” he said.

“But they’re integrating so well”

But a senior Sunni official at the Clonskeagh mosque in Dublin, Ali Salim, disputed the claims and said he has not seen any extremism in Ireland.

Hes probably wasn’t lying in the traditional sense (ie. knowingly saying something untrue) because he probably wouldn’t regard actions that we would consider extremist, to be extremist by his definition. It’s probably all quite justified to him. Then again, he could just be engaging in Taqiya again.


So here we are about a decade later. Have Muslims integrated into Ireland peacefully since this was published?


Of course, don’t take my word for it. As the idiots will often point out, people like me are just evil racists for seeing things like this. We don’t bring this stuff up out of genuine concern or fear about our future. We just pretend to care about these seemingly logical reasons, when in reality, we just hate these people because of their skin colour and belief in God.

Yes, they actually do think this. -_-

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