EU may fine countries that reject “refugees”.

Wow, these top EU officials are probably the greatest geniuses who have ever lived. They are literally threatening to fine countries, who choose not to destroy themselves by importing infinity inassimilable people from the third world to live on welfare, demographically replace their indigenous populations, and periodically riot and rape women and children. This will surely encourage Eurosceptic countries like Britain that it is in their best interests to remain within the bloc. What a brilliant idea this is.

From euobserver

The EU Commission plans to impose fines on countries that refuse to take refugees under revised EU asylum laws to be put forward on Wednesday (4 May).

The commission will propose a sanction of €250,000 per refugee, according to the Financial Times.

Hmm, I wonder how much each “refugee” would cost to take in if you add up the cost of their welfare, as well as legal costs involved if they should happen to be one of the many who end up committing crimes? It might actually be more cost effective to just pay the fine than to actually take these people in. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that I agree with the fine. Far from it, I think it’s a disgusting idea. I’m just saying that if you compare the costs of co-operating with Merkel’s insane policy (costs that are more than just simply financial), it’s probably a preferable choice to make.

The commission’s proposal will maintain the guiding principle of the current system that the country where migrants first step into the EU must deal with asylum applications.

And at which point they should be deported back to whichever safe country they came from (eg. Turkey) before setting foot in the EU. At least, that is what would happen if we lived in societies that based their decisions on common sense and logic, rather than virtue signalling and feelings.

But it proposes that when a country at the EU’s external border is overwhelmed, asylum seekers should be distributed across the continent.

Or maybe they should just take more proactive steps to defend their borders instead of allowing them to be breached by invaders so easily. But doing that would involve doing what was done constantly throughout history and nobody seems to have the stomach for that anymore. Again as I’ve pointed out time and time again, there is no civil war in many of the countries that these so called “refugees” are coming from. Then, in the case of Syria, where there actually is a war, that many of their neighbouring countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, and United Arab Emirates, have not taken in a single refugee from Syria, despite having the wealth to do so, and being racially, culturally, and religiously, closer to the Syrian people than Europeans are. Why should Europe take the brunt of this problem, when many of their fellow Muslim countries aren’t doing anything?

You’re right, it’s all Europe’s fault for not fixing his father’s teeth.
Notice, how some of their fellow Muslim countries are actually helping, whereas others aren’t.


The commission has been trying to encourage reluctant countries, particularly in central and eastern Europe, to take part in the redistribution system.

“Encourage” is a funny way of saying “threaten”.

Slovakia and Hungary have already brought a court case to challenge an earlier EU decision to redistribute migrants based on a mandatory quota.

I wish other countries would follow their lead. Unfortunately, I reckon my own country of Ireland is too badly cucked to stand in solidarity with them. The majority here would probably follow Sweden’s example. I guess that comes from being so isolated from the problem and therefore, not seeing the truth. It’s funny how people would claim that “racists” (ie., anyone who rejects what is happening to Europe) are ignorant. If anything, it’s the opposite. Those who are rejecting it are doing so based on their first hand experience of dealing with these migrants, and the trouble they are causing. The ones who want to welcome them so badly, are the ones who have absolutely no experience with them at all. They’re the ones who are truly ignorant.

“Sure we’ve never actually researched what is happening, but clearly, we know more than those ignorant bigots in Southern and Eastern Europe, who have had first hand experience.”

But commission officials say the outcome of the court’s decision will not affect their plans to overhaul the asylum system, known as the Dublin regulation.

Democracy isn’t about representing the will of the people. It is about enforcing a vague set of values whether the people and the legal system support it or not.

EU countries last year agreed to redistribute 160,000 asylum seekers across Europe in two years, but have so far actually redistributed only a small portion.

Central European politicians have been vocal about an earlier version of the proposal for mandatory redistribution that was released last month.

At the time, Czech European affairs minister Tomas Prouza tweeted: “Permanent quotas once again? How long will the EU commission keep riding this dead horse instead of working on things that really help?”

They’ll keep riding it until you accept it. They don’t want to negotiate or compromise. They just want to enforce their will on you.

Diplomats from eastern EU states have told this website that they are not “heartless people” and they are willing to help refugees in other ways, but they believe a redistribution system will simply lead to more immigrants arrive in the EU.

This of course is just common sense. The softer the EU appears, the more it will encourage people to keep on coming, whether they’re legit refugees or not. I mean seriously, is the EU supposed to just throw open their borders and let every single black and brown person on the planet, live here? Because if that’s the case, it’s a ridiculous idea, and will only cause us to destroy ourselves, rather than helping anyone else.

Turkey falling short

Along with the revised Dublin regulation, the commission is expected to recommend visa-free travel for people from Turkey and Kosovo on Wednesday, even if Ankara is not able to fulfil all the 72 benchmarks that the EU set as conditions.

Who cares about having a country meet certain standards before allowing them these privileges? Just because every other country in the EU met them, doesn’t mean Turkey should have to as well, before getting the same treatment. Turkey should get special treatment because they’re brown and Muslim, and not giving them special treatment would be racist and Islamophobic.

You’ve done it yet again racist Islamophobes. You’ve made these poor Muslim men cry by expecting Turkey to meet the same standards as every other country in the EU. Don’t you feel guilty now?

Sources suggest Turkey is falling short on a handful of the demands – for example issuing biometric passports, and granting visa-free travel to Turkey for EU countries including Cyprus, which Turkey does not recognise.

Strange how they don’t also add the fact that they’re financially supporting ISIS by buying their oil, or the fact that they often imprison journalists. Are we really supposed to believe that Turkey is compatible with our European values?

Other outstanding issues include data protection, fighting corruption, effective cooperation with Europol and state-level law enforcement agencies, and a revision of anti-terror laws so that they cannot be used against journalists or opposition figures.

Oh wait, they did mention journalists. My bad >_>

However, the commission will suggest visa-free travel with the condition that these criteria are met by the end of June, when Turkey is expecting visa requirements to be lifted.

Oh wow, I’m sure they can turn everything around in such a short time. And even if they don’t manage, sure who cares, right? We’ll just let them in anyway.


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