400 migrants drown en route to Italy

Some of the “women and children” fleeing from the brutal civil war.

What a tragic story. Seeing as geographical location is the sole determinant of a person’s behaviour and IQ level, it is quite likely that these people would have been instantly transformed into doctors and engineers upon landing on Europe’s magical soil, despite having being raised and living in failed nations their entire lives. They certainly wouldn’t have ended up living on welfare and committing violent crimes against us. Yes, this is truly a tragic loss.

From The Telegraph

More than 400 migrants and refugees are feared to have drowned in the Mediterranean while trying to cross by boat from Egypt to Italy.

They were trying to flee from the awful civil war in Egypt 😦

They are believed to be largely Somalis, with smaller numbers of Eritreans and Ethiopians.

And they had already fled from the equally brutal civil wars in Somalia, Eritrea, and Ethiopia as well, and would have had to have passed through the brutal civil war in Sudan on their way to Egypt. Why, oh why, did Europeans cause all these brutal civil wars in Africa and the Middle East? It’s all our fault somehow 😦

And then to add insult in injury, we make films to mock the civil wars we’ve caused in their countries.  We’re so terrible and hate filled.

The tragedy, if confirmed, comes exactly a year after the worst migrant disaster in the Mediterranean for decades.

Around 800 migrants and refugees, many of them locked into the hold, died when the 70ft-long boat they were crammed into capsized at sea.

That was our fault too. We put them on that boat then caused it to sink. These people have no agency of their own. Everything bad that happens to them is the fault of white people.

Only those on the upper level had any chance of surviving when the vessel capsized, apparently after migrants rushed to one side of the ship when they saw a passing Portuguese merchant ship that they hoped was coming to rescue them

Damn those evil Portuguese sailors. If they hadn’t have gotten their hopes up like that, those vibrant and loveable geniuses would be living in Europe right now, using their superior brainpower, morality, and creativity to help us raise European living standards to that of Africa. Instead, they were tragically lost.

Europe could have been this prosperous if those 800 migrants had lived to bring their skills to us.

The migrants involved in Monday’s tragedy were on board four boats, according to BBC Arabic, which broke the story.

One or more of the boats appears to have capsized at sea.

I bet that damn Portuguese merchant ship was responsible again.

The Somali embassy in Cairo is trying to verify the reports, which have not yet been verified.

The vast majority of refugees and migrants who reach Italy by sea depart in old fishing boats and rubber dinghies from the coast of Libya, where chaos since the downfall of the Gadaffi regime has allowed people smuggling gangs to flourish.

Just as well the West got rid of that evil dictator Gaddafi.


Yes, Libya is so much better now that he’s gone.

The route from Egypt is also used, although by smaller numbers of migrants.

On Sunday, Spanish authorities rescued 60 people crammed into two small boats as they tried to reach Spain from Morocco.

What wonderful news. Those 60 people managed to successfully escape from the brutal civil war in Morocco.

One boat containing 21 occupants was located on Sunday morning and another with 39 on board was found in the evening, the maritime rescue service said.

Thousands of migrants try to reach Spain each year, either by attempting to enter the country’s North African enclaves of Melilla and Ceuta or by making dangerous sea crossings to the mainland.

I think something like this happened before.

Just as well history never repeats itself 😉

If only us horrible European people hadn’t forced every single country in Africa and the Middle East to have civil wars, they wouldn’t be risking their lives to get here. As we’ve been led to believe time and time again, these people are just looking for safety. There’s obviously not a single civil war free country in the entire continent of Africa, or the Middle East, hence why they all try coming to Europe instead. They certainly aren’t coming here to plunder, rape, and murder us and only a hate filled racist, who is enraged by their skin colour, could possibly believe that. I just hope this tragedy never happens again.


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