Who is to blame for the Brussels attack? Why, white Belgians of course.


A Belgian politician has figured out just who is to blame for the Brussels attack. Apparently it wasn’t Islamic extremists, but Belgian people, who didn’t do enough to make those Islamic extremists feel welcome in their country.

From New York Times

BRUSSELS — Yves Goldstein makes no excuses for Belgium’s failure to find Salah Abdeslam and the other Islamic State recruits who attacked Paris and then bombed Brussels Airport and a subway station.

A guy by the name of Goldstein is doing this damage control? Why am I not surprised? Every single time.

The problem is not Islam, he insists, but the negligence of government officials like himself in allowing self-contained ethnic ghettos to grow unchallenged, breeding anger, crime and radicalism among youth — a soup of grievances that suits Islamist recruiters.

He’s right that government negligence has played a part, but not in the way he means. The actual negligence was in carelessly throwing open Europe’s borders to infinity  people whose belief system is entirely incompatible with ours, and allowing them to live among us, without thinking of the effects it would have.

“Our cities are facing a huge problem, maybe the largest since World War II,” Mr. Goldstein said. “How is it that people who were born here in Brussels, in Paris, can call heroes the people who commit violence and terror? That is the real question we’re facing.”

Because despite the propaganda we’re constantly fed, the reality is that people aren’t all equal, and geographical location is not the sole determinant of a person’s behaviour, or beliefs. A Muslim person born in a European society does not just magically become a typical European citizen, not as long as they’re being taught from birth, a belief system by their parents, and religious leaders, that is completely incompatible with the values of their host nation.

Friends who teach the equivalent of high school seniors in the predominantly Muslim districts of Molenbeek and Schaerbeek told him that “90 percent of their students, 17, 18 years old, called them heroes,” he said.

90 percent.


This is far more important than bringing up inconvenient truths. We wouldn’t want people calling us mean names now, would we?

Mr. Goldstein, 38, grew up in Schaerbeek, the child of Jewish refugees from Nazism. Now a councilman from Schaerbeek, he is also chief of staff for the minister-president of the Brussels Capital Region.

Schaerbeek is almost as infamous these days as Molenbeek, two districts where Mr. Abdeslam and his group of Islamic State adherents had the space and time to live, hide and manufacture their weapons.

Adjacent to Molenbeek, Schaerbeek is richer, tidier and more mixed. Jacques Brel lived here for a time, so did René Magritte. It has a young, affluent section, which some compare to Notting Hill in London, and a large Turkish population.

The townhouse where preparations were made for the Paris attacks and where Mr. Abdeslam sought refuge for weeks is in the Turkish area, which is more well-to-do, and a better place to hide.

Brussels itself is about 25 percent Muslim — 70 percent are of Moroccan heritage and 20 percent Turkish, and the ethnic groups tend to stick to themselves, making them difficult for outsiders, like the police, to penetrate.

Belgium is a white country historically. Muslims are not indigenous to Belgium. The indigenous white Belgians are gradually being replaced against their will. This is genocide.

But somehow it’s considered racist for white people to want to preserve themselves. Only other races have a right to continued existence.
Europe’s future. People will still deny that it’s happening.

Belgium’s integration has been somewhere between the French model, which put new immigrants in suburban ghettos, and the British and American one, which created communities like Chinatown or Little Italy, Mr. Goldstein said. “In Brussels, everyone lives in the city, and we chose a model of diversity through mixing of populations in the same neighborhoods.”

But “we failed,” he said. “We failed in Molenbeek” and Schaerbeek, too, to ensure the mixing of populations.

Of course you failed. It was always destined to fail. Can anyone honestly name one truly multicultural society in history that has ever actually worked? Because as far as I can see, every single time two or more culture collided, one of three things has happened.

  1. They divided along ethnic lines, forming separate states in the process (this is why national borders exist).
  2. One culture conquered and oppressed the other.
  3. They manage to mix, BUT in a way that involved giving up old identities, and creating a brand new, shared one based on compromise. For example, white Americans are made up of a mixture of various European cultures, but instead of keeping their old cultures from their homelands, they instead came together to create a new, American one that incorporated compatible elements of them all.

Genuine multiculturalism (numerous differing cultures with different beliefs and ideas of how a nation should be run, living peacefully in the same borders), does not exist. It has never existed, and it never will.

Now people might look at option three and think that it isn’t so bad. However, my argument against that option, is that why should indigenous European people, whose ancestors have lived here for generations, have to give up their old culture, in order to create a new one at all. Why should we have to compromise on how we do things? These are our homelands, and we have the right to preserve our cultures as they are. Outsiders should either accept the fact that they need to integrate with us, or they should choose to stay in their homelands, where they do things their own way.

“We have neighborhoods where people only see the same people, go to school with the same people,” he said. “What connection do they have with the whole society, what connection do they have with real diversity? It’s the establishment of the ghetto,” he said, “and it’s the thing in our urban development that we have to tackle.”

Again they’re still trying to push this diversity nonsense as if it is a good thing. As the old saying goes, united we stand, divided we fall.

It makes sense in their twisted minds.

Jews have left Schaerbeek, and the last two synagogues are being sold. Instead, there is a kind of suffocating, insular, ethnic uniformity. “These young people will never go to museums until 18 or 20 — they never saw Chagall, they never saw Dalí, they never saw Warhol, they don’t know what it is to dream,” Mr. Goldstein said.

I’ll never stop posting this video. Whenever I hear about Jews fleeing the multicultural rot, it’s important to remember that it was members of their own community who played such a leading role in causing it. No multiculturalism for Israel though.

Of course there is poverty and unemployment, he said. “But we don’t give these young people the keys to think differently, to think outside the little box, the little neighborhood where they live — this ideological box, this closed-eyes box.”

As for the terrorists, “religion for them is a pretext,” he said. “They believe in nothing. But Islam is the way they find to express, to crystallize their radicalization.”

Of course, it has absolutely nothing to do with Islam. It’s just young people using religion as an excuse to commit horrific acts of violence. It could just as easily have been any religion.

Why just last week, a bunch of Scientologists in Italy detonated a bomb outside a hospital for absolutely no reason. 37 people were killed.  The week before that, some Hindus in Denmark shot up a cafe, killing six people, and wounding a dozen more. Yesterday, a group of nuns took some school children hostage in Britain, due to their anti-abortion views, and their anger at Irish women travelling their to get one. Tragically, three children were killed in a shoot out with police. The biased, anti-Muslim media didn’t report on any of these stories, because they’re involved in an evil conspiracy theory to trick the public into thinking that religious extremism and terrorism are more likely to be committed by Muslims than people of other religions. They even edited wikipedia to support their lies.

Young people whose parents or grandparents were immigrants face serious questions of identity, Mr. Goldstein acknowledged, speaking during and after a conference here of the German Marshall Fund. “But identity is a two-sided relation” — between young Muslims and ourselves.

“We have to fight racism and discrimination with the same force” as radicalization, he said, because “our society gives to these young people a bad idea of who and what they are.”

“If we just keep trying, and don’t do anything to upset them, these peaceful and moderate people, won’t turn into homicidal maniacs and blow people up, for reasons which we can’t figure out, but definitely have nothing to do with their religious beliefs.”


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